When will this ever end?

All the pain and the truth; I wear like a battle wound, I’ve got scares to prove it along with empty shell of the tower block showing us that we are not safe anymore. As more bodies and more people still missing assuming that they are dead; lots of anger, hatred, wanting their voices to be heard. Grenfell patients face ‘months’ of recovery; 14 people are in hospital, 8 received critical care and some induced comas. 

Mr. Hammond claims that weren’t useful trying to blame the services who were saying it needed them. On which Theresa May today apologies that they should of listened sooner than later; however it was too late to sort the major problem now, the thoughts are now to learn from it and will focus on the dangers of what can happen. 

“Sixty-eight social housing flats in Kensington, London, are to be made available to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, the government has said.

The one, two and three-bedroom flats are located in two blocks that stand alongside a large luxury development, where private homes go for up to £8.5m.

At least 79 people died and many more were left homeless after fire engulfed the North Kensington tower a week ago.

PM Theresa May has apologised for “State” failures after the blaze.

“People were left without belongings, without roofs over their heads, without even basic information about what had happened, what they should do and where they could seek help,” she told MPs in the Commons.

“That was a failure of the State – local and national – to help people when they needed it most.

“As prime minister, I apologise for that failure.”‘ From BBC News Website 

“By Jennifer Scott, BBC News

Nestled off Kensington High Street, and a short distance from Westfield shopping centre, Kensington Row is the perfect example of London’s booming real estate market.

It’s £700 a week to rent a one-bedroom flat – for that price you get to live in the same borough as Prince William and Simon Cowell.

Builders are beavering away to finish the new blocks for the incoming residents, whilst placards that surround the site promise you can “find yourself in the clouds” after you move in.

You get a true feel for the development from the flats already completed.

On the hottest day of the year so far, the sun reflects off balconies and glass panels onto the tree-lined street and busy main road. The flats all have the luxury finish you would expect of this area – but of course the social housing blocks won’t have the same trimmings.

George, a Kensington resident for 30 years, said his new neighbours would be welcome.

“In times of disaster, the communities in both the north and south of this borough come together,” he said. “The survivors and their families will be looked after.”

Since the fire, some Grenfell Tower families have been staying in hotels and B&Bs, and there were concerns that more permanent housing would be offered in other parts of the country.

But Kensington Row complex is just over 1.5 miles from Grenfell Tower.

It includes a 24-hour concierge service and a private cinema, the website of developer St Edward says, but it is thought unlikely the new tenants from Grenfell will have access to such facilities.

Each new home in the two blocks set aside for social housing will be fully furnished and completed to a high-specification, the government said.” By BBC News 

Video of run tribute to the Grendell Tower

Why are there so many haters! 

Yeah I’ve been up most of the night. Guess what I don’t care because there’s so many trolls out there in the world; who actually have no life at all other than putting people’s lives as miserable, because they are doing better than them. Another guess what don’t you dare pick on someone who’s life has been a struggle weather they are Royal, celebrate, normal human being or having learning difficulties/disabilities because you know what at least they are a bigger person than you are. 

You may think I want their lives because my life sucks right now; how about stop self loafing about other fortune weather they’ve been given it or not, they can’t help it especially the royals they can’t help it. Especially Prince William and Prince Harry they want normal lives like everyone else; so back off you trolls who have nothing else better to do than give people threats, hatred and everything else. They have suffered enough already you people should be a shame of yourselves. 

People who get far in life always will and always will go far because they ignore all the low life people; who try to bring them down because they know the haters can’t get out of, there own ruts they just want to ruin other people’s lives. Why don’t look at yourselves dear haters and think maybe I can do better than I’ve already got. No one else are going to stop what they are doing because you can’t get yourself out of the whole that you’ve been in. So here’s my pledge to you dear haters.
Dear Waste Timers, Haters and Trolls

If you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Look at one hard look at yourself in the mirror; what do you see? What could you do better with your life? The only person who can change the way you are is yourself. No one else can do it for you but yourself; get some help, get someone to help you change your ways, take control of your life because at the end of the day your the one who’s making yourself worse. If you have been brought up to be different or that’s the way you been shown to do things; then your the one to blame because you could of changed that for yourself, it’s not to late to change that. There are lots of people to help you change your ways and put you on the right track. 

Just stop! Think! Am I going to say something nice or something horrible because I feel better for treating people like crap? All of things are not the other persons fault it’s yours at the end of the day. 

I’m not wasting my time writing this blog at 4:37am in the morning; ranting and raving about complete tools in the world, I’m going to waste your time because your time is my time and your time is reading this. So what you going to do continue reading this blog post just to waste your time of knowing what you have to do, or waste your time trolling more people, hating people or wasting people’s valuable time when they only don’t care what your going to say next.

I don’t do people who make me small intimidated because I know once I’m fired up; no one can calm me down until the person backs down, and to seek help in order to get better and make them feel a whole better by doing it for themselves.

All I can say is good luck because you need it. I really don’t need to hear anymore hatred anymore.

Good luck 


Here we go once again!

I know I have just touched based with this and moved the original blog to Sunday Special; also due to the heat wave that we’ve been getting, the technology has been unbearable to handle even by holding it as it’s been over heating. So I had to get my notebook out to be able to pre-plan what I was going to write; to which I didn’t have to use any technology as much as I could on Tuesday to write this, but to be able to write it up when it was a lot cooler than it was throughout the day. 

Barley a week to recover from the tower fire; someone decides to attack a mosque in another part of London, to which point that the police are treating it as a terror attack because in recent events have been terror attacks. Accordingly to the event number 4. The attack had happened minutes when an ill man was being giving first aid by some of the public; who were near by the mosque, people came into the mosque which interrupted Ramadan Night Prayers that evening to help. 

Muslim worshippers had taken into their own hands like every other attacks that we had face; to hold him down as the attacker shouts at them all, stopping people from kicking him even further. They all had to wait for the police to arrive to which they had come immediately to the response; I couldn’t believe how well we all take it in our everyday lives to, take it in our daily routine if something like this happened we get on and just do it by going full steam ahead and help people. Even as I take my hate off to the muslim community and a few of my friends are muslims I have nothing against them what so ever; they are here to live what we live under, they respect our culture and we respect theirs. They help us and we help them; at the end of the day they proved to us and the world that we live in this country; you attack their country, then your attack my country that took us in. We are not letting you win. That to me is a strong message out everyone in the world.

Some politics say it’s just an incident that happened. Erm what planet are you on and where have you been in the last three to four months? They aren’t incidents they are terror attacks. Some politics are saying that it’s just an incident that has been continuing to happen; hang on a minute, how is it an incident? It’s a blooming terror attack; it’s okay for them getting protected from any harms way, we are the ones that are getting attacked and not being protected. That’s why we are taken this as our everyday lives now; along with taken it into our own hands that to help local services, because the politics can’t be bothered to do anything to help or do much about it. 

Prime-minister in talks with the religious leaders on how to protect their religion and their events; which means that the police have taken into account by stepping up the mark to help cover the rest of Ramadan and ED, to make sure everyone from Muslim community right through to all different religions and community to feel safer until it ends at the end of the month.

A man had died; along with 9 people were taken to 3 different hospitals, while 2 were being treated with minor injuries. No matter what happens these days; you have to treat everything as a terror attack, you never know if they were doing it alone or with a group of people. Yet we have to be really vigilant even more now; even we do get attacked every two weeks or so, it’s like as we just about to relax along side with the whole country’s cliffs. We get another attack or something that shocks the nation and the world. Yet we are setting a good example where at least we run towards the problem; than running away from it, to show that we aren’t afraid to do anything but in our mind set we are but you have to help the other people who need your help. What I’m asking is think to yourself where would you be in 5 years time if you look back and say I did that? I helped them when they needed someone the most. I wish I did something to help when someone was in that situation. Just ask yourself the questions what would you do? Would you run the other way or would run towards it? 

Video tribute to the attacks.

Lushest Summer June 2017

Loving the life of June 2017’s lushest summer heat; if only there was a beach near by, swimming pool that’s not too far away from the house, would of been nice if there was a pool in my back garden but my house and garden isn’t the richest or spaces you can ask for but it’s my family house my home that I grew up in. 

This year’s weather in June is actually quite pleasant; way too hot but I’m not complaining as much; if it was raining then this blog would be completely differently, but heyho it’s not raining and it’s warm sunny and guess what this is what our summers should be like. My grandma said to me the other day was “it will turn into a storm one day”; I think she might be right actually as she didn’t take a coat with her when she came round my house for dinner, for once I actually agree with her on that one. Not that I wouldn’t disagree or agree with her that much; as she has dementia but she does come out with lots of good things, but glad that she was able to enjoy the weather as much as we did.

This weekend just been everyone headed down to the beaches; had barques, chilling in the sun, like we were craving the Vitamin D’s. Which is fair enough true; as we don’t actually get much of the sun or the heat, due to the fact that British weather is generally raining, dull and cold. Especially when it comes to the 6 weeks holidays it could all change by then; who knows to be honest with you, I never know if I’m coming or going. All I have to say is right now I am actually enjoying the nice warm weather; nothing isn’t going to me now, it’s just that feeling of positive coming to which everyone needs in their life. If the sun can do that we should have all the time. 

Currently the temperature is like 32 degrees and it’s so hot and yet my legs are cold and so is my feet but heyho that’s what you get for being cold monjority of the time, but then again I get to boiled. So my body can’t make heads or tail of it all; probably poor circulation, or something yay me. 

However at least the heat will stay around for the next few days; so it would be nice to have a chance to live it, and enjoy it as much as we can. It’s got to the point that it’s so hot that I’ve had to rummage in the freezer to look for ice cream; as you remember I think I might be dairy what you call it, but right now I’m so hot that I needed ice cream. The ice cream had already started to melt before I even touched it; that’s how you could tell it was that hot, it’s still 32/33 degrees hotter and this is British weather man so brilliant. 

Even trying to film a few videos and my phone was getting to warm due to the heat. It’s getting ridiculous. To be fair it was two videos that I did so I can counter that bit I think as my hands were hot at the time as well; you might of already seen them or you may not yet, depends when I get round to edit them and attach them to the rightful blog page as well. When I’ve done the blog for them as well. Lots to do but in this heat it’s stupid. Anyways catch you laters guys see you on the next #throwbackthursday

Moving tribute from the whole country 

The hardest thing of all is when you were a victim of any of trauma that we hear everyday; most importantly the recent events that we have heard, seen, helped, applauded to. This goes no way go about it when something like this has made an impact on so many lives recently; if it was for Ariana Grande fighting back, raising money for the Manchester victims at her concert bringing everyone together, Simon Cowell had taken a leaf out of her book as he now a father. He can understand how horrible it must of been to lose a child in that way; I could be wrong but I’m giving him the credit of the count that, he brought singers in and most importantly having a touch of the community spirit to the song that has been recently released. 

Don’t let me forget about the Hillsborough charity song as well; coming together as one whole, making everyone’s voices be heard loud and clear. Each of these three songs have so many meaningful and powerful; no matter how much we pull together over the years, even more so over the past few months and weeks we come together and support one another in so many ways. We all no we aren’t heavy; because we are brothers and sisters, knowing as soon the cliffs start to settle its cliffs once more we start settle. Once the cliffs of the United Kingdom rises to protect its people; we follow it to protect our community, the services and most of all our towns and cities. I have attached the clips from YouTube of the three amazing tributes to the country: that we all love and proud off, showing we are a strong and we will get back onto our feet again.

https://youtu.be/8O1CcwYf79I – Grendell Tower Charity Single 

https://youtu.be/YUijKSTakSc – Manchester Concert Attack

https://youtu.be/0diOtm0yFKY – Hillsborough Justice Collection 

Love and Respect For My Country 

This is the end; we can hold our breath and count to ten, as we feel the cliffs rise up to protect us. When we feel the earth moves again and then we let our hearts burst again. For then this is the end; we’ve drowned and dreamt this moment of peace and quiet, it is well overdue to which we need to be owed but that’s been swept away and we haven’t been stolen.

We could let the sky fall when it crumbles; we will always stand tall, but face it all together we are stronger than you’ll ever be. When the sky falls that’s when we start at out the thousands miles to keep the poles apart from you; where our worlds collide and days are dark, you may have our number but you will never have our hearts or breaks us.

Where you go we will always be there one step closer behind; what you’ll see and do we will see and do the opposite, we know we’d be never be the same afterwards but without the security of the community loving arms. Keeping us from harm; they put their hands in each other’s and we’ll stand together, showing that we are stronger than anyone else. 

Until we feel our cliffs move again; we can relax more than you can attack us, this is one country that you will never touch or hurt again as long as we defend what we believe in along with different religions, relationships from different countries and knowing we will come together as one country. 

How to conquer fears and self doubts!

The point of sleeping is that you were meant to be asleep but due to the heat I was up very early indeed; so I thought hey let’s get most of my blogs done or get some of them started so that by the time it’s gets so hot, I can stop and chill until its cool enough to do more. Let’s see how that plans out shall we. 

Everyone has fears and self doubts but people who say they don’t are calling themselves liars; no one is perfect, everyone has fears and doubts about things. If people saying to I don’t have any fears or any doubts; don’t believe them unless they can prove it to you that aren’t, if otherwise they are lying to you. They are just big headed people; who are just so up themselves that, they don’t care about anyone else but themselves. 

With me when my fears and self doubts kick in I beat myself self up for a few days; not quite like that but oh you know what I mean, jeez guys come on you know me. Can I just explain what I mean about how I conquer my fears and self doubts please? Thank you. I’ll give you a couple of my fears and self doubts as examples to help you picture it more clearly than a plain written texts sitting right in front of you; to which isn’t fun what so ever, other than someone like me telling you to just get over it. I’m not that sort of a person; I’ll guide you in the way it is a positive direction, so that when you take on theses challenges you can say I did that because someone believed in me and I believed in myself to do so. Yeah I believe in everyone who puts their mind to it. 

Okay for me my main massive fear is heights. Heights are like the most deadliest fear of mine in the world; you may think I’m going over the top with this, I wish I was but I’m not honest because I can’t bare the thought of something being so high and you have to climb it. Yet I push myself to do it as much as I can but when the time is right; all I have to do is I can’t do it anymore, there are times that I can do so many but when I know that I’ve put myself through enough I would break down crying because I know I’ve done what I can. This is whole height business is never going; even if you paid me I wouldn’t do it because I will not just get over it in any hurry, I can promise you that. 

But however I can say is that if you are determined to do something that you have a fear off; go and do it be brave, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or tell yourself that you can’t do it. That’s called self doubting yourself in the long run; to which I do a lot but I can conquer things like that, where as soon as a fear starts to come in weather it’s a job interview, my writing isn’t good enough or anything that I might endure as a fear and then come out of it to think “oh I don’t think that went well” or “my writing isn’t good enough” but yet at the end of the day you get the job and your writing is really good look how many views you’ve got already. 

By realising that your in that flight and fright mood; your thinking what the hell was that about, nothing good really happens to me?, have they got the right person who is this person that they wanted to see and read about? All you have to do is believe this you can do it no matter whatever throws at you.

Life crisis your only 26 years old 

You guys are probably thinking oh why am I listening to her about her life crisis; I can tell you now when you read this, or when you have finished you will think “oh damn she’s right”. So button it shrimpy! Haha jokes on you. 

So this is a story that I’ve never told; well publicly I haven’t but making you aware young ones, even adults might want to hear this or read this as well. To which they can be aware the warning signs of health issues within themselves or their child. 

About 12 or 13 was the time when I first start my first period; yes I’m going there people, tough luck people it’s got to happen one way or another. Even I didn’t want to do it but then I had to push the boat out and do it; not for myself but my fellow readers, also young readers who feel embarrassed about these things and most importantly peer pressure around school. When I started I was at wedding in a my local church that my parents went to; I had started not to feel to brilliantly with tummy cramps and everything, I didn’t know what was happening. Until I got home and went to the bathroom that’s when I noticed I had started; so I didn’t know want to do, so I called my mum to come up and she explained everything to me. 

Over the years at school I would have to be sent home because I was feeling brilliant it was always around the time I was on; the most awarked time was when I was out with my dad one day with my sister and one of my brothers, didn’t really think much of it to be honest with you at that time when you were having them that something was wrong in health wise. 

Until I was 21 years old I had noticed that I would get really bad period pains but nothing happened; it would continue to so throughout the summer of 2012, to which point I had to go to the doctors because it was rather strange at the time and worrying that something wasn’t right. So I went for my appointments and tests; to learn that I had Poloystic Overies Syndrome, were the eggs are bigger than normal that’s the reason why I was getting bad pains. The downside was that I may not be able to have kids in later in life; but I’m not having my hopes up to be honest, also don’t want to think about it too much. I just thought if I can get through being not hearing and having a learning disabilities; I can manage to get through this thing whatever it was, so my doctor gave me contraceptive pill to which I reacted quite badly to. Every 21 days I would have my head down the toilet to which to their surprise; to make me stop taking them and see how I get on without it for a few months, then May 2013 I had implant put in and since then I’ve been perfectly fine. Odd occasions I would get the odd bleeds but I would go straight down to the doctors to ask why it was happening. Other than that I was good to go. 

Between 23/24 years old I had started to become more drawn to myself in away that people were starting to notice that I wasn’t myself; it became more and more apparent as I had started back at work, then becoming signed off work. That’s when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety; I had the most darkest times then but now that I’m currently not working, I’m starting to feel a bit more well and being able to do things more. However I do have my down days as well but it’s okay I always have great support in the family and friends around me. 

I know get signs for what might be Lacoste Intolerance haven’t been diagnosed with it but due to family members having it; kind of know what it is that’s causing it, so I’ve been voiding as much chocolate even though I love it. Anything with dairy in it because it would send me to a I don’t feel so great mood. Should get it tested out incase it is. Noticed it more between 25/26 years old than any other years. 

If you have any worries that you can’t talk to someone or need an advice on something email on lizzyarrow@outlook.com especial account for your enquiries on the topics you have read. 

All the best good luck 



The best decision you can ever make

How did Vocal Media find you? 

Vocal Media found me via Twitter due to the fact that my blog feed goes via there once it’s published, I’m not too sure how long they’ve been watching me with my blogs going up. Everyday, every week, every month of every year. I can’t even keep up myself to be honest with you; however they found me, direct message me via twitter and I had a look at it. 

What made you go with Vocal Media?

To be honest I didn’t even know what Vocal Media was to be honest; I was happily doing my blogs on my normal blog website, I still do because it’s my main site everything has to go on there first unless if it’s a good blog then I’ll submit it to Vocal Media. So basically at the time of looking at it; I signed up to it to begin with because I thought I might as well, but I still didn’t understand it to begin with so I messages back to the person on Twitter to begin with. 

In my opinion didn’t really help as much of answering my questions; so I sent an email to the site to which I got a reply back from someone, who was really helpful and became a good adviser. Which really helps me to improve my work a lot better and more focus on what I needed to do. 

Will Vocal Media help you to improve your work?

In a lot of ways Vocal Media help you to explore lots of different ways of writing your blogs in so many ways; they have lots of categories that you can write for, the format is quite easy to use and different to the format that you use on your own website. 

It took me a few attempts to work it out and getting to the point of why it kept on coming back unapproved. Got me thinking why isn’t my work good enough? Why isn’t it letting me post things? The person who contacted me didn’t really explain it properly and plus they didn’t really help as much as there was no information about the site what so ever. Well what I could find anyways. So I emailed the site management time with my questions; might of threatened to leave the site because I couldn’t get it to work, obviously it wasn’t me doing anything wrong it was the guidelines that they follow. Might need to make the guidelines a bit more clearer on the website guys; if you want to attract more writers in, just a tip maybe up to you to decide. 

Anyways so this lovely lady who is amazing and a star in my eyes and a great mentor for me any road up; came back to me with all the information that I needed, ever since then I drop here an email saying a blog post is about to come your way. Let me know if everything is cool and it’s in the right category or even if I put it in a category of what I think it might be; then say I think it might to be in the other category, not 100% sure sometimes I’m right on cue I’ve got it in the right category and sometimes she comes back to say “your right it should be in that other category that you said. I’ll swap it over and publish it for you” for that to be able to work I wouldn’t of been able to progress further in my writing career if I didn’t have that mentor or support.

Do you put all of your work up on there or do you pick and choose which ones?

I don’t put all my work up there because I think it would be too much in one go; secondly I rather pick and choose which ones that will do well, and which don’t go so well. This is because it shows that at the end of the day I know which ones I can earn a living out off and the ones that I won’t make a living out off. Like for example this one and yesterday’s (Sunday 17th June 2017) blog post will be a good one to be posted up on Vocal Media because I have the gut instinct of these two posts will do well than others. 

All you have to do is a leap of faith and chance it. At the end of the day you think why didn’t I do that; I could of been living my dream as a writer by now, you know what? I’m glad that I took that leap of faith because if I didn’t I would still be wishing and dreaming away the things that I could of done. 

No one tells you about that you really need to know 

Currently bit behind schedule today firstly so noisy where ever I go to try and work; secondly it’s so hot today all you just want to do is sleep and not do anything to be honest with you, but hey at least it’s not raining and get to be able to enjoy the nice weather. 

With this blog post I had to research in what I wanted to write and what the background/content that needed to be written for it. I had a rough guess what it meant but how to begin to start it I didn’t really know what to write about. For me researching and getting ideas help me in life to work out what I want to write. 

Everyone is different, so your life path will never be like anyone else’s. – Throughout school everyone seems to be on the same path but actually when it comes to GCSE’S, colleges, UNI and work people break off in different paths and different directions because they want to focus on themselves and the careers that they want. Also your life changes in different directions every time throughout the years; I’m currently doing that at the moment, looking for a different route to go down.

Some people are just going to be more successful than you. – Some people are always going to be successful than you; but it depends on what you class as being successful at the end of the day, we are equally successful in our own way no matter how much we earn. However people who keen to work on a project that they want to make a success of their life; also enjoy life that love to do everyday, making an impact on people’s lives no matter if they are rich or not.

 If you don’t try drugs, alcohol, sex, or smoking, you’ll never know what they’re like. – You can choose if want to but at the end of the day you can’t say you haven’t tried and preach about it at the same time. I’ve done two of things out of the three; at the end of the day why be serious all the time, do need to live a bit more than serious all the time. 

There are some bad people disguised as good people and waiting to pounce. – There’s two types of people frauders and fake friends; frauders who are faking to be people who say they are to either con you out of things or actually axes murders or some sort. Then you have fake friends who say they care; but at the end of the day they says stuff like horrible about you, to which hurts you the most along side with people who you work with you. 

You will keep falling in love with people that are either not good for you or don’t like you the way you like them. – I have that problem sometimes because I’m too kind and too caring; they just abuse it a lot, along side without realise it at times that I’ve fallen into that trap. It is a viscous cycle at times but you will break the cycle at some point when you find the right one for you. 

You need to be educated, in the book way and the street way. – In the way you have to be educated in my opinion is that teachers and people who campaign tell you their experiences and what they know out there in the real world. However you have to experience yourself if things do happen to you; by not having to live on edge all the time but know what’s around, always on guard as your on the streets to know that your safe and know which places you can call for help if you needed to. 

You don’t need to be famous to have an impact. – To be able to make an impact doesn’t mean you have to be famous to do something so meaningful; believe me I’ve made an impact in so many lives already and I’m only 26 years old, I’m still going to achieve things without being famous in years to come because why stop when you can still carry on doing it. 

Learn something every day – You never stop learning when you leave school, college or uni because you learn things when you at a job or when you move jobs. Even if you went back to studying later in life your still learning something new everyday; I’m always learning something new everyday, you even learn something about the things that you never even thought of trying years ago. Just don’t stop. 

Don’t be afraid. – Don’t be afraid to take risks or leap of faith; if it doesn’t work out then, that’s okay what have you got to loose at the end of the day. I’ve done a few things recently and they all worked out perfectly fine with me; along with a massive gamble but guess what, I’m still here and still doing what I love doing. All you have to do is to believe in yourself and you will succeed and become successful in the things you do. 

Hundred Watt Club and Guildford Fringe have teamed up once again!


                                                           Sensuelle – the headline act

                                                                    ​Photo by David Slater

Hundred Watt Club and Guildford Fringe have teamed up once again to bring the sauce, the sass and the downright silly to Guildford Fringe Festival!

In true Fringe style, the last weekend of Guildford Fringe Festival features one of the best nights out around, as the Hundred Watt Club commandeers the Electric Theatre on Saturday, July 29 in fabulously feisty fashion.

Indulge in a glittering evening of burlesque and cabaret, brought to you by a lustrous line-up of acts never seen before on a Hundred Watt Club stage.

Your host for the evening is celestial wit and holy drag queen, Virgin Xtravaganzah. She will be joined on stage by statuesque showgirl Sensuelle, with hoop tricks from record breaking hula artist Symone, and side-splitting comedy burlesque from Crimson Skye. And making her debut on the UK stage, traditional Music Hall madness ensues from bawdy broad Aunty Mae.

“I cannot think of a better show to include in our last weekend of Guildford Fringe Festival’s 5th birthday bash! I am particularly excited to see Aunty Mae’s debut performance,” says Guildford Fringe director Nick Wyschna. 

“A regular fixture on the Guildford Fringe events calendar, The Hundred Watt Club is always a huge hit with our audience – so much so that our last five shows were all sell-out successes. Due to its popularity, please get clicking on the Guildford Fringe Festival website and nab your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.”

Dig out your best vintage gear and get ready to party!

*The show is strictly over 18s only, adult themes are employed and embraced with gusto. No dress code, but glamorous, vintage inspired-attire encouraged for both men and women*

The Hundred Watt Club is on Saturday 29 July at 8pm at The Electric Theatre, Onslow Street, Guildford. Tickets are £18 (£15 concessions) and are available online at www.GuildfordFringeFestival.com or by calling 0333 666 3366. Strictly over 18s only.