Mini Holiday to Bournemouth

Introduction & Mini Holiday to Bournemouth 

I arrived back home on Saturday 15th April 2017 between 6:30/7:00 from one night away to Bournemouth with a friend; whom I’m very close to, on which I was quite fortunate that they had asked me to go with them. Here is what we have got up too down in Bournemouth in Dorset. 

Once we had arrived in Bournemouth; we were a few hours early before we could checked into hour hotel, so we went to go and grab something to eat as we had arrived at lunch time. We went to KFC to have some lunch; on which we both ordered the same thing Zinger Tower meal, but I completely forgot that it has cheese in. I managed to eat some of it; normally I’m okay finishing off my food but with the cheese and the spicyness of the source, I couldn’t finish it.

I think it’s more to deal with the cheese than anything else; all well haha, as we were walking back through the town we popped into Primark as my feet were getting so hot that I needed a pair of shoes. Yet we walked out with a complete outfit; wasn’t planned but I wanted to look nice for our evening meal that we were going to have, in the town centre that evening. The outfit came to £30 on which it wasn’t so bad if you asked me; I knew how hot was getting, I needed to wear something that would cool me down.

We started to go and look for the hotel that we were going to stay at; which was called Britannia Bournemouth, once we had found the hotel the front of it looked very un inviting where it looked like it just became out of a ship reck if you asked me. So distressed; didn’t look like it wanted to be there anymore than we did; but we had to check in no matter what we did, by the time we had found our room. The room wasn’t really that welcoming either to be honest; especially for a standard room it was like my room that I have, it was that tiny more tiny than my room I think. It had a double bed, dressing table, wardrobe and bed side table. Along with a TV and a bathroom. 

The only thing that was making the whole room stand out and more welcoming was the white bed covers. To be honest the whole hotel needs a complete make over; if the company can afford and rescue old buildings to keep them running, but to ignore the hotel is pretty shocking. 

Me and my friend were about to go out; well to be honest I was about to say yes to go out but, I fell asleep and was out for the account so that went out out of the window as I was sleep for hours. So yeah after I woke up we got changed and went out for a meal; on which u ended up having chips and nachos without cheese whilst my friend had all of the cheese, as I wasn’t feeling well. Literally had way too much potato for one day because the next day I had something with potato and I couldn’t stand potato and let it haha.  

The next day we had breakfast in Weatherspoons on which I had a full English breakfast which was quite a large one; I can give you that, plus managed to eat monjority of it, better than the day before. We then walked along the beach that ended up with a pile of sand in one shoe more than the other; that’s what I got for having a holy shoes that need replacing, then we went on a little adventure to Milton on Sea for a walk along the sea front on which we saw The Needles that is apart of a small island called Isle of Wight. 

Then we started to head back after a nice one night away; best time away with a friend, how relaxing and very healing. I didn’t really want to come back to be honest; I wanted to stay for another night, knowing I couldn’t was hard enough but it was the best thing that could happen.

If I had all the time in the world, what would I want to do first?


Hip hip hooray! I’ve made it you made it. I’ve completed this huge mammoth task; when I haven’t been here for the most of the weekend, don’t worry the blog post will be coming out during this week “don’t panic Mr. Manning, do not panic” last of the five post of everyday for this week. Not looking forward to doing the 7 days a week one plus the four events that needs to be written as well; heyho challenge excepted, will start that soon enough when everything calms down. 

If I had all the time in the world, what would I want to do first?

If I had all the time in the world; I think I would like to do first is to be able to work on myself imagine a bit more, as I never have much time when I’m back at work. Everything starts to landslide a bit; where I’m so drained along and can’t sleep, to the point of myself image goes to pot along the way.

It’s just the timings of everything; depends on my good night sleep, if I have had a bad night then I wake up late and rush around like a headless chicken trying to get everything sorted. Which means no make up on and hair is not be the way I wanted it. Even if I plan on waking up early it won’t work if I had trouble sleep the night before; but if I had a reason amount of sleep then, yeah it’s manageable I can scrap the whole make up and hair time all in one go.

I really would love to look nice and presentable all the time; this is because that’s how I am and who I am, no one has taught me that. I find it my way and my way is staying where it is. I have moments that things look tacky on me but I’m still trying to work on that no matter what. So time and self image is what I would like to do first.

How important is to have a your grandparents in your life?


There’s been questions going around about how much involvement grandparents should be in your children’s lives. No matter what your history is with your own parents is; your kids comes first in my opinion, so this is my opinion and I’m lucky to have mine. 

How important is to have a your grandparents in your life? 

Having my grandparents in my life is the best thing; they’ve been in my life since day one when I was born, they are the best thing ever happened to me. I grew up with only one set of grandparents; they are the closest set I ever have, without my grandparents involvement in my up bringing I think I would be having a different up bringing completely. 

Recently I’ve noticed more and more where I get my fun, loving, humour from but also along with my height and everything else. It’s because of my grandparents lifestyle; as I was growing up I didn’t think much off it, until their health over the years and most recently. Also it brings the whole family together; especially with my two other cousins, we haven’t spoken to each other or seen each other in years but now in the last couple of days we’ve been chatting like we’ve been growing up together. 

I think we’ve been so cut off from each other to the point off; we need each other’s comfort to be able to talk about what’s worrying us, and to be able to be there for one another now than before. This shows how our grandparents have effected us as the most important people in our world; it is scary to loose someone or close to loosing someone, to the point of what else can we do other than be a close nit family. 

I don’t even understand how people say I don’t get on with my grandparents or my parents don’t get on with my grandparents and etc. I’m like how can you not get on with them; I would try everything to spend time with my grandparents as much as I could, you never know when it’s going to be your last day with them or your last day. Life is a funny thing where you never know what’s going on or when it’s going to happen. You have to live life to the full everyday. 

My grandparents are the most important people in my life. I’m not going to change that ever even when they pass I’m never going forget them. 

If I could share one message with the world; what would it be?


Come on keep it going people you can do it? Yes we can! Can we do it? Yes we can! No I can’t!!🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬 

If I could share one message with the world; what would it be?

As I was growing up; everytime I said “I can’t do it” someone would say “can’t isn’t a word” or “can’t isn’t in a dictionary” this meant your not giving up on yourself or what you want to achieve. To be honest they are right. I catch myself saying it all the time when I’m talking to my friends; when I’m feeling down, lonely and etc. 

When I’m working with someone in a classroom; I have a child say to me “I can’t”, I’m reply “can’t isn’t in my dictionary….you can do it I know you can” they show me that they can do it; the word is a cope out word, I know it is and they know it is. 

The message is this…even if can’t is in the dictionary. Remind yourself when you feeling like given up on something like a dream or a project or something that you are working on. If I was there next to you on your shoulder; you told me that you can’t do it, you would know what I would say to you. “Can’t isn’t in my dictionary…you can do it I know you can” its my belief and it gives me the confidence and other people the confidence of being able to challenge themselves to the point of victory of standing up to your ego who puts you down.

It’s like me saying I can’t do 5 blogs prep in one day or maybe more in one day; hey guess what, I’ve proved myself that I can do it. No one told me to do 5 or more blogs; no one set me the mammoth task of doing loads of blogs in one day, I chose to do it myself.

What do I love about myself?


Oh boy here we go. One day I’ll be doing these blogs in my sleep if I don’t be careful haha; wouldn’t be a bad thing to be honest, once they are done they are done. If your in one of those creative moods; you might as well get it all done whilst you can otherwise you may not get another erg of, blogging spree again for a very long time. I should know I’ve been doing it for two weeks; it’s amazing feeling ever to get so much done in space of two weeks. 

What do I love about myself?

I don’t really love myself as much as I should do; like everyone else seems to be able to do it perfectly fine, there’s me I’m like I don’t even love myself to the point of self distorting myself. Depressing I know but when I do find days that I love about myself is where if I have done my make up and hair done really nice and the way I wanted to it to go. 

That’s when I learn to love myself; more and more each time, as it gives me the confidence boost of what I need and the nice warm weather gives me a chance to shine. Most importantly to me is when my nice blue eyes shine brightly where there is life inside of me; like there was once before, the storm that has been before had calm down. That’s what I love about my eyes they can tell you or more importantly me something is going to happen. 

My grandma had once said to me. “Your eyes are very blue” “I get them from you. As you have blue eyes too” would tell you the rest of the conversation but that nice compliment gave me the confidence of knowing that I do have nice blue eyes.

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?


By now that as soon as this is posted up; I’ll be away for a night with a friend to get away, down in the south west of the country, I am looking forward to but anxious at the same time as it’s the first time being away from home in awhile. I know I’ll be safe and be having fun. I need it to take my mind of things along side to help me feel well enough and prepared to go back to work on Tuesday. 

How do you know what’s good on you? And what doesn’t look good on you?

I always find that you may need a second opinion weather it’s your best mate or your relative. For me it’s myself or with a best mate that I’m with at the time to help me pick out what’s good and what not. It has taken me a very long time to know what looks good on me and what doesn’t look good. 

I use to wear lots of things that didn’t look right on me for years; always looked out of place, always tried to look different but at that time no one really knew what to wear in 2000 to 2010 really. It was a new decade or century not sure what it’s called but as the years gone by clothing became more nicer than it has been. It’s my personal experience; since leaving college in 2012 I became custom to explore more what I would like to wear; as I was working and money was coming in, so it was easier for me to go looking what suited me more. 

Then about 2013/2014 I think after changing jobs with more money coming; I had found my comfort of clothing that I love to wear day in day out, as I knew I had found what my leash of what suites me more than in the past. I still have my jogging bottoms and etc; I use them for my down time or an ill day because that’s what they are there for, and nothing else.

It’s just finding your own leash and not coping anyone else’s; you don’t have to follow people’s dress sense to fit in, believe me if I told you that I dress quite posh but my sort of poshness of Primark clothing that are cheap. You wouldn’t think that if you saw me walking down the road; looking posh and stylish looking confident in what I’m wearing, nearly all my shoes go with my outfits that I put on so I don’t have to worry about the whole I don’t know what to wear. I do have moments but not that often.

I do a trail and error like get a top that I think I might like and see what I can do with it along side my other clothing that I have at home. If it works that’s awesome but if doesn’t then you haven’t really lost that much money. I reckon you should give it ago. Just get a top or what you fancy give it ago it doesn’t hurt just to try out one thing with your other clothing that you have.  

Good luck lovely people 


What is going on right now in my life?


As I was just labelling the next four days; starting from today, I realised that every post is about me. I don’t mind; I like you guys to get to know me one way or another, not just other boring topics that I write about. I do promise I’ll find other things to talk about other than myself. I even struggling to write about myself. Will have to say something’s will be and stay private; I will lighten on some other areas of my life, that I am willing tell to share with you.

What is going on right now in my life?

I’m currently and soon to be finishing my Easter holidays at the moment in time; I’m enjoying the freedom of doing my own thing, along side blogging and helping out with some of the relatives. Currently wish to keep the family issues away from my blogging; unless it’s for a good cause, on which I would like to make aware off around the world.

As your probable reading this; I’ll be away for one night (please remember I am on a holiday period April 2017), with a friend, it would be a nice get away for myself but also get to spend it with one of my close friends at work. 

I will be taking pictures and etc but won’t be posting any of my social media; until I get back, I will also be blogging along side but as prep work for the one night away. You can say it’s like a blog free work two day event that I don’t have to work; luxury for me as I have spent nearly the two weeks of my holiday blogging and blog prep everyday, that’s commitment if you ask me. Probably deserve a mini holiday if you ask me; haven’t packed yet, but again as soon as you read this I’ve already packed my things away. 

Also look on the holiday category where I have done a post of what I need to take with me blog, I think I’ve made a cool title than the one I just given you. Don’t be afraid to email me or follow me on twitter, Instagram or like my page if you have any questions or what you like me to see or write about. 

Last Minute Packing First Holiday of 2017


Pretty sluggish at last minute packing and etc; just because I knew all week that I was going away for a night by the end of the week, I just didn’t know what to pack today really; but manage to pack everything into one suitcase, however not nearly everything is in there. Like my make up, hair drys or hair straighteners but I think I’ll have to leave my hair straighteners at home; let my frizzy bomb do its work to be honest, because it never stays straight when I do it even if it do it in sections. Don’t ask family thing. 

Last minute packing left

So as I was saying in my introduction that I’m pretty sluggish of one day one night away packing because growing up I’ve always been told to pack take all weather clothing. Where I’m going; it always ends up nice sunny, warm and boiling. This was in the past as I had a sibling down in this seaside town university; we always wrapped up warm as it would be raining here in Guildford but when we got to him, we would be stripping off all of our clothing and get clothes to change into at times. 

I manage to pack a few tops, leggings, a dress for the evening doubt I wear it not even sure I fit in it still, probably get another one when I get there for the evening. Obviously my cleaning essentials and etc. Not sure to take a hair dryer or not I might not take it; if I don’t take it, the hotel doesn’t have one I’ll get one when I’m there too. Kind of need a new one I think anyways; haha I think I fused the first setting on my hair dryer, heyho that answers my question doesn’t don’t take it. 

Tomorrow all I have to pack now is my make up, hair brush and any medication that I may need to take. I’m not really one of those people who has to take the whole lot of first aid stuff; just the stuff that I need to self medicate to keep me going, then that’s about it already and done.

I will be collecting pictures for a blog of my holiday but I won’t be putting them up until I get home along side my social media I won’t be putting any up at all either. All top secret until I come back.

Bye for now…oh oh nearly forgot I have got blogs on the schedule so I haven’t left you in the lurch. Byeee!!!

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork


This week the Hustle and Bustle of Blogging Advice is back; as I was trying to think of what to do for this Thursday feeling, I was pulling out notes off my clipboards/folders trying to figure out what title to use for this weeks #throwbackthursday. I saw this title of 5 Ways to style….; I thought why not do 5 ways to style your blog paperwork, when recently I’ve been creative with my blog paperwork and might as well share it with everyone else. How’s that for a throwbackthursday week huh pretty awesome don’t you think. 

5 Ways to style your blog paperwork

Come to see what the 5 Ways to style your blog paperwork? Is that a yes. Good answer I like that answer a lot; well you have come to the right place anyways, it’s not always that easy when your trying to be come a successful blogger for any social media sites. Unless your doing it for fun that’s okay; but still want to learn how to keep up with paperwork etc in case it does take off, some people don’t even realise how much it would cause the internet by storm. 

So this is my 5 Ways of styling my blog paperwork:

5. I’m always looking out for new ways; such as looking up ideas such like, planning, yearly planning and etc. I use the Pinterest a lot of ideas for all that stuff and to be able to use some of the freebies; to be able to get started as a base line, then go on from there. 

4. I’m pretty much a colour coded freak when it comes to my blog paperwork; I’ve always been like with my writing overs the years of being an author of some of my stories, it’s quite calming and enjoyable. Most probably OCD when it comes to the colour coding as everything has to be the same colour for each thing; either that there’s something wrong with me, I even colour coded my boards to separate the whole blogging, goals and now my reminders in three different colours but waiting to get some money so that I can order the colour that I want. 

3. I prefer pen and notebook. Notebook and pen are like my weapon of ideas; as I love the feel of the pen touching the pages, as it glides over the lines. I even made labels for my note books; so that I know that I know which is which because at the end of the day, I know what I have done and what not or there’s a few ideas that I may use or don’t use. 

2. Creating tags is the best thing ever; I spend way too much time designing tags, I do have to say it is one of my guilty pleasures to do. I use canvas, photo editor and multi-picture collection. For me it becomes easier to know what I want; no how to design it how I want it as the best thing I could do, or close enough so that it’s good enough to post along side my blogs.

1. Is to be able to feel confident in sharing your 5 ways of style your blog paperwork. If you feel like you have the confidence and self believe to share it; give if ago there is no harm done if something that works for you, can work for someone else as well. I always think and say “sharing is caring” yeah I know it’s hard if you don’t get on with people; but you have to get on for the sake of the other person, I would like to give you a challenge of giving this ago and see what you come up with. 

I hope this is useful to you all; I actually play around to see what works with me all the time, still do now for somethings. Something’s stick and something’s don’t but adapt it to your own needs; I always adapt things that are different along side certain what I can cope without feeling so intimidated, for a example an A4 piece of paper. I genuinely hate an A4 piece of paper because of the thought of having to fill up the whole paper with ideas and etc. I have a lot of struggle with that; so I adapt it for my needs for ideas by folding the piece of paper into A5 sizes, then I feel a whole lot better that each size of the A4 is covered in notes after I had finished. 

What do I need more off in life?


New picture for Up Close and Personal; I’m trying out a new way of doing things for my blogs at the moment, with the thought of going away for a night and also going back to work on Tuesday. I thought I might as well get started with the whole let’s get things organised etc; doubt that I’ll be able to keep it up, but it’s worth a try you know. 

What do I need more off in life? 

The more I need in life is to be able to feel more comfortable with myself when something different is happening; not having to worry about leaving to go somewhere incase something happens, yet I know if something did happen I would of got a phone call. 

In life I just need to be more comfortable and confident in myself; be able to do things without having to worry about my anxiety and depression kicking in, I have noticed that I am starting to feel comfortable and more confident within myself as everyday I’m getting better with my make up. 

I need more time in my life just to enjoy what I have and not having to worry about anything that might effect me in a bad way. Also to explore more of England as much as I can; as I know there’s so many more interesting, new places that you forget you have in your own country.