Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 25-Where in my life do I feel like I need to take control?

Sometimes I either challenge myself a lot of the time and to be able to achieve things in life. Sometimes I challenge myself feel great about myself until someone tears me down or I don’t even bother challenge myself because I know that I’m not good enough or people say I’m not good enough. 

I basically hate that feeling so much to be honest with you. This is one of my fears and one of the things that I need to take control off because I genuinely want to feel positive about myself knowing that the challenges that I have set and that I’ve taken control I know I’ve set in the right direction. However it’s either my mental health that brings me down or someone else. 

That’s probably partly why I’m so defensive all the time because I hate when people bring me down when they are either constantly reminding me of things or my own mind is reminding me the things that I can’t do. One of the reasons why I need to take control of my life because I don’t want to live like that anymore. It is harder than you think. 

It’s one of my continuely thing that I have to take control no matter how hard it is like one of my sisters kittens name Boghney don’t even know how to spell or say it. Yeah it’s not my cat at the end of the day so I literally have no choice in the matter. Sorry just feeling pretty miffed with a few things just before going to bed. Good night for this challenge.

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