All different types of religion that ties into bullying


The most recent case of bullying is all different types of religion. This is because of what’s been going on in countries that have conflict; along with many more things I shouldn’t say publicly, putting myself in danger or liberty of getting arrested for something I should of said. 

All different types of religion that ties into bullying 

Religion has always been one of those things where upeople have different beliefs and etc over the years maybe centuries. However it is more now as it has come more to light since 2010 onwards; most probably the most recent years of 10’s, because of different types of religion people are. People blame all Christian’s, all Hindus, all Muslims and etc because they think that it’s what their culture is like and who they are. 

People may disagree with me and say it’s not bullying; I do have to point out here is that this is bullying and racist, both mixed into one. For example when London got attacked in March 2017; people jumped to conclusions with a women who was walking past an injured person, all because of her religion and yet no one picked up on the guy who also walked passed. He didn’t do anything. I do have to say that is bullying and racist to judge someone’s religion background; all because they were wearing something different to them, also not all people who are religious are bad people. It’s not their fault that people are making their religion/culture making a bad name for it. 

I’ve met few people from different backgrounds and they are the most loveliest people you have ever met; they even said that they hate what’s happening because it’s not what their god wants them to do, but no one seems to care. 

Another point for you to read and understand; is that people who are fleeing from their countries where all the wars are or they can’t flee, no one can help them to find a better place to be safe. They risk their lives to get away from it all; even parents with children, elderly and etc who are out in sea either made it to a new land or they don’t and they die trying to be free from it. 

Let me ask you something; would you do the same as them if our country was having the same trouble?, we are lucky enough to be able not have that but also we are lucky enough so far at the moment that we haven’t had World War 3 yet. By the looks of things where things are going at the the moment we are most likely to have one. However you never know what’s going to be around the corner to corner do we. Just think how fortunate we are that we don’t have that problem at the moment; we have a roof over our heads, a country that’s not fighting each other like we use to. We have come along way than other countries if you think about it. 

Next time you go and judge someone’s religion or racist or both think am I being a bully here or am I just frightened of what just happened or what’s going to happen next. 

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