Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 27 – Kitten Proofing everything

(7.8.18) Today’s challenge and the next few days leading up to getting the kittens we’ve been getting things ready by getting things for the kittens and kitten proofing the house and the garden as much as we can thinking what would they do get into and what not. 

It’s a bit of a challenge in the first place just getting things done, washing the things that they could be sitting on and get infected by etc. It’s like saying there’s a new born baby coming and you got to proof everything around the baby in so many levels. 

We literally read up about our fishes this morning and I confirmed what my parents that they were up too. So we more likely getting baby fishes too anytime soon due to this weather. “Great timing guys” unless they were jealous that we probably won’t give them much time we will. We just need to remember to close one of the doors in the kitchen and lobby to stop the kittens escaping for the day. 

It’s pretty much go go go at the moment in the house hold. I can’t wait for them to come to be honest with you. Going to be such fun. 

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