Sentebaleblogs Videos – a mini video of The Climb

I was just casually thinking what to do; I turned to my snapchat app on my phone as I do, then all of the sudden I had an idea. An idea for a mini video with a filter with a song. So I found the song that I wanted and off I went with the idea. Here is my master piece of it all.

Gender Identity Quotes Extra 

Just coming back to the revisit of Gender Identity that I have writing couple of weeks ago or just attached it for Vocal Media. I have amazing feedback from people who I have asked and they have commented. I do like to advise that please respect other’s comments about their thoughts and people who are brave enough to come out to talk to me about their experiences.
The fact that I wanted to revisit this article that I had written; we because there are so many young people out there, who are afraid to come out. This is either afraid of being judged, know how strongly about one or both parents feel, or they know in the past that there have been laws about it. I will most likely to re-re-visit in a few months or so if people would like me to come back to this topic. 

The comments so far that I have received so far from people that I have asked around. Please remember respect the people’s opinions and how they see it. One person called Lee has offered to answer any questions if anyone is struggling to come out; or ask for advice, if you have any please contact me through this is where you can ask your questions and I’ll email them over to him. I will do visa with the response that he has given. Due to protection and policies and etc. If you like to remain anonymous please inform me as I email I will leave anonymous against your question or comments. 

“Can’t say I wasn’t shocked but I’m fine with it. It’s her life not mine lol (smiles)’ ‘She is what she is at the end of the day. She still my beautiful Sammi’ by Sarah her daughter is Bisexual 

“Yes always been straight hun. Been involved in a lot of sexual action with men and women both; there are some more than other in different situations, but never been attracted to male. Only female.” “I can appreciate a good body looking or body buy not want to kiss it or sleep with it. Have no problem being naked with other men though” By Gareth who is straight 

“Why not…they are allowed to get opinions from anybody” “so they could know the advantage and disadvantage of that”. “‘No’ its not a sin to the Muslim faith’ By anonymous on religious backgrounds side of things

“My parents were absolutely fantastic when I told them. I introduced them to my boyfriend whilst I was at university and never expressed any problem with it all. I had known that I was gay since Secondary School (UK meaning); maybe towards the end of college, and told my friends. None of them seemed surprised and all accepted to was normal with no fuss. There wasn’t a clear point at which I knew I was gay but to realise that I had much stronger feelings and attractions towards male models. I did briefly wonder if I was bisexual but I understood quickly that I didn’t have romantic feelings for people of the opposite sex. I have had any negative reactions thankfully. I’m happy any questions but I hope this helps” By Lee who’s gay. 

“1) How did you know you were gay, lesbian, trans or straight

In high school around mid teens bisexual 
2) How did you feel in telling your parents? 

Worried not to sure how to go about it never told my dad and mum told me i was going through a phase 

3) How did you feel in telling your friends or your close friends?

Friends no problem understood 
4) Have you told anyone about your sexuality or you still keeping it a secret?

Well friends know im bi but do keep it behind closed doors, my hubby doesnt like it and never has done. But i know that me and hubby are ment to be, sole mates so doesnt really bother me but i know its still there.”

5) What is the best advice for the young generation of today? 

Be yourself, you are who you are and you only live once so if you want to have experience go for it and if its not for you, its not for you x ” Anonymous who’s Bi


With school prom season in full swing, recent stats show that the cost of a school prom has risen by 72% over the past five years!Parents are forking out around £500 – with some spending over £1000 – to make it the perfect night for their child with dresses, accessories and shoes, hair and make-up and transport. With a third of grandparents now chipping in to help with the expense, have proms gone too far and should be banned?

Personally I didn’t particularly like my school prom because everyone would vote for each other; I didn’t really enjoy as much but it was just nice to see everyone for the last time, I didn’t really spend so much on my prom dress at the time. Plus none of my friends that I would hang out with at the time didn’t even go, so it was a bit lame to be honest. I found it as for me a closer of some sort because I didn’t particularly like school. 

To be honest why not. You never know when it’s going to be your last; wether you loose a child, a parent or a grandparent you want to see and remember you the way you had the best day of your life. In the recent years lots of children have been taken away from us too soon; parents and grandparents never get a chance to see their children and grandchildren to grow up, to get married and etc. Even with parents and grandparents you never know when it’s their last; it’s just the whole impact of everyone gets a piece of the memory that, they will cherish even when they have gone. 

Even if the child doesn’t get married but they went to the school prom; they get to have that vibe of what it might be like, but also it’s a sense of achievement for the children who may have had a tough year or something that couldn’t of been helped in the way of life. Also it’s not everyday that a child gets so much spent on them; if you think about it, literally think about it for a few moments.

All the celebrities, every royals and rich billionaires get to spend lavish things; parties, holidays and etc because they have the money to do all that everytime and when they want to. Yet banning something that children don’t get a chance to dress up to be a princess or prince, or go to a party thats just all about them and no one else. It’s just wrong. You can’t take away every single thing that makes someone happy; the children will continue to have low esteem, not be happy because some people think its getting to expensive. 

What happens if parents say the riches and etc; “Oh you can’t have that because there are poor people who can’t afford to have a prom because its getting to expensive” you cannot have everything that you want. It’s bad enough that children have to stay on at school or go straight into work after they turn 16. Taking away the rights of somethings like that away not fair.

Yes there maybe some sort of picking on and etc but at the end of the day; people actually change for the best, even if its the prom. I just think that you can’t ban everything and take things away from the children all the time. It’s like saying why don’t you go out and play or go out with your friends or something like that. Yet when something bad happens like terror attacks; kidnappers, grooming and etc coming onto the news. You begin to wonder why they want to stay in because something bad might happen to them. They need to have encouragement for the fact that its okay to go out and have fun no matter what happens

Looking Glass Part 4: The Day They Got Separated

It was time that for the three to be segregated to their new protectors. Which the Native American and Fred had put in place officially. To which the Stacie and James had also a observer each; however they don’t know that, hopefully never will have too. 

It was one full moon the night before the three got separated for good. The Native American Chief’s wife asked “tell me it’s not true Dekota…say it’s just a story that everybody is talking about”. As they both sat round the campfire waiting for some news from one of the observers or Fred to come when to move and help them. They both stared into the fire; as they could see the three triplets playing in the orphanage in the department, knowing that the three of them will soon be forgetting each other very soon. 

The Native American spoke out to his tribe whilst still looking into the fire. “So did you hear the story about the Borthwright Triplets. Like three new pins; just from one womb born the exact same day, how they served that day? Yet did you even know why they will be separated? Yet they not knowing that they will be sharing one name. Until the day they meet each other again. As my wife cried out that night when she found out that she had just lost her best friend.” 

There was a pause. The chief looked around in the midst of his Native Tribe; then the trees had started to be picked up by the winds, something in the wind had caught his eye. Something didn’t really feel right. He couldn’t make it out what it was; something really didn’t sit with him right, everyone knew that something wasn’t right as they too picked it up the sense. He pressed on “Did you hear the mother who wasn’t so cruel; but yet there’s a stone in heart that was placed by no other than the murder himself, then come judge for yourselves how she became to play this part of saving her children.” 

There were was a long pause; until they all crinkled their noses, wondering what could make the camp smell like this. Something brushed up against one of the Native American’s foot making him jump; when he realised that it was a wolf laying low but hurt badly, he watched as the wolf changed back into a human being. The wolf was Tom. To the Native Americans horror that someone that they knew was so badly beaten had come all this way for help; the Native American Chief and his wife quickly stood up, ordered a group of them to bring him into the tepee and get the Native American Tucson the healer of the tribe who should be sleeping. 

In the mist of the Native American Campsite of everyone running around getting things, doing things everything that was possible to save their friend. A man in a small town/village was quite miffed because he had to be somewhere at 7; the time was 6:55pm, as he got in through the door his daughters had come running towards him giving him a hug. Whilst he was try to put his stuff down and head back out of the door; his wife knew he was angry that the train was late today, and it would always comes early or on time. The rules had become a bit tight since the murder of their two friends; she knew her husband wanted to hurt the primeminster one way or another, and along with Fred who was trying to get the disappearance act lifted for those who needed it the most…..

July Newsletter 2017

“The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last for ever. Even on the most beautiful days in the whole year – the days when summer is changing into autumn – the crickets spread the rumor of sadness and change.”―E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Another Summer month gone. Time has flown by with lots of things that have happened; well for me I don’t think much has happened, but I’ll you be the judge of that after this. 

Firstly I was loving the heat and etc; until it came to the last day of term, you know when it’s the uk and it’s the last day of time. If your British and you know where I’m going with on this one. It starts raining. You start to get to notice the change pattern quite dramatically the weeks or the last week leading up to it. I start to feel it in my knees; only reason this is because the other weekend I had to strap up my knee as best I could without taking all the plasters, the fabric bandage and etc. I have weak ligaments and sprain practically everything from the wrists to the knees and the ankles. You probably thinking why don’t I go to the doctors about it all. I have countless of times throughout my life about it. Even when I was a young age; one of my parents went off on one at the receptionist at the time; threatened to them if I wasn’t to see a doctor right away, they would take me to A&E but yet the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. So I ended up just treating every sprain, pain and everything myself. 

That’s what cold does to you when you know something isn’t right; you know that it’s going to cause havoc with every joint, much as possible believe me my back is getting painful. Don’t even get me started on my ear. Ooh so mad about that one too. 

As my nice summer has gone from nice sunny to miserable raining time; I have actually started to focus on more of my blogging side of things, as you have noticed recently. Also you may of noticed somethings that have been creeping in over the past two weeks or so. You got it The Tales of the Three Triplets and Tom Kennedy. The original idea that I had was probably back in 2006/2007 I think it was; can’t remember with The Tales of the three Triplets, I’ve been re-writing and re-writing their stories but I haven’t got round to publishing it. I thought I’ll give it ago with putting a different version up but keep it similar to the story line that I had started; no idea where that went, must be around here somewhere. The fact is I wanted to see how well their stories would do on my blog website; so that I could see if it’s worth to turn it into a full book or not, I will see about that to be honest with you. Tom Kennedy is sort of a follow on but before the three triplets came along; I was putting a hit and miss with starting with him and where do I start with his story, I just thought you know what just get on with it and see where it goes. So that’s what I did to be honest; I take gambles and see where they go, what happens if they don’t work. Blah blah blah. 

I know I didn’t it again rambling along not really know where I was going with it once again. To be honest do I ever know where I’m going with it? Correct it’s me I never know where I’m going with the blogs at the times like these; completely utter madness, but you guys wouldn’t have it any other way really.

This month has seen new blogs coming in to the website; such as extras for the 6 out of the 7 days that have major events, then you have the Saturday Topic at 3pm, Saturday Story/Poem Time at 10am and last but not least the two that I have just mentioned about Tom Kennedy and The Tales of the Triplets. All in which have become quite successful in a way that; they all have made their impact on the website, also been taken in like they were the new babies that you guys thought they were your own. I am glad that you guys are liking them a lot; accepting them as something different, than being judgemental about them and they have room to grow. 

The fact that I just whipped up this picture quickly and easy I do say so myself. Due to the fact I just forgot what I was going to talk about next but then I realised that I was going to talk about the freelance company. Back in June 2017 I was contacted by somebody via twitter from the company; they had been watching and reading my blogs that I have been writing about, they wanted me to think about joining them as a free lancer to write things that I want to write about. So I joined up and I wasn’t too sure at the time; what to think about it, as I was asking a lot of questions along the way because I still didn’t understand it all.

 To be honest I still don’t understand it but yet I’ve come a long way; within my writing both professionally and coming up new ways of doing things, that I wouldn’t of doing it. I have a monitor/peer mentor; who reads over my work when I send a piece for review sometimes I don’t email, sometimes I email if I’m not too sure about a piece or just to ask a question. It has been a painful experience but it’s starting to become a regular thing now; like with my official website to the point of what I think will go well on the official blog, will go well on the Vocal Media. Sometimes I’m wrong. I sometimes find that one does better than the other and visa; it really doesn’t bother me but it does make see what does work and what doesn’t work, because when I look at the stats at both each week it does to show that what works. 

At the end of the day Vocal Media is there for me to be able to gain money; help to support the official blog to run, along side helping me out with financial as well and I have reached my mark all ready. After realising that I can do things to boost things up a bit; I know “well done Lizzy you doughnut you have just made yourself have a blonde moment”, I know thanks guys you know me so well haha. 

That’s a wrap for this months blog newsletter. Let’s keep smiling, keep being positive and enjoy the freedom of reading. Yay!

I have days when I want to give up blogging

The fact that I had little sleep and been up all night. Then have someone come in saying that another phone call from another cold caller etc. Then saying that they are looked it up and etc. 

The point of having no little sleep when I started this blog piece; due to not being able to sleep, so many things going on in my mind at the time. Then spent the whole day not being myself either; I couldn’t face doing a day of paperwork or blogging prep, it was that bad that everything got too much for me. I’m okay now just on the mends; but hey at least I’m getting all my blogs done now, the thoughts of giving up on it was hard enough.

The feeling of wanting to give up on my blogging; was when the feeling of not being able to think why my blogs aren’t good enough? Why am I putting all my time and effort into something like this? Why isn’t it going anywhere? It’s just probably that I was just going into a crap stage possibly or I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know but I seem to notice that; I have stages in life that my life gets so overwhelming, the one thing that I’m like good at is the one thing that I actually want to give up on. 

Maybe it’s a love hate relationship that I have with it; along side the love hate relationship that I have with my dyslexia, the fact that I have that shows that I’m not giving on the whole writing thing. No matter how crappy I’m feeling or feeling frustrated with myself; there’s always the next day of something inside me saying, come on pick up a pen, or pick up the iPad stick a YouTube video on your phone and write what you want to write that comes to mind. 

I’m not 100% sure why I have days that like I want to give up on blogging but I don’t think I would ever give it up properly. The time and effort that I put into it; shows that giving up is the weakest thing you can ever find, for me personally I’m always in the determination of getting through the pain power one way or another. Then I’m okay I have the sparks of creative and I get loads of the blogs and writing done before anything else happens.

Revisit to the Anti-Semitic but this time incidents.

Remember me writing about the whole meaning of Anti-Semitic and etc because Cameron commented about being a Zionist. I was just going through my BBC News App on my phone during breakfast; just to see if there was anything going on, also maybe researching things that might be interesting to talk about and make you guys aware what’s around you.

Remember me talking about the meanings of Zionist and etc; think I might of ranted about how racist and cruel people are still, back at the time I was writing the article. Guess what I’m back again writing a revisit to which something has brought my attention; that people are still hating people who dress different, being different to them and many more. 

It reminds me being back at secondary school that people would get into fights; bully people, and etc. All because they were being different and that they should be the same as them. Now days I don’t think I hear much about it in schools especially in my area anyways especially the school I went to. 

The headline that brought to my attention was this “Anti-Semitic incidents ‘at record level in UK’. The fact that the amount of reports of anti-Semitic incidents that have been reported in the first six months of this year 2017has hit the record levels because they are different.

The Community Security Trust (CST) claim that 767 reports have been made to them between January to June this year; which had rising up to 30% in the same time period of last year in 2016. 

Since 2016 the number of incidents that were involved with physical attacks from 45 to the grained total of 80. A quote from the company of CST was given by ‘CST chief executive David Delew said: “The hatred and anger that lies behind it is spreading.”’ The fact that CST had been recording anti-Semitic incidents just well over 30 years; this shows that members of the public have reported 568 incidents that has been casted as abusive behaviour to the CST, which shows and include that people are being shouted at in the street for wearing clothes that are related to their religion. 

There are furthermore 51 incidents that have been reported to damage and desperation to the Jewish property that have been recorded. It has been shown that it has been rising from 32 in 2016 that has been last recorded; along with 56 direct anti-Semitic threats were recorded, with the show of 10 victims been involved being threatened with knives, bats, sticks or vehicles.  

There has been 12 cases of mass-mailed of anti-Semitic leaflets or emails coming into their homes; showing that there has been lots of hatred towards them and their religion, clothing and the way that they speak.

National policing that is lead for anti-Semitism, Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan. He had called on the Jewish community to be able to come forward; if they are being targeted by other members of the public, they will be listened to and to be heard to. 

Garry Shewan quoted “There is never any excuse for abuse, racism or hate crime” he then went to add on to his statement “I want to encourage anyone who is targeted in this way to report to their local police – you will be listened to, taken seriously, and officers will do all they can to bring offenders to justice”

There’s a grand total of 570 or 74% of incidents depending how you look at it; this is recorded in Greater London and Greater Manchester, that have the two largest Jewish communities in the UK.

For more information about this the full article 

What is The Tales of Three Triplets about?

The lots of thoughts and risks went into putting this out for you to guys. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I had started writing The Tales of Three Triplets originally when I was in year 10 I think it was; which would be back in 2006 I think it was, not 100% sure it’s been going for so long that I’ve been re-writing it none stop over the years. I have at least 20 questions that I have found; each question I will answer truthfully, honestly and the best I can so that you guys can understand what the main reason behind this.

1) Explain the title: The Tales of the Triplets came about when I was trying to think of what to cool the whole book; as there was or will be a series of short stories that will link up to all the stories through out the book, it shares the tales of what they have got up to and each one tells the story or how the feel at the time of the situation.

2) What category or genre do you think it fits into? The genre is a fantasy children’s book; to which they can explore the world of their imagination, letting them go wild with the thought of having different types of animals and wanting to go to old places that may have been mentioned in the book.

3) What do you think the author’s purpose was? The purpose was to get the insight of each triplet; as each character has their own unique, sense of doing things, but two of them do slip up when they push the wrong buttons or never know when Duncan is going to go off on one. Mainly James says something that ticks Duncan off because of his stupidity when he doesn’t think; before he says it, he just says it before thinking. 

4) Something you liked about it: The fact that they are learning about themselves along the way; whilst looking for something, but also to be able to get to know each other more as they haven’t been together since they’ve been an infant. Also each one has my sort of character; weather I’m angry I make one of the characters angry, if I’m upset get one of the characters to be upset and so on. 

5) Something you disliked about it: What I don’t like about it is; even James winds me up at the best of times, throughout the series. I know I know I made the character; every author has one character that they really don’t like don’t they? I’ve just told you mine. 

6) Describe the setting: Each story will be a follow on where the previous story had left; in which flows swimmingly like they were meant to be one whole book, but with the each story has twist. Just to as when you think they will be safe! Then boom! Something happens to them. 

7) Which character did you like most? There’s this one character that I love the most; but I can’t really tell you much about him; he is a classic fun guy, who’s related to the triplets one way or another but they don’t know it yet and neither does the person. He’s always a practical joker that plays tricks on everyone from left, right and centre. 

8) Which character did you like least? As I have mentioned in one of the questions the one character I least don’t like is James; he does try his hardest to be not the stupid one, or the annoying one as that but he’s just one of the poses characters that you just want to punch in the face. Pretty much want to do that everyday at people in the real world to be honest; but I like it in this world as I get someone else to do my dirty work, at the end of the day it’s my characters and I can pretty much do what I like within reason of course. 

9) Describe one of the main characters: To describe one main character…hmm like me think. I’m going to go for Duncan; this is because I based Duncan around my cousin who’s autistic, so I thought wouldn’t it be cool to explore through the eyes of a character who is autistic. But with a shocking twist that he is only half autistic because of this magical power that he has is stopping him fully developing the full special needs. He can also experience a normal life as well. Duncan has blonde browny hair; rather likes it flat and into his eyes a bit, he’s taller and the oldest out of the three of them. 

10) Would you get these stories published on paper? I would definitely get these blog story post as on paper one day soon; I would love to see how well they do, that’s why I want to see how well they do on my blog websites to begin with. If they do well then I’ll find the courage to get them published. 

The whole process of the whole Tales of the Triplets; can be quite challenging at the best of times, were I loose touch with it either because I’m so busy with other things or I don’t know what to write or get so frustrated with it that I don’t think that they are good enough pieces of work. 

Monjority of the process can be easy when I know what to write; as my pen flows onto the paper, I don’t actually write the story I let the characters tell the story for themselves. It’s all about them. They are the stars of the stories. Not me. I like to think in my head that I have a meeting with all the characters; one by one they have ideas for me to write down, or they give me ideas on post it’s that they have written i.e. Me obviously. 

When it thunderstorms I cheekily joke with myself; that I’m not coming up to sort them out I’m busy, you sort yourseleves out this time. I tend to joke about the quotes and share them on twitter then realise that no one knows the in joke. Other than my sister and my cousin. However now that I say something in cross reference you guys know even if I’m writing a blog and I say something. You would think hang on; that would be so somebody rather would say, I generally don’t realise myself sometimes. 

The process for me is each section is a beginning has a set of questions; the second section has a set of questions, and the last section has a set of questions. Each question has a paragraph each of a brief summary of what it be; once the brief out set of the whole story is done, in the next notebook I write it out all out adding more description into the paragraphs and then when it comes to the typing up I edit the story that way. To which is my average story time writing process; I also like to research places to add more feel too it, and if I’ve been there then the sense of the characters would feel too.

Body Shaming

The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.

‘Body Image’ Someone perceives their body and assumes that others may perceive them. This image can also affected by family, friends, social pressure and the media. People who are unhappy with the bodies; this is because they don’t seek healthy nutrition information may develop lots of different eating disorders, meaning that ‘Eating disorders’ are unhealthy relationships with food that may include fasting, constant dieting, or binging and purging.  

Body image is closely linked to self-esteem; meaning low self-esteem in adolescents can lead to eating disorders, early sexual activity, substance use and suicidal thoughts. This is where you can post encouraging notes in your school bathrooms to be able to brighten your classmates day. 

Approximately of the women 91% women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to be achieve their ideal body shape. However unfortunately only 5% of the women who naturally possess the body type often portrayed but the Americans in the media. 

58% of the college – aged girls feel that they are being pressured to be a certain weight; this is because of other girls that they see in magazines, idols and other girls in their year pressure them to be in that weight or think that they should be that weight but yet it confuses them of who they are and their true identity. The studies shows that there the more reality of television young girls watched the more likely is to be able to find appearance that are important to them.

However there are 1/3 of the people who admit that they have ‘normal dieting’ who merge the pathological dieting. To which you will find 1/4 who those will suffer from a partial or full on eating disorder. A survey had showing that 40% of women and about 20% have agreed in which they would consider the cosmetic surgery in the future; which the statistics have remained the relatively that are constant, that’s across the gender, age, martial status, and race.

Students; especially girls who consume more mainstream media, place the greater importance on the sexiness and the overall appearance than who do not consume as too much. This is where I have mentioned it roughly in the previous paragraph about the students at college. 

The fact that 95% of people eating disorders are between the ages of 12 to 25; which only 10% of the people, who are suffering from an eating disorder will only seek the professional help. 

In other research that I have read and what has brought to my attention is that 90% of teens unhappy with body shape; nine of ten the British teenage girls who are unhappy with their bodies, are within their mother’s who seem to appear to be responsible to which passes on their own insecurities.   

Out of the 2,000 girls who were questioned for a poll that was given to them; at the time it was set towards them at the time, only 8% who had said that they were ‘happy’ with their appearance. Meanwhile the 87% say that they were ‘unhappy’ about their appearance. According to the teen Magazine survey for Bliss; those who had said that were unhappy about their appearance, was due to the thoughts of their own mothers had some what ‘insecure about their own body image’. This can be because they could over hear what they mothers talking to their female friends or partners and etc; to which makes the 90% of the teens say that they are unhappy about their bodies, and think that their mothers are talking about them or they don’t want to end up like their mothers. 

Whilst there are 19% of the teenage girls who were questioned about being over weight; when actually 67% thought they needed to loose weight, this shows that just 64% of these girls are under 13 have already been on a diet from a very young age. 

The research that I had disclosed that there are some worrying facts that there are long lengths of young girls; would go on their quests for a beauty bodies, because they can’t seek for help or have the confidence to ask for help or talk about it until it is too late. A quarter of 14 year olds (26%) have said to the researchers who have done the polls and etc. Have actually considered having the plastic surgery or even taking the diet pills; which have rising within those who were overweight to 42%, which you may find within the teens that almost fifth (19%) have told the researchers that they were already suffering from eating disorder such like anorexia or bulimia. 

I am currently in my late 20’s now; just slowly coming out of depression and anxiety once again, I would be insecure about my body the way I look and etc. Throughout my teens and etc; I would show that I wouldn’t care but actually I really did care about what I looked like, how I would dress and what not. I would compare myself to other people; I wish I was pretty, I wish I didn’t put so much weight on and etc. When I was in my mental state of mind I would just bing eat; whatever money I had I would go and get family packs of crips, chocolate and fizzy drinks or even just sleep my days away. Part of my mental health was because I didn’t like myself or who I was. 

I do have lots of positive about myself when I make the effort of making myself look really nice; look pretty, looking stunning and I take pictures when I do to post them on Instagram. I either caption them or just leave them on how it is; because I have no words to describe them, but I know that I have caught a really good and positive photo of myself at the time I had taken it. 

I am slowly getting the chance of getting to know myself; feeling the confidence that I need to know that it’s okay to have a bit of weight, I know when I do my make up and looking nice that I know its the real me. Even when I don’t feel like it and feel bad about myself; I try my hardest to be able to look presentable as much as I can, even if I’m not going anywhere special. 

Update and Announcements

The updates and announcements for this week of 24th July 2017.

This week I want to make a quick announce that I have been posting a few of my blogs on Vocal Media; I’m not leaving my official harding working blog, readers and followers, but I thought of joining with Vocal Media to be able to help fund the official the website to keep it going. 

I would like you guys to check it all out along with checking out other people’s blog work as well. I also would like you to help me share the link that I have attached.