Adventures: Last time I went on adventure was…?

The fact that I’m sitting here writing blogs that are nearly the same old same old. Unless I’m thinking about myself thinking I’m doing the same old same old. Who knows? I was just watching a few YouTube videos as you do because there wasn’t anything else to do to be honest and not a lot on tv to be honest just the same old boring things day in day out.

It got me thinking about how much I missed going down to Southampton, Poole and Bournemouth picking up my best friend Rebekah who was on a placement year that year be coming up to 2 years nearly that I haven’t seen her to be honest. Do miss her now and then because she lives up in Manchester now shame best four to five years off my life being in each other’s pockets. Not saying Meg isn’t my best friend as well but Rebekah and me we use to go on adventures a lot. 

Yeah I went on a mini holiday down to Bournemouth with a friend at Easter but it was only for a night just to get away. I’m currently in the mood to go to London not 100% why but really fancy going and explore to be honest. But going on adventures would be so cool and well and truly needed. To be honest 2 years worth is well and truly need to go and explore. 

Yet it always cost money and all that jazz to be honest. Money that I don’t seem to have to be honest because of everything being so expensive and what not. Haha. Life really sucks to be honest see everyone jetting off here there and everywhere because they CAN! 

I’ll get there in the end I live and hope to be honest with you. I live in hope. If you guys know best places to go that are current safe place to go let me know. Love to explore more of England would love to go up and see my old time best friend Rebekah in Manchester it would be awesome. So far London and Manchester I want to go at the moment other ideas are welcome. 



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