Payment Page – Donate money with 50% goes to a charity

Hey Guys how are you all doing? You probably thinking why are you doing this or something of the sort. I thought about it read about someone else doing it but I wanted to do something more than just keeping the money to myself and expand the whole idea of blogging. As you guys may know that I support certain charities in my charity page; I thought why not split have of the donation money to keep this blog website going as you guys love coming back everyday reading my blogs, why not raise money along side it by splitting the money by 50% and it helps me in the long run to donate money towards the charities that are close to my heart plus I can do half of things than silly percentages.

Let me tell you the few charities that will be entitled to the half of the earns by your generosity and kindness. So we have got:

  • Challengers: Challengers is my local charity it is respite for children who have special needs. They can play with their one to ones, their friends, go outings, have people coming to the centres and many more things. I personally have worked there for about 3-4 years myself and it’s very rewarding but also I have an autistic cousin who attends to one of the schemes. Challengers covers after school clubs, teen schemes and adults schemes across Surrey, Hampshire and other surrounding areas.
  • Help For Heroes: Helping the heroes is a charity that sits across the whole country of the UK to help the wounded, PTSD and many other injuries and mental health that have received from being on the front line and trying to fit back into the normality of everyday living as a everyday citizen like us. Knowing that they are not along and people are there to help them get by everyday.

There are just two so far that I strongly believe in but there are so many that I would choose from. So far I’m just going to be choosing these two for now if there’s others that you would like me to donate the money too please donate hesitate to comment or email me on The lowest price starts from £5 it’s up to you how much you want to donate and knowing that 50% of it is going to a good cause. You also find the fundraising pages down below if you would like to choice which one you like to donate.