Star Light Categories – Saturday Topics – The word of the day “Judgemental” – 25.8.18

“Judgemental”  meaning from free dictionary app: involving the use or exercise of judgment. Tending to make moral judgments: to avoid a judgmental approach in dealing with divorced couples. 

The reason why I had brought this up is because I had experienced this in the past but more so recently. Every morning since I found out that people who I knew from my past but also watched me grow up as a young child; I was more hurt by the fact that someone had rang me up later that day to tell me, that people were talking about me behind my back that I was too focus on one particular thing and yet I was swan in and not focusing helping doing other things. 

I had two responsibilities to handle for the week first aid training and the one job that I was meant to be there for. I never wanted to cry so much when I found out. Everyday I feared that I was going to be judged everyday; the more that I ignored the judgemental people, they soon realised that I was actually good at the particular something and they literally buttoned it.

They were coming up to me afterwards, asking, saying how good I was with the things that I actually swan in to do. The fact that people didn’t realise I have a lot of history and experience in working with special needs; they realised and back tracked in what they made a mistake of being judgemental of things, that they probably thought I wouldn’t be able to cope or that they weren’t to sure how to cope and do it themselves. 

To be quite frankly I always believe in is don’t judge the book by its cover just because you don’t actually know the person and how the work. No one should prove themselves to anyone because you don’t know what’s gone on in their past life; they don’t talk about their life stories 24/7 like most people do, that I have come across these days and throughout life really. I’m just like do I actually care? Not really unless it’s someone I’m close to and best friends with I’m there for them and don’t go spreading it around the work life or anything. I’m pretty much give people a chance by finding out their characters and can they be trusted or not. There’s not judgement what so ever. 

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