Star Light Categories – Mid – Week Post at 8 – “How did I manage to get the autumn cold at the end of the summer season?”

Rather past the time of 8 o’clock been a sleep to feeding the kittens to baby sitting the kittens to sleepy kittens and then out for a little bit to get some sort of fresh air but to be quite honest. Did not help my cold one bit with the fresh air. All I wanted to do is sleep and wrap up warm. 

I don’t understand the climate change one bit especially for the United Kingdom. You either have a tonne of snow for about 3 months; then heatwave for about 3-4 months, then as soon as summer has finished the autumn comes straight away within a week left of August. 

Not even sure why it has come so quickly but it has. I feel pretty much dead and ill not wanting to do anything. Just want lots of cuddles and sleep to be honest. I hate the autumn so much because the next season will be the next long dark depressing months of my life when everything is pitch black by 4. 

I suppose you could say I should be use to it but I can tell you 100% I’m not because the older I get the more anxious I get about it all. I never really liked as much in my teens but just the thought of waking up at certain time of the morning and then come home at a certain time in the dark you’re like what’s the point to be honest. 

I love the summer more than the other 3 seasons wish it was like it all year round. 

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