Recap Time of my new blog and prep


This weeks Friday Time Recap Time I’m going to be recapping over the course of this week of blog prep and the new blog website. I do have to say it isn’t that easy when your relaunching a new website; along with all the prep work that has to go around it, also the paperwork that you have to put forward for it. 

I’m already a weeks behind on my paperwork for this month but will catch up for it; as I have the evidence for what I have done so far this week, hopefully I’ll catch up with it soon as I can. 

Recap Time of my new blog and prep. 

Today in hustle and bustle of blogging advice; this week I have finally got the official blog up and running, put up a few of the last three months of newsletters up so that old and new readers can catch up on what’s been happening. Have created new blogs like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and etc blogs where if I have something perceive that I want to talk about that will happen with that correct day. 

Along the normal blog post that I have had in the past will still follow; along with the three nights events plus Sunday’s event, as per normal because it seems fair that everyone one enjoys the whole events on certain times. Apologies this is a late one due to having personal things happening; so it took a little while longer to write, this one as I was planning this all day but haven’t had a chance to write it all out. 

I have spent monjority of the day cutting out pictures and have started laminating things for my clipboards, blog boards and folders. As I have finally got a new laminator that arrived on Monday; still need to laminate the rest of the pictures before they go onto anything, I like to have them laminated so that if anything does happen like something gets spilt on or something I know it’s okay. I can just replace what is actually damaged.

With the new blog it is hard to rebuild your readers and etc again but in time it will bounce back. It won’t happen over night but giving me a chance to rebuild the audience and get good blogs out there in time will be amazing to get more notice. 

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My Morning Routine for weekends/holidays


One night or one morning during this Easter holidays of 2017; I thought why not do a weekend/ holiday routines that I have, by sharing it with you guys of what I do in the mornings of getting ready. Weather it’s getting ready to go out or looking like I’m going out or not whatever the case maybe but knowing that I can feel better with myself. 

My morning routine for weekends/ holidays 

Okay you want me to let you in a little secret of what I do in my morning routines in the weekends and holidays. Is that a yes? Okay here we go. I don’t have a set time in the holidays or the weekends I let go with the flow of what mood I’m in to be honest with you. Plus my face changes shape depends on the way I do my make up; no I’m not a shape shifter or anything like that, come on guys I don’t know where I get my cuteness from. 

My morning routine probably starts whenever I decided to get out of bed but never late after 12. Due to the fact that after that I can’t be bothered to do anything if it reaches to one in the afternoon. That’s when I know it’s going to be a lazy one.

From between 7-12 is most likely to be my routine slot for getting ready for the day during time off; as I have more time to do things, like shower washing my hair, drying it, getting dressed, do my make up and depending on what mood I’m in but also depending on if I washed my hair or my hair behaves itself I’ll put my hair extensions in. 

The average time depending if its the full thing of hair and shower in the mornings routine about an hour or two no longer than that. This is compared to my work routine which is another day blog. 

Here is my average 7-12 one-two hours getting ready routine: 

  • Laying in bed for awhile 
  • Breakfast 
  • Shower/washing hair
  • Drying my hair
  • Getting dressed 
  • Brushing teeth if I haven’t done it before then
  • Hair/make up 
  • Instagram selfie with a positive note for the day.

This is pretty much my outline of my routine. What is your morning routine for the day? Do you have one at all? Let me know. 

What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?


It’s okay it’s not all going to be reviews and etc jeez guys; I just couldn’t think of what to call the title for the category, just had a complete mind blank when I created it to be honest with you. I do like the picture that I have used for the background. 

What is your current favourite films/tv programs to watch?

Since having Netflix I’ve been getting into lots of films and tv programs; that I wouldn’t of dream of watching on the tv, but I do now on Netflix as it’s brought to my attention of how good the programs are. Yeah they are probably easier on Netflix than box sets of dvds laying around the house; however there are programs and films that I find I want to watch but it’s not on Netflix, on which means that I have to go out and buy it to be able to to watch them. 

I’m going to list the things that I’m currently watching or completed watching as they have brought my eye and made me enjoy them over and over again.

Still currently watching

  • Once Upon A Time ✔ still on going 
  • Grimm ✔ just started to watch it  
  • Britains Darkest Taboos ✔ continuing to watch
  • House of Cards ✔ continuing to watch
  • The Fuller House (both of them) ✔still watching 

TV and Programs that I’ve completed watching 

  • The Stranger of Things ✔ completed 
  • The Crown ✔ completed 
  • The Secrets of Crickely Hall ✔completed 
  • Josef F – The story of a monster ✔ completed 
  • Who took Jonny ✔ Completed 
  • Star Trek into the Darkness ✔ completed 
  • Midwinter of the Sprit ✔ completed
  • Safe House ✔ completed 
  • Case 39 ✔ completed 
  • For the love of Spook ✔completed 
  • The Phedphile Next Door ✔ completed 
  • The good neighbour ✔ completed 
  • The people and OJ ✔completed
  • A royal Christmas ✔ completed 
  • London has fallen ✔completed 
  • Dreams of life ✔ completed 
  • Joe and Casper ✔ completed 
  • Johnathan Creek ✔ completed 
  • The smurfs 2 ✔completed 
  • Queen Country ✔completed 
  •  Region ✔ completed 

Review over my list of shows and films 

Since having Netflix I have watched a fair amount of films and shows on there; I do like my documentaries because it will help me to understand the world a bit more better, but also not everything is so colourful as you think it is. However it gives you guys something what sort of things I’m into watching in my spare time when I’m not blogging or working.  

I still like my DVDs as well as Netflix which can still give me the same feeling of excitement and want to know what’s going to happen next. If there’s any tv programs or films that you think I may like to watch do let me know; as I’m interested to see what else is there that can get me into a gripping good story, like up above in my lists.  

Kidney Disease Awareness 


One day it got me thinking when I had received some sad news that I’m not going to say as it’s rather personal; that we should look after our health & wellbeing no matter how old we are, this is because of my current experiences that I am facing at the moment in time. 

Kidney Disease Awareness

People think that they are invisible where they think nothing can hurt them; think that they are super heroes that they see in films, that’s fiction not real life. Some are just lucky that they’ve got a good gene in their family; some are not so lucky as it passes down each generation, maybe skip a generation on which it is odd but luck but still carry the gene if they don’t have it themselves.

Kidney Disease is close to my heart more than it use to be; as I didn’t understand much about it when I was growing up, but now as I’m older and witnessing the start of it unfolding now I know what it means. 

What is Kidney Diseased?

What do your kidneys do?

Very simply, your kidneys take away the rubbish from your body and keep the good stuff in. They also play a vital role in maintaining a good balance of fluid and salts, controlling high blood pressure, preventing anaemia and keeping bones strong and healthy. They are often taken for granted, but they perform an essential service – keeping our bodies clean and healthy. 

Dirty blood comes in from all around the body

As we move around, our muscles produce waste products and toxins that are extracted by our blood and taken to the kidneys via the renal artery to be removed.

Normally our kidneys take away the waste

The kidneys are made up of tiny parts called nephrons, which extract all the waste products from our blood and send them to our bladders. Clean blood leaves the kidneys via the renal vein.

What makes our kidneys go wrong?

Kidneys become less efficient in a slow, steady way after we reach middle age, but it is usually a long time before there are obvious signs of something wrong. When some nephrons fail or get blocked, the others have to work even harder to compensate and so they begin to fail too. A chain-reaction begins, which can be very difficult to stop.

What causes it?

The Big 3

Kidney disease is known as the ‘silent killer’ because the signs are very difficult to spot. But what we do know is that the people most likely to be among the ‘missing million’ are those who suffer from:

  •   Diabetes
  •   High blood pressure
  •   Heart disease

You should be particularly concerned if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, because the kidney damage actually makes these conditions even worse, which in turn goes on to compound the kidney damage.


Unfortunately, your risk of having kidney failure is also increased if you are from an African-Caribbean or South Asian background, or have a family history of kidney disease. Someone of Asian origin with diabetes is TEN times more likely to develop kidney failure than someone of European origin with diabetes.


Other less common causes include inflammation (glomerulonephritis) or infection (pyelonephritis). Sometimes kidney disease is inherited (polycystic disease) or the result of a longstanding blockage such as enlarged prostate or kidney stones. 

Some drugs can cause CKD, especially certain pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs if taken over a long time. Often it isn’t possible to say what has caused the problem.

For more information please go to or by clicking on the link. Don’t ignore it do something about it.

Wednesdays Events of Today


How’s everyone’s Wednesday spring day? Today has to be a quite a chilled one with the nice sunny; with a bit of a breeze of cold air that lingered around, better than yesterday’s weather of dark clouds and rain. 

Wednesday Events of Today 

Today’s events for me have slightly changed; you can’t help that things change in life, yeah it can be annoying, but it is nice that you get to have time to yourself than running around. 

My plan of action of today was blog prepping, meeting up with a friend and then chill out with possible more blogging prep. As such I couldn’t meet up with a friend of mine; as they couldn’t get away any sooner than they hoped for, wasn’t expecting to hold or help my dad along side my cousin who was putting nails into the wood for his log cabin. Only did it for awhile; just seen how awesome my cousins DT skills work, bit hard to know if he was proud of what he had done so far or not. Who knows what goes on in his head half the time due to his special needs. 

Did a bit of blog prep in between; well carrying on with it all if I can actually be bothered to do anymore, but I know I really want to get on and do it now everything has arrived. So probably be my next few days goals in doing them as it can get me pre-prepared from next week onwards. 

Then looking after one of my relatives for a few hours; so that they won’t be on their own until someone else takes over, to look after them and etc. That’s pretty much my Wednesday events for today.

Monday Feeling Day Of Lots Of Things To Do


Today has to be one sunny spring day outside; on which I decided to spread out all of my paperwork out for my blog on the dinning room table, to be able to get everything sorted for the next two months or so. You could say spring clean paperwork day. 

Monday Feeling Day Of Lots Of Things To Do

Boom! First day of the holidays for me I end up spending monjority of it doing blog paperwork; took me all morning supposedly to catch up with March’s paperwork of data collection, that I hardly manage to get a chance to do over the month but luckily if it wasn’t for my blog dairy I’ll be stuck. I manage to get that all sorted and filed away. Getting April blog planning/data collection ready to be scribbled on but haven’t quite got there yet in the way of setting it up; but it’s tomorrow mornings job before I go out to meet up with an old college friend, hopefully that would be up and ready for when the red colly flute boards arrive and they can go straight onto there straight away. 

I do like to colour code my blog paperwork because I then have a system going of where everything has to go; otherwise all hell breaks loose and I don’t know what I’m doing haha, I still got lots of things to do where I’ve got to print of loads of paperwork to file; laminate things for the files or boards and etc, on which I have now got a new Laminator that arrived today so excited to be able to use it. As my old one is going up the shoot and started eating everything. That’s why everything is behind as I had no money to order one; along with the ink for the printer as well but mange to get some ink to replace what is needed, so I don’t get moaned at for that but that’s my next investment is my own printer.

I like to think that as soon as I’ve got holiday now that I can sort out everything that needs to be done now; so that it gives me a chance to see where I’ve got to, but also revisit where I haven’t looked at things properly and it will give me some fresh new ideas. Ideal I would love to get paid for it but currently I’m not getting paid for it but once my main blog starts to pick up again this will draw more people in; along side getting sponsors, people getting more interested in the blog stories as it progresses.

Today in the mist of everything of my paperwork and getting ready. I had received two parcels. One was from Amazon; I do have to say I did get over excited, even my dad surprisingly got excited about my new laminator that he had to open the door on the first door bell then his heart sank when it wasn’t my laminator. Bless him it was a different parcel that I ordered from Superdrug; which had two hair dye packets, two compressed powders and two concealers. He wasn’t too excited about that parcel; then his log cabin arrived in bits, so he has to build it both my parents were over excited that it had arrived. After that my laminator arrived; I was so excited that it finally came, my dad got excited about my laminator as he was heading out with my mum to go somewhere. 

You probably thinking what a weird lot of people who get excited over little things that you think might not be important to you but important to us. To be honest we’re need some positive at the moment and little things like laminators and log cabins is one way to lift up our spirits. 

I had stopped doing paperwork because my hair was driving me insane where it starts to itch; so I had to wash it but before I washed I started to dye my hair as it really needed to be done, as it was starting to look horrible and tacky. It was alright when my hair extensions were in but on its own; it was too much to deal with, so come by payday went on Superdrug online and ordered what I could get at the time, then have to wait for it to come. Today I had an inkling my Superdrug parcel would come today; I get these feelings when something positive comes out if it. Today has to be the most positive day I think I have had in a very long time; let’s hope this continues on for the rest of the week, along with the near future because everyone needs a pick me up every so often don’t they. 

March Newsletter 2017


No matter how many times I played around with this months newsletter; I’ve seem to be struggling what I want to write, I plan it with each topic that has happened during the month. That didn’t work. Thinking of giving up on doing a newsletter for this month because as it seems, that I’m struggling with the whole March concept of “I’m standing in a protest mode” you can march as much as you like but I’m still going to tie you down and write your month Newsletter end off.

March Newsletter 

Sorry about that. Not sure what came over with Newsletter category this month; not normally like this standing up in a protest of not be written, it has to be done no matter what it says. 

This month has been happy and sad times through personal issues to life in the real world. Everyone has problems behind close doors and things happen outside of the close doors. For me this month has been a funny one. 

End of February 2017 my grandpa had taken ill so that last week was stressful enough. Also looking after my grandma as well. Then few weeks later my grandpa had fallen ill again along side my grandma fallen over and not remembering how she had done it. Still long way to go with them but finally on the right path now.

Birthdays I have three relatives that birthdays in March blooming expensive month if you ask me. Haha but heyho it’s family. Had a 21st, 86th and 29th birthday so that’s fun if you ask me. 

Meeting up with people; well finally getting on with things now, starting to feel positive and great that I’m on the home stretch. It has been a tough month with the mental health and the tiredness. Had to self certifcate myself off for the rest of the week because I was struggling and I shouldn’t of been in one day. Now I’m full of life and the sun is out I’m feeling great. 

We are going to stand together and let people know that we aren’t frightened of any terror attacks because we show team work and help each other out in need. They won’t break us. 

Well that’s the end of the this months newsletter. Hopefully I’ll write the next one as I go along I think. Haha. My bad. 

February Newsletter – Friday Time Recap Time 


Another month gone. Lots of things happened this month to which are some sad and some are happy. New memories have been made. New blogs have been made. There’s nothing more that I can say without my readers and my friends support through my darkest times that I have had. I am grateful for all of the support. Thank you.

I thought each month on every last Friday the newsletter has it’s own slot on the Friday Time Recap Time. As we can look back over the month that we have achieved ourselves and myself.

February Newsletter 

This month I feel like I managed to achieve somethings that I wanted to do with my blogs. The pass month the stats has been great overall due to the fact that my creative writing juice has been excellent even through the darkest at times. However it goes to show that I am still getting amazing reception from my readers who take their time out to read them. 

The Elephant Trump has lost one of his bans already; however is still trying to get around it one way or another, the White House is up in arms with the whole Trump shake up. Doubt it will calm down anytime soon. Had the women march across the whole country of America and even London had one in support which started in the end of January. Sacked a few people. Yelled down the phone to other countries. Petition for stopping Trump coming to England; along with public speaker under fire as he doesn’t want Trump to make a speech, on which the lord speaker had to step in as well.

Valentine’s Day happened in the half term in my local area; on which I didn’t have a brilliant time but it was okay, met up a friend for a bit and then stayed over another friends house later on that day. Did have my whole day planned but had cancelled one of them not me who cancelled it but someone else due to they had to work.

Meet up with the friend Woody who I should of met up on the Tuesday but instead we met up on the Thursday afternoon. On which it was quite nice to have the time together as we don’t get to see each other. Then Saturday of the last half term was meant to meet up Mark but he never messaged or called me when he had finished what he had to do. So I got stood up for that. Went on a date with Jay Camp on the last Sunday and it was very nice and enjoyable. 

On the 6th February 2017 The Queen has celebrated her 65th (sapphire) reigning the country (United Kingdom) as the longest monarch to live and to continue to serve her country at the age of 90. She has brought the whole royal family to the 21st century; still finding ways to reach out to the public, and still standing strong. I asked my parents one question and one question that all parents should know but on this one they couldn’t even answer themselves. When Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth turn 95 and 90 years old last year; I had asked “what will happen when they reach 100 and would they have to send themselves a birthday card of each other saying happy birthday?”, my parents couldn’t even answer that one as no one has reach this far in day in age nor being this long of being a monarch. We will soon have to find out in years to come what will happen.

January Newsletter 2017


New year has started. I do have to say as it’s nearly the end of the month it has been a very long one if you ask me. Well in my opinion it feels like a very long one than any other years in the past; I’m not too sure why that it is, but it is and can’t even explain it. 

However there has been lots of things that has happened from history in the making to the busy month in my life. On which I will talk about what’s going to happen in the year coming. 

January newsletter 2017

New Year: 2017 has finally arrived and oh boy lots of things happened already. I do have to say guys; it’s the only the first month into the new year, we still have 11 months to go. What is going on here!? It’s crazy man. I can tell you that right now. Not because what’s happening in the world right now but also what’s happening in my life too. I already want a holiday right now to have a break from everything. 

Birthday: I have had already had my birthday for this year. That’s right already. I am a new year baby quite literally the 2nd day in. I have turned 26. I’m a lot further away from being 20 now but a lot closer to 30 in four years time. I have done a birthday Haul couple of weeks ago so why not check it out. 

Work: After Christmas holidays and being back at work it has been hectic. Non stop covering and it has been quite stressful along the way. Every night as I got home; I would run a hot bath, straight after I would get into my pjs and get into bed early after my dinner. 

Planning new things: I’ve been planning new blogs and writing down ideas that could possibly work. However I will be explain more in designing and planning as it all joins together with this one. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. 

Weather in Surrey in January 2017: This year has started of with its weather in Surrey. It has been very cold, frosty, icy, a bit snowy and a bit rainy. Also it’s been quite foggy as well. Currently at the moment it’s been light rain probably end up with heavy rain soon. 

Getting a tweet reply from a radio presenter: I asked Glen Hunt over twitter if he would get attacked without protection and be with Karl and Stuart (From Most Haunted) but with his reply that I had to wait and see. Here is the tweet conversation.

Designing and Planning: Along with the planning new things. I’ve been designing and planning for new things; along with the working with new planners and behind the scenes for my intake of the social media. To be able improve more with my blogging if I had brought things in idea for a blog I would keep receipts. When the time comes I can turn it into a business.

Donald Trump: This month we have have witnessed Donald Trump become president. Things have started to take place such as building a wall between Mexico and American; like Berlin that spring to my mind. He has started to undo all of Obama’s laws that he had done in the 8 years of being in power. Trump has taken women’s rights especially when it comes to abortion on which made me sick to the point of making me hating him more and more. Along with now putting people’s jobs at risk and major companies loosing money out but also when it comes to people ethic background in 7 countries and airports detentions; that’s when the judges in America had stepped in, trying to free everyone in the airports. 

Reconnecting with some friends: The best thing over the past few weeks is to be able reconnecting with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in awhile or in a very long time. It feels like we haven’t spoken in a very long time. 

Obama’s Family: It was sad to see Obama family after 8 years in the White House but a lot of things that have happened and changed. First black African-American president gives people the beliefs that they can do anything. He has made history. 

Wednesday Evening 8 O’Clock: I have brought back Wednesday Evening 8 O’Clock and the best feedback ever; seeing readers come back and read them like it was an old friend, which giving me the courage to continue writing for the category. 

Friday Time! Recap Time!: Along with bringing back Wednesday Evening at 8 O’Clock it’s sister. I had brought back Friday Time! Recap Time! At the time of both of the two categories I didn’t know what to write about under their categories until now. As I’ve been planning more and get things organised for each month. 

Goals: My goals for this year is to be well for the whole year, be able to focus on blogging and trying to turn it into a business. Also I will continue to set goals throughout the year as improve myself and etc. 

Dreams: Dreams that I wanted to be able to achieve some of my dreams; such as a writer, moving out and etc. 

Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall 


Welcome to the first Sunday of April’s Sunday Special; spring has finally arrived the clocks have gone forward, day light has now started to prove itself of its own cause of happiness. If you have returned for a new blog welcome welcome; if your new welcome to your first blog post, I do hope you enjoy it and good way to start on a Sunday Special. There are more blogs on this website for you to check out. 

Share the pros and cons you’ve discovered when it comes to writing a blog/overall

Today as you can see is the hustle and bustle of Blogging Advice; I thought I haven’t done a blog advice for a long time, so why not do one today, if it turns out a good day to do blog advice on a Sunday Special then why not do it then every week. It could go well or it could go bad who knows; you won’t know until you try it or give it a bit of a knock, whatever saying that you like to say that suites you the most. 

You probably thinking right now is why is there pros and cons in my blog world or in anyone else blog world; why do people make it look so easy where they keep on having ideas, some people I do have to say is that they have made it as a self employment job as they’ve got time and can focus on it more than people who have full time jobs along side blogging. However this is my pros and cons of blogging and overall of it all; on that I want to share with you.

Pros of blogs/overall

To be able to write and gain experience of what readers like to read; has given me the confidence of knowing that my writing is good, worth while reading and give me the opportunity to continue to write more. 

To be able to create different ways of writing and making the pictures for the blogs. To show that they have a sense of belonging to the world; but also to let my readers know which category it falls under if they want to go back to it. 

With any sort of writing at times you’ll find yourself lost in the world of writing or creative that you be there for hours without realising. It’s not a bad thing if you ask me because your doing something that you love doing. 

Cons of blogs/overall

If you want to take blogging seriously then there’s always the boring stuff that you have to do behind it. Like paperwork, updating your website and lots of other things that you have to do. Yeah it’s not fun to do but at the end of the day you have to do it one day or another. Fortunately for me currently I have 2 weeks holiday where I can get to catch up with my paperwork as I’ve been slightly behind on things; on which isn’t good but that’s because of my full time job, being ill and along side with personal issues. Luckily I have a diary to write the things that I have done in it so that I can copy it up as soon as possible.

You have days or few weeks that you can’t be bothered to write anything or nothing hasn’t come to mind. That’s okay just do research and paperwork there’s no harm taking time out and reconnect yourself with what you want to write. I’ve done that countless of times where I wanted to give up on the whole blogging thing because I thought I’m not good enough etc. People say don’t give up your brilliant and your writing is good etc. 

You can have this love, hate relationship with blogging that your like your married to it; in away you are in one way or another, but just don’t give up on yourself nor the blogging career.