Day 8 Of 30 Days Challenge for Autumn: Hello! And other magazine hates!

Personally I really truly hate magazines like Hello! Gossip! And whatever the shit people read these days; to be honest I don’t really the read them because why would you sell your story to someone who would change your words, and most importantly blow it out of proportion.

I tend to read a few pages of a magazine like Hello! If I’m there in a staff room of my old job because there’s no one else there; or help me calm my nerves down with the doctors, hospital (that goes out of the window you have no hope of me reading something other than get me out of here sign around my neck) and etc.

The fact is that it’s like Jeremy Kyle, Judge Ryder and other ridiculous shows who bring on people because they want to address their problems across the nation; so that everyone wants to know, and to be honest I don’t give a fuck about other people’s problems. It’s like I don’t want to people to know about my problems but then blasting it out to the whole world on social media, chat shows, and these magazines.

You get the comments, the hate, people’s opinions, and etc. You get why do you all against me; why is everyone judging me for what I say, just don’t put it up for the whole world to see. Only talk to your close nit friends and family about the problems. It’s like me and my sister were talking about it the other day about a situation we know about and we are like what a douche bag and laugh that how pathetic they are as well.

Then talking about celebrities who never said anything or people take pictures unnoticed and the writers spin a story out of a picture. Which is completely utter lies. Where do these magazines and etc get off from. It’s a load of bullshit in my opinion. Rant over for a Sunday.

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