Everyday Online Diary Entries: (10.6.18) Sunday – I’m sorry but I’m actually not sorry for who I am

All the things that you want will be taken away from you soon enough because all of the things that you’ve been doing to me knowing that you’re in my place; keep on smiling and waving whilst you can because the payback is one bad bitch, as I’m one baddest person who plays by the rules and respects the true women in this world.

I may look like I’m taking revenge on you but feeling like a 10 is the best ever feeling that I have ever been. I know how bad it must feel when it hurts that the one you thought you loved doesn’t love you but loves someone else; yet to see me and him being happy like this making him feel at ease, now that you’re looking at me like you regretted this and ain’t too proud to bet to be my friend but the chance you will never have or get. I know how bad it must hurt you to see me like this but it gets worse when the payback hurts for being so pushy to get what you want.

You shouldn’t mess with the best British person you ever come across because you can’t have this life or the person you want. However it’s nice of me to take it off your hands as I’m the true princess of this country and his world. I’m sorry but I’m actually not sorry for being who I am; in this life I never achieved in things that I wanted however seeing you looking so bad makes me feeling so good, and showing up like I knew that I would inspired me to know that the tables have turned. As I’ve never wanted this in the first place but to be with the one that I love I would do anything for them just to be with them; whatever you touch now will burn because you will lose everything that you have, as I’m the one he wants.

Fitness doesn’t matter to me but telling me how I feel and take a chill. I rather you just drop dead because no one actually likes you; yeah I know you thought you were the bigger person with better things, yet I’m the one that has the grass greener under me with a halo above my head. If you brighten up your colour you can see that you can’t have this anymore as we walk and talk; you come to realise that I’ve just shown you out of my life and his for good.

I’m sorry but I’m not actually sorry for who I am anymore you can walk out of my life for good.

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