Daily Challenges – Summer Challenge – Day 24 “What is your dream job?” Not taking the question seriously

I normally do a story for these challenges but today’s one I’m just going to just a challenge with a question; I’m not going to take this seriously because it’s just for fun, I know this is going to be delayed by a day but I had a bit busy day on this day. I’ll let you know in the Daily Stories because you never know what happened. 

What is my dream job? I always joked with my sister when we would watch Most Haunted when they use to bring in mediums and they start picking up things about the house or where they have been too. I was like if I was dead I would so be listening in; would most likely to punch them in the face or something like that, just to scare them and muck about because that’s what I would so do. 

That would be my dream job if I was dead as a spirit I would just muck about and send everyone on edge as much as I could because I know I would be dead. Didn’t need tell me twice or a third especially if you asked a stupid question just get a hit around the head or something. 

I would so love that job just to scare a Paranormal Team once I’ve passed over because they wouldn’t know if I was demonic or just a friendly ghost just causing mayhem for the fun.  

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