Remember The Victims Post: (14.6.18) Thursday Grenfell Tower a year today

Another year older. A little bit stronger and a little bit wiser than a year ago today. Looking back over my shoulder I was so much younger then when it happened but I still can’t believe what happened a year ago today. I just can’t forget about it like it didn’t really mean a thing when I saw the flames going up the tower; so many of you passed away a year ago today.

Another year has gone by and all the tears have run dry; life has been seems so unkind to which a year ago today, I just can’t understand it and I don’t think I will ever get over it. How many times have I questioned myself if I could do better; it should of been me not them, how many times did I fool myself of what has happened and now I’ve got to pick myself up. Take another look of what I need to do with my life and dust myself once again because god gave me another chance of living.

I’ll say it to myself and I’ll say it again like love with never end, I will never forget you even if we are so far apart now but you’re forever in my heart. Another year older and a little bit stronger in this anniversary knowing that you’re watching over me. A year ago you left the world in the deadly fire.

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