Sunday Online Diary Entries: “Glitter and Gold” – Story

Someone once said to me life has its good days and bad days. It doesn’t have to be this bad once you lose yourself there’s no cry for help when you don’t think you need it. Old friends are just like chores but it’s when you need them more than ever before; all that glitter and all that gold that you dream of won’t by you happiness, as you seem to brought into the limelight and sold your stories to the newspapers you can’t control all that glitter or that gold. You need to remember to take control of your soul; no matter high or how low you get, you’ll be on your own and no one will be there to catch your fall.

How you going to act because losing your soul will cost you more than the life you’re paying for. You don’t need all the money in the world and all of those friends you left behind; one day you might actually need them when it’s cold outside as your life might go spiralling out of control, yet all that glitter and all that gold that your earning won’t keep you happy for much longer and when you have brought everything that’s when you wish you had the control of your finances more better. All you need is to take better of your soul.

One day you’re going to wake up to find that your dream is loosing its shine because you have nobody by your side; that’s when the rain comes falling down, and you’re losing your mind that’s when the only place you turn to is the media. That’s where your going to run to and then once it’s all out where are you going to hide? Glitter and gold won’t keep you warm especially on those lonely nights that you wish you had someone by your side.

All I can say is to you dear is if you want to be which and famous just remember who you are, where you came from, who your true friends are and most importantly stay grounded don’t let the glitter or the gold or the fame go straight to your head. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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