Day 20 Christmas Log Blog: “Her name was Honey and his name was Brian”

It was one dark winters night in December. Brian had just finished college in Old Woking he was heading through a gap in between some old cottages that had seemed to have been there dating back before Second World. He really didn’t think about it to be honest his grandmother didn’t mention it to him about it; he was only told snippets of some stories but he wasn’t allowed to ask why because he could see that she was still upset about it, even though so many years has passed but it still stayed with her.

He didn’t realise that he was actually sitting at the bus stop in Kingfield Green when he turned to look at his watch that use to be his father’s before he had died in the car crash with his mother just a day old and hadn’t been given a name yet. Ever since then it was just him, his grandmother and his uncle and aunt. His uncle is his dad’s brother he was more of the father figure when he came home from serving; Brian always knew his grandmother hated it when his uncle had to go away because they all knew something in the past would set her off, but wouldn’t tell them other than taking her to the cemetery and stay put in the car as she wanted to be left alone.

Brian on the other hand knew that his uncle and dad grew up in the shadows of this mystery person but something had to do with his name but none of them knew the reason why. As he cast back to looking at the time it was ten to four but no 34 had turned up yet he had been waiting for the bus for almost an hour.

Then all of the sudden the old double decker 34 bus had arrived; to which it look like it was ready to break at any moment, he didn’t blame it to be honest and he got on the bus and sat at the back instead of being at the top like he normally does. The interior was that old mud like brown colour with the seats looking like they were out of carpet material than any other material with a splash of green into it.

There was sounds of tapping and ticking noises all around the bus which sounded like a bomb was going to explode but he was pretty sure it would of gone off ages ago before he even got onto the bus. Brian looked down at his bag thinking what he needed to get out of it but he didn’t realise for a moment that it actually changed.

As he looked up again that’s when reality had hit him hard; he had gone back in time but not sure what year it was but he soon work it out in no time, well maybe he can work it without any help. As looked down the gang way as the bus bulled over he had noticed that a young women and a solider climbing on board; they had made their way towards the back of the bus near him, the women looked familiar but couldn’t think where but all of the sudden it dawned on him. The women was his grandmother and the mystery man was her boyfriend at the time.

The women said “hello” sat down near him and the solider saluted to him to which gave Brian a puzzled worried look before he realised what he was wearing and quickly saluted back. The solider sat down next to the woman. The woman looked worried that Brian didn’t know what he was doing but made a small talk to him as she turned round. “Awful Time isn’t Sargent” she said. It dawned on Brian what year it was; he quickly replied “yes terror able but I’m pretty sure we would win this”, “with your expertise sir I’m pretty sure we will” replied the private.

The fact that he soon realised that private is the one that his grandmother gets sad about. He pressed his button to leave the bus. He heard “good call sir…your being tracked” he murmured to Brian who hadn’t noticed that a few dodgy people were lingering had disappeared up to the top deck. That’s when Brian had an idea he got up and said to the other two “you two come with me…if I’m in danger so are you” they both stood up along side a few other soldiers who knew the que of their safety. He explained to the bus driver that he should get off the bus right now as well as it was only the soldiers that were actually left on the bus and the group of people who weren’t in uniform but he realised what was going on.

They pulled over making them think that someone was getting off and coming on so it didn’t matter as much to them what was happening down stairs. As the Private was last to get off the bus he chucked a grenade onto the bus both Private and Brian told “Honey” the lady to run and all the soldiers, the bus driver and both “Brians” started to run to the dip of the bank side of the field. The grenade exploded to which point that bus was now lit alight but it didn’t accurately go to plan because now the air raid sound started to go off.

Brian heard the Private murmured a swear word under his breathe; he knew perfectly well that wasn’t meant to happen, he didn’t care really even if his uniform says otherwise. He told him it’s alright things happen for a reason that couldn’t be helped. The Private was taken back that Brian had quoted him on something that he would normally say. “Now we need to run to find shelter for these two right now” said Brian as he ordered all the men to get to safety of the nearest barracks door as it wasn’t too far just across the field; both Private and Brian had to take care of Honey and the bus driver, there was a shelter not far from where they were if Brian remembered rightly.

Not even sure how he got to DeepCut in the first place but there was a little stone army shelter thing that was ready to be used in case the Germans had ever invaded England. They just about managed to get to the bunker but Brian somehow managed to get shot in the back by someone to whom they couldn’t see; Private and the bus driver dragged him into the bunker, before he got shot anymore by the unseen agent or solider at the time.

Honey managed to find the first aid kit in Brian’s bag; to which to her surprise had her name on it but didn’t ask any questions at all because it wasn’t the time to ask, or cause a seen as Brian was blacking out due to the amount of blood that was coming out of his leg. The Private had noticed that Brian had actually shot twice but they only heard it one gun shot. All three throughout the night endlessly trying to keep Brian alive by the morning when rescue had arrived he didn’t make it.

In the distance Brian could hear a voice talking to him. He slowly woke up from his coma and he noticed that it was his grandmother talking to him about the time she had tried to save a sergeant life but he had passed away in action of trying to save her, the bus driver and grandad. Himself Brian did the same thing on the bus when he soon realised that the bus was going to go off any second because someone had left a bomb on the bus.

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