How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook


Today I’ve written this last night watching Eurovision; I’m kind of trying to distracting myself a lot as I’ve been in the most of the grumpiest most all day not sure what it was all about, but I’m fine now. 

How to plan a full notebook and a full works of a story notebook 

How to plan a notebook full of notes:

Planning a notebook full of notes for stories is quite easy really; whatever piece of scrap of paper or post it’s that you lay your hands on is the best thing as you do, having full of the notes in the notebook you can use your notes for all different stories. Over the years when I’m making notes I try different ways; like titling them if it’s for a perceive story to help me to remember it, put dates on them on which I’ve recently done and when I completed that post it if it’s part of a story that I’m writing, little bits of things that could be used as a story that I could stick in my notebook, notes from word documents or pages depending on what I’m using like laptop or iPad most things now I use iPad. 

But nevertheless I have used up all my favourite notebooks that I can’t even get the same ones; they either don’t have them in stock or the stationary has brought out new range, so I have to get comfortable with the one I pick up at the time. Even though I have loads in like three box fulls of notebooks but yet it’s not the right one or I’m not ready to use it just yet.

I just love playing around with the ideas and creating ways of using my notebooks from post it’s – just bullet points so that I can get my self interested and keep myself occupied. If you see my lizzysweeklyblogs notebooks it has loads of different ways of having notes on; from pen to paper, pen to post it’s, pen to scrap pieces of paper and printer ink to paper. I just love how full one book can get with full of ideas, notes, reminders and many more. Knowing that you created those ideas yourself and it’s a positive thing to do. 

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How to plan a notebook full of stories: 
I prefer the old fashion way with pen to paper because it’s nice for me to practice reading, writing and spelling for me in a long run. The reason being is that being dyslexic and having language difficulties I try and not give up on doing what I love the most; yeah I fight and cry with it all but at the end of the day, I chose to do it no one told me to do. I could easily give up and use my learning difficulties as an advantage card; but I didn’t at the end of the day, I like the A5 size notebooks because they aren’t so intimidating than the A4 books or single pages. Unless I have to use an a4 book or piece of paper to scribble notes on that’s fine because I’m not using it as a story board. 

Never like A4 size paper anyways even when I did my exams because they seemed intimidating for me; I don’t know what it is but it’s like you have to full up loads of words, more ideas to make it more blocky meaning you have to fill the whole page up. With my I’m like having a mini panic attack because I can’t see to find any ideas or anything like that to fill it up.

You may find your a lot better with A4 size books than I am; it really does depend on what you are capable of using, along with your style of writing to be honest with you. Fulling up a notebook with a story is a great way to show that you have writing your first full draft out from all of your notes from your notes in your notebook; into one whole story which makes you even more prouder than anything, then you can type it up with the software that you use on any technology that you use at the time. 

I find it easier typing it up afterwards because I can add more into the story or take bits out or change things around; that’s the whole point of editing but I do find it at times intimidating still, if I’m in the frame of mind of how long do I get to reach the bottom and so on. I’m still like it after I printed it all off and have to read it all over again; then that’s when I start screaming and give up, unless I get someone else to read it over for me and edit it all so that I don’t have to worry about it all. Unless I’m reading it with someone out loud and make the changes with them then it’s far more easier than done. 

Ooh I just had an idea. I can do it with a few family members; ah that’s the best idea I have ever had in my life, you guys are amazing. Also just to let you know when I was writing this blog; didn’t really think much and it’s gone two pages and a bit, how amazing is that. 

If you would like anymore tips let me know and I’ll give you some more or do a blog for it so can have a read through and make notes. I have attached somewhere a photo of my two current books that I use for my stories and ideas for them. They are actually detected to one particular story because I like to keep them separate from the rest and I’m actually focusing on a story for it. Might share a snippet for you on the blog when it’s done.

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