Living with a Hearing Impairment is tiring at the best of times.

Living with a Hearing Impairment is tiring at the best of times; I should know there is so many times that I can think off, when I sit there during training programs with other people by the first 5-15 minutes I’m lost or they’ve lost my attention because my concentration has actually gone. Even if someone is talking to me; they know I’m trying to concentrate on them by lip reading, whilst listening to them that’s just exhausting itself when it’s a one on one. 

I don’t even mean to do it. It’s part of my disability that I have. I could technically apply for the disability allowance if I wanted to but it’s up to me if I want to or not; people who sometimes think I’m being rude by not listening or not hearing them, I can’t help it to the point of someone getting arsey with me because I didn’t hear. It really wasn’t my fault along with my hearing does get me into trouble at the best of times; all because of the impairment that I have, it is frustrating for me to the fact I blame myself for the hearing it’s not my fault that I have a problem with it. 

Having a hearing impairment there will always going to be problems; from going to be okay for awhile to not being well, and not being to hear. To which makes me wish I rather still not be able to hear to be honest; I know that it doesn’t sound nice but at the end of the day, what else can you do, I will always loose either way with getting sick and my ears will always be effected no matter what. 

Should probably reset as I’ve just planned a whole week of events blogs in one weekend possibly started it during the week; the joys of the last weekend of June 2017 you get most of your blogging work done before you know it, to which point I could actually focus on the everyday during the week if I can. Saying that this a Sunday Special post for this week; so you probably already read my blog posts already this week just been, what do you reckon to them?

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