Star Light Categories – Mid-Week Post – Autumn has started to arrive!

As autumn has officially started to arrive; leaves have started to turn to different colours, conquers will come and fall around the 28th September the only reason that I remember that is because it’s my cousin’s birthday around then and his sister named him conquer because that’s when he was going to be born. 

Today’s been a strange one guys to may of noticed that I’ve published quite a few blogs today; the only reason was that I had another day off from work, and I managed to get things done off my list whilst having hyperactive kittens going on in the back ground. 

(19.9.18) Todays weather had been wild strong winds, rain and sunny then rain again briefly. You know when autumn and end of summer are at each other’s throats because no one wants the change. I do find that it feels like we only just had snow and skipped the heat wave and everything then back to autumn and winter again. Does anyone else feel like this? 


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