Cameron’s are way up themselves!

I’m calling you out Cameron’s! You never understand what a working life is or how to get there. 

Excuse me David Cameron how can it possibly be “SICK” that nurses and doctors want higher wages. You never know what hard work is in your life. I had huge respect for you and your family when you lost your son due to his condition; but now I don’t feel anything for you or your family what so ever, due to the comments you and your wife having been making. 

People like the Cameron’s I disapprove off quite a lot; especially more now than ever, this is because they are so far up themselves it’s like they own everything. From Cameron’s wife saying that she can’t afford her children designer wear to buying David shirts from Marks and Spencer’s to waking up to 4 in the morning to do phone calls and emails for her business. I’m sorry love thats called work and managing money. That’s what life is about to pay for luxuries over your head and everything else. Sacrifices have to be made; to be able to continue in doing that you can even get good quality in Primark these days for your money worth. Guess what’s that called? SAVING BLOOMING MONEY! And working class is a lot harder than you think; you have had all the luxuries you wanted, it’s now come back down to level 20 or cloud 20 and start becoming one of us. 

As for David Cameron. You’ll be interested in what I have found out since he had left the Downing Street and his mp place in Witney. Since David Cameron resigned as PM on 13th July 2016 when failing to persuade the UK public to remain as one part of the EU. Barely two months since his leave as a PM on 12th September 2016; he had then stepped down as an MP for Witney, this goes to show how much the Conservatives are loosing it all together. As he yet not found his next big job that he either muck up or something; he continued to campaign for the stories during the 2017 general election, is there something wrong with that. You can’t continue the whole I’m still working with the party and government business if you quit your job. 

However you this might actually think this would be a massive con or something; yet he has begun writing his memoirs; to which he had been promised that he would secure an £800,000 in advance for what I would like to know, to which continues with the whole conferences and events. I would like to point out that it will come with hefty payments also. Don’t you think that’s all wrong? You can’t just walk in to any job and say “I can sell my you my memoirs if I have x amount of money in advance” people have taken years to get where they are to be able to write something good and interesting. Yet he goes swarming in because he can tell the best story ever and his view on things.

Going back to my previous paragraph of David Cameron’s horrible chose of words and most importantly most insulting to anyone who work in the public sector. So I found out more why he was claiming that services like the nurses who are struggling to get a decent pay rise; being called “selfish”, hang on they are doing a pretty well work damn hard for what they do. Even with recent events that have been happening; they still manage to not get paid enough, how can that be selfish? The only selfish people in the world is David Cameron and the rest of the parliament. Yet he gets called “The Millionaire Tory”; within the 7 years he oversaw the austerity when he was a primeminster, but claiming that it was so “uncaring” even to want to lift the cap on the public sector pay.  

Yet he just rakes out a vast sums of money from the public speaking and blew it on a £25.000 luxury garden shed; just hang on for a second there Cameron, your calling the services who put their lives on the line because it’s their jobs and not getting pad more money they should “selfish”. Your the one making us stand there or sit there listening to you talking about a load of crap and you go and spend so much on a luxury garden shed. You and your wife need a rain check and speak to each other clearly you both don’t have the same wave length as each other.


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