Daily Challenges – Summer Challenges – Day 23 – Breathe Slow

I put my ice skating shoes on I’m running out of patience because I can’t believe what the hell I’m hearing and speaking of hell. It don’t compare to this heat that I’m feeling because I love what I am doing too much. It goes to show that all my emotions go into the dance on the ice rink; you think it’s out of control but yet it’s so good for me bad for you, yet you realise I can hardly see from the tears that flow down my face and I count to 10 as this song means so much to me.

I am going to breathe slow count from 10 because you better take it in this competition is mine I’m not going to lie or even try. The wheel keeps on spinning and I ain’t the one to show that the gun isn’t going to threaten me like it did all those years ago. This competition and the song means you know who will be winning because I love this too much and all my emotions are out of control as it came to the end I can hardly see from the tears that flow from my eyes. 

I can’t believe that I did it and not to forget to breathe or close my eyes at the end. Somebody better hold me back because you’re so lucky I know how to act on the ice knowing my parents killers are still out there. I’m being calm and cool about this believe me it’s taking everything that I had to just breathe slow and count to 10. Knowing that I’ve got the top score on the leaderboard with the judges in tears of the dance and the montage of memories that was being shown on the ice. 

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