Everyday Online Dairy Entries: (3.6.18) Sunday – People standing you up or work forgets that your going away.

This week just gone I was off for the week from my job I pretty much I hate holidays now because this happens. Last weekend I arranged to meet up with someone on a Tuesday saying that they will meet up and everything; all off the sudden when Tuesday came no response what so ever, no time that was organised or anything and they haven’t even given me the reason why they didn’t messaged me for not turning up.

However then you have people telling you how much they hate you and everything because you can’t help them out with anything and they know perfectly well you don’t have money or something sort. Then they apologise that they were being paranoid and so on; however it gives you no excuse to continue taking it out on someone that they love, trust me when I’m in one I don’t have them that often people know they are in trouble because they’ve upset me and in for it.

Now you want to know what happened to my long weekend away. To be honest with you I don’t even know myself been told it was work forgetting that they booked time off and really needed them. To be quite honest with you how can you forget someone who is going away? Hopefully they will let have the evening off (3.5.18) and have Monday to Tuesday off so that they can have the rest of the holiday that they booked if not they will refund the money that we spent on the hotel. This is their job I’m talking about.

I just hate when I try to get hold of people then they either responded later on or don’t respond at all and make an excuse one way or another. It’s not like I have trust issues or anything or be let down by loads of people all the time. You probably asking how do I cope with it all. I’ll explain it all for another day.

Remember ‘be you, be yourself, love yourself, don’t let negativity of people get to you or let your own negative control your mind’

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