Saturday Topics: Done with self centred people

The past couple of days I’ve felt like everyone is making it out that’s my fault that I’m not giving them attention or doing what they want because one way or another they are feeling lonely or desperate to fill in the gap of being loved by someone. I don’t understand how bad people have to be just to make it all about them. 

There’s so many people in this world that I’ve come across who think and accuse me off things that some may know the reasons why but still continue to make out that I’m the worst enemy. Actually they are their own worst enemy of themselves to be quite frankly yet I’m sitting there stroking their poor ego and everything until I open my mouth that I having problems. 

I’m so tired of people using abusing my good nature and my abusing my good heart that is big enough to care for everyone but thinks it’s okay to destroy me and what I’m good for. I’m sick and tired of it to be honest with you. Might as well let few people go so that they know what they have lost what’s best for them. 

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