Tell me something I don’t know 

The things that you may find that you and you just want to find something that you don’t know. You ask someone just to tell you something different; than you already heard or someone has already told you, like change the record.

Everybody who tells me, who I speak to says it’s so hard to make it, but yet so hard to break it or even get a break from it, there’s no way in faking the whole scenario. Everybody keeps telling me that it’s wrong to how I feel about it; that I shouldn’t believe in it, the dreams that I’m dreaming shouldn’t be persuade. I hear it everyday. I hear all the time. To the point of I’m never going to amount anything but they’re never going to change my mind; as I’m going to prove them wrong everytime. 

Oh! Tell me, tell me, tell me. Something I don’t know, something I don’t know, something I don’t know. Instead of a broken track record. Tell me something that I don’t know; like how many inches in a mile? What I can do to make you smile?, not keeping treating me like a child. 

Everybody tells me I don’t know what I’m doing; this life I’m trying to pursue, all the odds of me loosing is piling up and everybody tells me that it’s just one in a million. More like one in a billion or one in a zillion. Yet I hear it everyday. I hear it all the time. I’m never gonna amount to much. They’re never going to change my mind. No! 

How many inches in a mile because I don’t know? You going to tell me something that would make you smile? Other than treat me like a child. My life inside me asked me “are you ready for it?” I replied “Yeah I’m ready for it.” “Really ready for it?” “Yeah I’m ready for it.” Now that I’m on my way, I know I’m going to get there one day soon. It doesn’t help when you say that it won’t be easy. 

How many inches are there in a mile? What has it got to take to make you smile? Than treating me like a child. How many inches are there in a mile! What hast it got to take to make you smile? Because your treat me like a child baby. 

Just tell me, tell me, tell me. Just tell me something I don’t know, just tell me something I don’t know, just tell me something I don’t know. As I’m waiting in the rain in front of you; to tell me something that I really don’t know, like are you going to support me or not. 

Because I know I will never make the same mistakes that you did; I will never let myself cause so much misery for my heart, as I will not break the way that you fell so hard onto the ground. I’ve learned the hard way before it actually get that far. Because of you. I never to far from the path that I want to take. Because of you. I learned to play on the safe side so that I won’t get hurt. Because of you I find it a lot harder trust not only just me, but everyone around me. 

Because of you I am afraid that I’m going to loose my way and it’s not too long before you point it out. That I cannot cry I know that’s the weakness in your eyes; yet I’m forced to fake it, with a smile and a laugh everyday of my life. My heart wasn’t even whole to start with; so my heart possibly break, just tell me something that I don’t know.

Just tell me!

What has made you angry recently?

That part when you scheduled a post; you just about to post the same picture on another website, then you see what it had been written on the top. Your like opps! All well are you bothered about it? I’m not because guess what its a Monday extra in the first place during the week anyway. 

I’m quite glad that I found this title for this week and of course the subject. I did get mad when I realised what I had done; now I’m like whatever it’s a Monday extra feeling, no ones going to complain. Are they? Better not be….haha I’m joking really. 

What made me angrily recently was rules and laws that Caspian has to obey. No matter how much we try and raise the money; or do things we always seem to get blocked at every turn, even if we have had a lot of help to begin with. It just seemed to be never ending; yet no matter how much we argue or share our frustrations, we still love each other and always find away. Even when I’m having a lot of health wise kicking in; knowingly he can’t be there to help, knowingly he frustrates his job and family rules and law that they follow. Especially when you don’t have any money to do anything doesn’t help the situation either. That makes me more angry; as I’m working so hard that I’m just not getting anywhere hard enough, even though I’m trying my best to do everything that I can.

The second most recent thing that has made me feel so angry is people who; think I should apologise for something that I did, when it’s their own actions that have caused me to do that in the first place. That makes me angry; I hate where they think that they are so important because they have the highest status, you think actually are they for real and they show signs that that they can be frauds. Then deni that they aren’t abusing you; they are actually abuse comes across in lots of categories, mentally abuse is one of them and I should know.

Last but no means having the possibility of a hearing aid in one ear; after all this time not having to have one for 26 years or so, yeah it’s one of those things you will have to have them at some point in your life. I am grateful that I haven’t had to have them so far but now the whole sense of feeling like; I’m going back on myself again, proving myself that I can do things and to be able to carry on doing the things that I want to do. I just hate major set backs every time when something happens like my health issues kick in one way or another.

I think this blog has turned into more of a rant than what made you angry recently; unless it is a rant title name that give you the permission to do so, them I’m going to take this as advantage of using it as a rant Friday Time Recap Time! Along with sharing my rant anger with my fellow readers and bloggers who probably feel the exact same feeling that I do about certain things in life that shouldn’t happen but it does.

The worst bit is and this is the last complaint, rant, whatever you call is that my ear is causing so much pain that it’s much better if I had my head laying down. I can’t do that all day long can I. I have work to do ear and your not helping the situation haha.

Looking Glass Part 3: The night they became orphans

There’s two sides of what happened that night; one I’m just about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I’m ready to let the full works out in paper. Let me continue that one fateful night. – Authors Notes

Urgent News 

Mark Borthwright has been killed; looking for the suspect/creature a like, we know who’s behind it but we are still looking and how he must of done it.

Deputy Head 

Lord Phillip Mounthouse

Deputy Head of Worlds Apart School

Deputy of Kennedy Department 

Co-Protector to the Queen of United Kingdom

Auour of Worlds Apart 

Their worst fear became true; Marshall felt Duncan and his whatever it is building up inside him once more, he said to everyone move away from me and Duncan slowly and steadily. The two other offices picked up James and Stacie quickly and started to move backwards with the security officer who put a shield over them for protection. Marshall could see the other two turning away snuggling and buried their heads in the arms of their protectors; knowing something was going to happen, it wasn’t going to be good one single bit. 

There was three loud pops and cracks; which they all heard to which point didn’t sound to great in the wall of the orphanage, Fred muttered a few swear words under his breath. To which made the Native American Chief smirk with laughter; because he knew how badly every Kennedy made that crack worse over time, he had loads to prove it in his camp. 

The observer ran over explaining to Marshall to lay Duncan down or lay Duncan on top off him if he’s not letting go. He promised it was going to hurt him one bit or Duncan. Whatever it was; it felt like eternity, wishing it was over and done with. Fred was use to death threats when it came to his own family problems; that’s why he highered them because he knew that they wouldn’t, which made the Native American Chief laugh more. Sometimes Fred wondered why he brought his old friend with him half the time; he doesn’t really do much in the way of helping, just let the person who’s doing the whole transition and etc do it. Unless his laughter has got something to do it with it. Never understood why he would laugh about things like that; then he had notice that the Native American Chief had left his side, as he watched from not to far away. 

Both Observer and Native American Chief mummers a incantation or something that drew more invisible magic into Duncan; on which Fred really didn’t like about but it had to be done, as he was too young to control the magic at the age. 

“Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts. – Hopi,” “Day and night cannot dwell together. – Duwamish,” “It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand. – Apache” “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind. – Tuscarora” “All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them. – Arapaho” “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand. – Tribe Unknown.” “Before eating, always take time to thank the food. – Arapaho” “When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us. – Arapaho” “If we wonder often, the gift of knowledge will come. – Arapaho” “Most of us do not look as handsome to others as we do to ourselves. – Assiniboine” “Those that lie down with dogs, get up with fleas. – Blackfoot” “In age, talk; in childhood, tears. – Hopi” “We always return to our first loves. – Tribe Unknown” “What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. – Blackfoot” “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. – Cherokee” “Those who have one foot in the canoe, and one foot in the boat, are going to fall into the river. – Tuscarora” “The weakness of the enemy makes our strength. – Cherokee”

The whole incantation of what they had done come to an end; it felt so long for some people in which, Stacie and James had fell asleep in the detectives laps and the security guard was completely out of it as he fell asleep on the comfortable floor. Fred was sitting up against the wall dosing off to sleep; Duncan and Marshall were finally asleep to which became easier for the Native American Chief and the observer, the Native American Chief whispered to the observer to go and get the tribe as he stayed here to watch over everyone. When the observer comes back and everyone is place of protecting the orphans and the department he would join the Native American Chief in the Kennedy Orphanage……


Learn from it!

Remember when you were going to do something; to which you had something that you were going to do, yet you spend two days that someone got you to make the priority over, now your in the dog house because your so behind.

When you have schedule planned out of what you need to do that week; you soon realise without that things go out of the window, when you need to do other things on which leads to two days of not being able to do anything. That’s when your work has piled up that you should of done in the two days that you were doing other things; never again I’m going to do that again I don’t think, unless I have pre-planned the whole thing what I’m writing and have the scheduled for that week. 

I for one normally quite good at doing it a week early than I should of done; I guess I learn from it now, knowing that I don’t have enough man power to help me do everything. I practically spent all afternoon on Tuesday 19th July 2017 catching up on paperwork which I’m nearly done I think not hundred percent; there are somethings that need to be written up onto the proper recording sheets, working on Teenagers Life Crisis at 3pm. To which when I posted it on my other paid website I didn’t have enough words; so I had help in writing more to boost it up, along side reposting it again on my own website with the update and take the old one down. But I have kept both together so I have the evidence of what I have written before and what the update version is now. 

That was all on Tuesday. On Wednesday 20th July 2017 whilst having appointment with someone for personal reasons; I managed to keep up to date with blog posting, I had time to focus with more on what needed to be done such like getting another post up for that day or two…when you know that you have the one that you have scheduled for that day as you already pre planned it all the following week. Whilst planning the rest of the week event blogs and have them scheduled. On top of that blogging paper work; it does bother me that much to be honest whilst my iPad is on charge, I can do that as I have everything in front of me and enough to get on with whilst that’s charging. 

I pretty much do everything on my iPad really; except my notes if I have ideas or transferring things over to my notebooks, then I would have the back up of what I need to do and what I have done on that day. When it comes to the day that I have nothing to write about I can just have a field day of paperwork; I am looking for that day to happen but currently it’s not going to happen anytime soon, that reminds me I need to do a colour chart for Vocal Media so I know what colours are for which blog posts when I’m writing up the data collection. See I have so many ideas and everything but there’s only one of me to do it all at the moment. 

As soon as I have everything sorted; I know what I’m doing, things are starting to run smoothly and getting paid for the blogs etc. I can start thinking about taking people on maybe and give them certain people the jobs that need to be doing. At the moment; I am know where near of doing that at the moment, because my work ethic at the moment keeps on swapping and changing at the moment. I haven’t even found the correct way of doing it now; on the plus side I like the one that I’m currently working on at the moment, but….there’s always a but with this one. How long is it going to last if you ask me….

Invisible Magic Part 5: The Words Of the Native American Chief 

The most powerful thing you can ever find is the longest Red Chief Indian; who knew the Kennedy Family for years, it wasn’t long that his predictions had come true.

Tom was going through his dad’s old paperwork box that no one actually read; the box had just said “confidential no one needs to know; unless that day has arrived, we all know what to except and if you need clues open this box”, Tom thought well that day has arrived so he had to open it to find clues on what to do. The box was full of notes; letters, gifts and many more things that he never knew what his dad got up too, it was like a secret thing that his dad did and nobody knew. Tom picked up one envelope that had started to be open but never got round to be finished; Tom hesitated for a moment before he did anything, he then opened it and began reading it.

Dear Stanley 

My late great grandfather had once told me that “Upon suffering beyond suffering:

The Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world; a world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations; a world longing for light again.

I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.

In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom.

I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one.

Crazy Horse, Oglala Lakota Sioux (circa 1840-1877)”

This has been passed down for generations and generations. We have always believe that no matter what happens we seek for forgiveness, the hell that we need and most importantly the wisdom that we need the most. However I must warn you there will be trouble lying ahead of us in the future; we may of lost him now but he will return, more powerfully than he was before.  

I need to inform you that in four years time; 3rd April 1996 there will be another killing in your family, I don’t know who it is but as I looked into the fire the other night as we do our normal prayers and etc. No one else had saw it other than the one I’m going to send to you; as he saw the worried look on my face that I had seen something in the fire, I can’t relieve his name but I’m calling him The observer for now. I will send him to you straight away so he can get some sort of training; that I think that might be best for him, as I am taking up your offer to help you for guidance and protection. I know this Observer very well; I trust him with my life, he is ready to serve the Kennedy family and your department. This challenge is ready for him and he’s accepted the challenge. 

The reading was at the current address of Mary and Eric Borthwright; the eldest boy is safe at school no one would dare go and touch him, however I could be wrong but you never know theses days what the dangerous man can do. Yet the triplets who will be born on 4th April 1996; were there in the nursery room in the same crib for protection, to which we are currently making three of for protection. However with Mary’s love and bravery of standing in front of them to protect them; she will be saying the readings of what Princess Pocahontas has taught her over the years, when they have been growing up together. 

I’ll probably see you very soon know doubt. 

Your Friendly Companion 

Conservatives are Zionists

The brief summary of the meaning of Zionists is “The term “Zionism” was coined in 1890 by Nathan Birnbaum. Its general definition means the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.” From the website of  

Grenfell Tower events of last month reports have come out with an outrage of the Islamic State claims that Grenfell Tower Victims were ‘murdered by Zions’ who had been funded by the Conservatives Party. Not sure this is true but the outburst comment is now being investigated by the police; just to cover all bases incase it is true, along with the whole terror attacks and every other complications that may occur at any time. 

A director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC); has exploited the tragedy during the anti-islam demonstration, after the fire using it as an excuse in the wrong way. In my opinion it’s wrong to involve something like Grenfell Tower to their stride; trying to hold something against the UK, this is will happen more than once I can guarantee you that the isis will claim that they told him to say that or something along the lines of that. 

The outburst of the comment is now being investigated by the police; The Metropolitan Police took the allegations of that comment during a protest of the Grenfell Tower, all it in my opinion is seeking attention and want a war. My understanding of it as I researched more into this outburst of the crisis; is that back in June 2007, the leader at time of Conservatives Party was David Cameron called himself “Zionist”. 

During that time Cameron had responded to the questions that had been put forward to him at a Annual Luncheon Of Conservative Friends Of Israel; this became centre of attention for awhile back then, either David Cameron came out and said or someone who couldn’t believe what he had just said. To which implying that the academic boycotting was completely uncalled for; to the point of that the attacks against Israel are often slides into anti-semitisn. This is when he got a chance by slamming the British Initiative for boycotting against Israel.

It goes to show that if you say something in the past or bringing it to a function that will be effecting the future; you always know that it will always going to come back to bite you on the arse, one way or another. Tony Blair is realising that now after years of not being in power; that going to war with George.W.Bush things that actually didn’t come out to the public for one reason or another, yet we all paying the penalties for all the ridiculous moves. From Thatcher to Blair to Gorden, Cameron and now May. Have you notice it’s always between two parties that screw everything up; Labour and Conservative which makes you soon realised why Corbyn wants to be in power instead of May, then he can make everything worse not better. 

The meaning of Antisemitism can also been spelt in two different ways; anti-Semitism or anti-semitism, which is a hostility, prejudice or discrimination that is directed against Jews as a group. If one person who holds such positions they are called antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism. The root word a Semite gives out the false impression that Antisemitism is directed towards all the Semitic people for example which includes Arbs. A compound word antisemite was popularised in Germany in 1879; which is a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass meaning, “Jew – Hatred” since then it has been most common to update to the present day.

Zionistzm is another way or another form group like Nazi back in World War controlled by Adolf Hitler; this means that no matter what Jews do or in my opinion haven’t done anything wrong they are like everyone else believing in a god but also they are different. This goes to show that no one has ever changed the way the matter what we do in life to change the world; there will always going to be a group of people out there, that don’t like something and do something about it. Like for example our own current situation right now with ISIS group they don’t like what the whole European group is doing to their country; they are the ones that have started from one man, who went on the run for a few weeks. Now it’s like history is repeating itself and it will always going to be repeating itself.

Looking Glass Part 2: The night they became orphans

There’s two sides of what happened that night; one I’m just about to tell you, another is secretly safe with me until I’m ready to let the full works out in paper. Let me continue that one fateful night. – Authors Notes 

His hiding place would of been discovered. What on earth was he going to do now? As he watched the man who just killed Mary right before his eyes. The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming; that’s when something happened, that something the observer all knew to well off. He was going back to a place he’d hoped he would never see again; it was just him, the man Oliver Wishingwell and one of the boys. He couldn’t work it out which one it was as his face was changing every time to one of the Kennedys; that’s when the observer knew who it was, it was Duncan. Duncan had that extra power that had passed down to him; from his ancestors and of course the observer’s ancestors, as he watched Oliver was struggling to get close to Duncan. 

Then this powerful moment of something like invisible magic exploded everywhere; Oliver had gone, the only people who were left were the unseen followers praying on the dead to gain what they could have left. The triplets were crying. The observer didn’t dare change back into a human being. The alarm had finally gone off. Within seconds everyone came rushing; the three detectives from The Kennedy Department had taken the three away, before the other world social services had got their hands on them. Fred appeared; noticed the wolf disappearing out of the room, the unseen followers had disappeared out of sight into the rain that had started making the snow melt away. Thunder and lighting had started to happen. 

The observer continued to run; running towards the woods, to inform the chief Indian what he had just witness. That was the last time the observer was ever seen; no one could bring him in for questioning, Fred wouldn’t or refused to tell the primeminster where he is either. When both of them were at the house arguing; Fred was trying to remain calm as much as possible, but when it came to the primeminster. Well. Everyone knows that the Kennedy’s are actually in charge of the whole ministry itself and their world; they just didn’t fancy becoming the prime-minster, rather get on behind the scenes than dealing with everything else. 

Meanwhile whilst everything else was happening at the house; the three detectives had arrived at the Kennedy Orphanage in the department of the World Apart, two of them were eager to be put down and run off playing like nothing had happened. One of them want to stay in one of their arms; to be able to feel protected and safe a bit more, ‘it’s alright Duncan…it’s alright Duncan mate. You don’t have to go and play we can just sit here’ said the man in a Cornish accent. 

Whilst the other two detectives went to join the other two who were playing together; their names were James and Stacie, they were use to having each other’s company more because they knew that Duncan had something wrong with him but they didn’t know what. However they could feel it as they can sometimes feel each other’s emotions and etc. They left him with the other detective. 

Detective Mash could feel the what ever the observer had just witness; dying down now as Duncan was slowly felt more relaxed, having him close by than anyone else. They were all waiting to know what was going to happen next; but they didn’t know how long that was going to take, was it going to be hours, days, weeks for the three to be separated from each other. All of this wasn’t expected to happen; especially so soon in the recent death of Mary’s mothers death as she died to protect them, as she refused to tell Oliver where they lived. Mary’s father was no where to be found; they assumed that he was captured or go into hiding, so that they couldn’t ask him to take on the grandchildren. Especially on his own with four of them; but then again no one knows if the eldest son is alive or dead, they would of thought Oliver or someone would got to him by now and done something. However they would of thought the school was the last place to go to if Oliver knew that the school was run by the Kennedy family; but then again he wanted all of the Kennedys dead one way or another, their thoughts were disrupted by a security guard with a note in his hand. 

One of the more free detectives got up from the floor and walked over to him. As he got nearer he could see the man’s face looking terrified and he was shaking that he couldn’t believe what just came in. Once the detective had taken the note from the security guard; the note had said, 
Urgent news 

Mark Borthwright is………….

Gender Identity

After a series of researching on the web, I thought why not kick off this week with gender identity and sexuality.
Gender identity is generally found between the ages 13 and 19 years old. This is when teens are gaining new experiences, emotions, relationships, expectations and all of this can become overwhelming for any teen that age. However, adding gender identity into the mix of everything else that is happening within themselves and around them can cause these years to be the most confusing time for teens. They will find it hard to navigate their gender identity around school and/or home, with their doctors or even with their friends.

One’s gender identity is their inner most concept of self as a male, female, both or neither; outside of that, they could fancy the same sex, or a different sex than what they were assigned at birth. The two words that are most used when it comes to what gender you are attracted to are Gay or Lesbian, Bisexual (Bi) or straight; Gay means you like the same sex as yourself, either male or female, Bisexual means you like both, Lesbian is when you are a girl and only like girls and the last one is straight as in you only like the opposite sex.

Finding the confidence of telling a friend or a parent that your gender identity or sexual preference does not fit the societal norm can be an emotional journey. You don’t know how they will react or when the right time to tell them will be, telling someone or “coming out” should happen when the time comes and when you’re ready. It is a massive thing to tell family members and close friends your secret, at the best of times we may not be able to have any sort of control over our “coming out”. There are ways for you to be able to overcome that fear; if “coming out” is important to you, there is a website called ‘Gender Spectrum’ that offers guidance and helpful recourses for you to look at.

I have asked a few people that I know that who are straight, bi, gay, and lesbian to tell their stories, but I’m currently waiting to hear back from them. When I do I’ll create another article about friends who happily tell their stories, how they coped, what they did and many other things. Hopefully, this can help you can feel more settled with what you feel and what you may want to do.
You are not alone out there. Everyone is in the same boat there is no shame in who you are; people have to accept who they are at the end of the day. 

New Doctor Who played by Jodie Whittaker

Yes! Jodie Whittaker! Amazing actress, looks the part and could see her looking like she can bring back the fun in the Doctor. 

What do we know about Jodie Whittaker?

Jodie Whittaker is married to a American actor called Christian Contreras; they had their first born son in 2015, she had a nephew called Harry Whittaker who had Down Syndrome and played Leo Goskirk a character who had the same condition in Emmerdale before his death in 2014 at age 3. 

Jodie has been known to be in the most house hold names in films and Tv programs today; from St Trinians 1&2, Hello Carter, Spike Island and many more films, to Tv programs such like Doctors, Tess of the D’Urbervillies, Marchlands and last but not least Broadchurch. 

She has made a name for herself over the years with lots of films and Tv programs; making another house hold name for herself as the first women doctor, and being the 13th Doctor is going to be one good showing. 

My thoughts about Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor Who?

As I found out after it was being announced; I was like no way, when I saw her face I was like definitely no way. Jodie is amazing actress all the way; I loved her work in Broadchurch, she brought the mother who had lost a child by a horrible death that was caused by someone she had thought she could trust. 

I think personally she will bring back the fun; the excitement, laughter and make every cliff hanger work well. We need someone knew; vibrant, fun, active and not so serious. I found Peter what’s his face so boring, dry and not fun at all. I gave up watching it since Matt Smith had left; Peter made me think of Christopher Ecclston who was so boring and dully, until they brought in Jack Borrowman in half way through and I was like hello sexy. Then David Tennant won me over to the end of his time; then Matt Smith won me over again but couldn’t stand his two side kicks at the time Rory and Amy, they got way too much annoying towards their time. 

Please don’t make Jodie have annoying actor who will put me off watching the show; everyone has their opinion on the doctors and who should play the character, in the world of today we have to bring in someone new and different. In this day in age we can’t live in the world of sexism; that one character has to play a man all the time, it’s like saying women can’t do a man’s job when they don’t even bother do it themselves. 

Yes Jodie has to prove that she can portray he character of the Doctor; however remember in Victorian times, Elizabethan times and Tudor times men dressed up in women clothes to portray the characters of the women. We have come along way since then; yet we still need to have more equal rights as men in some areas that need to be touched, it’s just nice to see that a female Doctor is being played other than having a female sidekick who’s always having a crush on the Doctor and need saving all the time. 

It just gets too. What’s the word I’m looking for; yes that’s it cheesy, because at the end of the day women can be heroes to and play men’s parts that have been so many years. Just stop being so judgemental about things like that. Just get over yourselves people. We say that every time there’s a new Doctor coming; will they pull it off? Will they fill the big shoes from the person before them? What is the stamp on the Doctor? 

Just give her some credit guys and give it a try. You never know she may impress you and you might fall in love with her. 

Plagiarism or Copyrights Infringement

Answering a comment that was posted to me by Medical Advice Sites. A very good question; I hope I can explain and answer the question, that might help you and anyone who wants to know how to avoid it as much as possible.

I agree with you there are lots of plagiarisms, copyrights and many more things that people do theses days. The best way to either avoid these types of things are research the topic that you want to talk; pick out what’s important to you, know what your understanding of the article that you have read. Then put it into your own words what you think about the whole situation; if your using quotes from the article that you have researched, make sure you copy the link where you have found it so that your readers know where to go if they want to read the same article as you. 

Plagiarism and copyrights for me I haven’t really got into any issues as much; however I always research the information about the content or article that I’m just about to write, I then reword the what I want to write or I pick out what areas I want to write on post it’s and stick them in my journal to which will help me to understand where I want to go with the article. If I wanted to use a quote from the perceive article; I’ll make sure that I put quote makes around the context of the quote, then a link on where I have found it. So then they can read that article for more information; have a different perspective of things, so they can decide for their themselves. Everyone has opinions. 

There are lots of frauds out there who can steal anything and claim it’s their work; to which people who actually written it look like they stole the work from the frauders, yet if you back up all of your work onto something. If something like that happens; you know that you have evidence that it is your work and not there’s, I always make sure that I’m covered by making sure that my work has got the my logo on my pictures and the allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyarrow. Which covers the whole document/article. 

I have put up Terms and Conditions and copyrights up onto my blog website; why not check it out on the top of the page, but if you cover yourself by having these on your website you know you won’t be able to fall into the trap of getting taken to court for stealing someone’s work. 

I hope this helps with your question Medical Advice Sites.