Everyday Post: “My Prerogative” – Story Based

People in this world can take everything away from but there’s always one thing that they can never take away from you and it’s your truth. Yet the question is can they handle mine? They think and say that I’m crazy but so I look like I care because I really don’t care even when they say that I’m nasty. You know something I really don’t give a damn how I’m getting the boys; it’s how I live my life by being normal to which lead to some who ask me questions, why am I so real? Yet they really don’t understand me because I like to keep to myself and make them work hard for it. I don’t know the deal about my sister but yet I try hard to make it right not long ago before I won the fight.

Everybody’s talking all this stuff about me that isn’t true why don’t they just let me live my own life and worry about theirs. I don’t need their permission to do things because I make my own decisions that’s my prerogative it’s the way that I want to live. The newspapers and you can’t tell me what to do; don’t get me wrong ego trips isn’t my thing all these strange relationships they make it out to be gets me down, I see nothing is wrong in spreading myself around to have fun with my friends who are guys and girls.

Everybody talking all this stuff about me like I’ve done something wrong why can’t they just let me live? I don’t need permission from any off them because I make my own decisions as it’s my own prerogative. It’s the way that I want to live as it’s my own prerogative that you can’t tell me what to do; why can’t I just live my life without all of things that people say, they continue to think that I’m crazy because we don’t live in that time period anymore and they think I’m nasty who doesn’t need permission but make my own decisions but this is my prerogative.

It’s my prerogative.

Friday Time Recap Time: What makes you fabulous?

This morning I posted a Superdrug Haul (2.3.18) the things that I had brought only if I could film what I do on average morning of my make up I would of done. Along side the idea of what the full works of readying my hair; drying my hair, make up and the full works it’s my hair and extensions it would be so easier than me typing it up. Plus I don’t have to talk either haha all I have to do is film and do what I normally do in the time of the process of everything.

The question of tonight’s Friday Time Recap Time I wanted to do this a few days but I was in a sort of a bad place where I couldn’t write about it because I didn’t feel fabulous at all. Yet this passed week it’s been snowing and what not so I had a bit of time to myself; where I’ve had words with myself because my eyes can always tell you there’s a storm happening, and then you know when I’m calm because my eyes go back to light blue.

I always terrified of myself because I never felt fabulous about myself; I always see how pretty other people are, people always compliment me and etc. Yet as soon as I redo my hair and make the time to do my face and everything I know I feel fabulous and confident. Being able to put make up on and doing my hair everyday gives me a purpose in life that I’ve actually accepted myself that I am pretty and etc.

I should be happy with myself knowing that it’s okay to me; yes it’s taken me a long time to accept myself but now that I’ve got an idea of who I am, how I like myself and what not the scares that normal open and shown had faded away it’s not psychological scaring that its on the skin. Mentally and internal inside it goes to show who is winning and whose loosing; yet sometimes it’s no okay when your doing so well, then bam the scares and mental state comes out without warning. All that I can say is it’s okay to be you and no one else.

Hauls: 1st March Haul 2018 – Superdrug Haul

Been awhile since my last haul which I do have to add it was my birthday haul at the time; I thought finally I have a bit of money that I can get a few bits that I need for myself that I need, so I go online for Superdrug which is a store in the UK that I get monjority of my make up and etc. Guess what the parcel came today. I ordered it Monday, it was shipped Wednesday and came today (Friday 2nd March 2018). Yeah me. Let’s see what’s in my box. No I won’t go into singing “what’s in the box?” Megs I’m not there anymore jeez man.

Took me awhile to get to the box which reminds me of a shoe box to be honest. As it was tightly stuck down and quite rightly so because it’s somebody’s order and everything else. Then inside I have found my lovely goodies inside here’s what I found in my box neatly packed by someone from the store.

All my little things that I needed and what I was running out off but also what I’m going to try as well. Funny thing was is that I didn’t remember ordering one thing twice but I looked at my shipping thing and it said I did but all well. I like doubles of things when I have the money to do so.

Red Passion Live hair dye: I needed to redye my hair anyway it needed doing especially to stop the grey coming through I’m quite paranoid about my four greys showing I’m only in my late 20s jeez. I like my red hair too and you guys associate me with red hair than any other colour; that’s if you follow me on instagram or on facebook page or twitter then you know why, haha. Plus it will go well with my hair extensions as well that I have as well.

Collections Products: I needed a new concealer and I wanted to try out the Collections purple correction stick thing. So it was on a deal where you buy two Collections products for £5 or something you get a Collection Extreme Bold Eyeliner missed a whole lot of the name of it but all well. Yet I got it for free.

Barry M Products: Flawless Original Primer I use this religiously because it helps to tone down the foundation and stays on my face longer unless it doesn’t snow or rain stays on for longer.

Revolution Products: I wanted to try out the Duo Brow Definer liner as it looked awesome and I haven’t used one in a long time. Somehow I managed to order two without knowing that I did but doesn’t matter at least I have another one ready. Then a small Revolution Make Up Revolution London Ultra Contour Kit Lightening Contour I wanted to try it out to see what it was like if it was good I’ll get again.

Sorry guys I’m have got a picture but it’s not letting me post it up sad times.

I always like to try something new and then if it’s worth it then get again. There is no reason to try something different if you like it you like it but if you don’t you don’t. It’s no harm done because you can just use it up and then look for another one to try out.

Friday Online Diary Entries: The most fun facts in life about me

It’s that awesome time again that I do a fun fact thingy about my life with you guys as I have noticed that you guys seem to enjoy the 25 facts about me blog post; when ever I did that can’t remember it’s been too long to be honest, plus this time I researched it properly this time as I do and found a load of different types of questions and I’m like where the hell have you been all my life. You know.

The most fun facts in life about me are:

1. Do you believe in karma? I do believe in karma because I always find that when people try to hurt me or something and I always find out that it always go back to them 10 times worse than me. That’s what I call karma because just don’t think I know what your doing or trying to do it will come back to bite you one day.

2. Where are you from? A small island called United Kingdom, England, Great Britain, Britexit and the country that can’t cope with any weather.

3. How many hours do you sleep? Not enough in my opinion unless I have a cold and I take something then I’m out for the account for hours.

4. What a big lesson could people from your life? Just don’t take everything for granted and most importantly don’t give a flying monkeys about people who waist your time.

5. If you could be anywhere right now. Where would it be? I rather be right now somewhere in a nice warm country or be with someone who actually cares and be there for me when I need them the most. For example good friends that I can escape to when I need them

6. Have you ever been stood up? I’ve been stood up loads of times to the point off I’ve started to not care about them any more. Yes it hurts but at the end of the day what kills you makes you stronger.

7. What do you get angry over? What makes me angry currently is where people seem to think I have magic powers to do things that I can’t do straight away and take it out on me. Another thing is I hate being ignored by people that are close to me in my inner inner inner circle because it’s like you actually want me in your life or you don’t.

8. Does the person know that your in love with them? Yes I certainly hope so because there’s a few people that know I love them a lot. Just sometimes annoying that they ignore me or something when they love me too. I hate that feeling never like that before.

9. What makes you the happiest? What makes me happy that I know I’ve got good friends to keep me going and being able to write things when I can so I can post them up and seeing my readers reading them.

10.What’s the habit you’re proudest of breaking? The most proudest thing that I’ve been breaking is not going of the radar when life gets hard. I just manage to get through it all.

11.Have you ever got stung by a wasp? I’ve got stung by a wasp twice and it’s always when I’m camping once on the neck on my left side as a kid. The second one was when I was in my late teens I think it was and got stung on my middle finger I think it was on my left side. (Come to think of it I think everything and everyone hates my left side)

12. Are you afraid of heights? I’m totally scared of heights even when people are too close to the edge where there’s a sheer drop on the other side and people either stand or look over the side. That sends me to high anxiety and can’t look.

13.Has anyone told you that they wanted to marry you? Loads of people have told me they want to marry me.

14.Do you get easily distracted? I get distracted quite easily when certain things get quite boring or I want to do something else. Basically I have attention of a goldfish if I’ve got myself into a rut and not got myself into a full swing of things.

15.Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes and no because sometimes I find that not all what it seems; you think you’ve found the right person but actually they are complete utter tools, and they hurt you’re feelings to the point of not being able to trust them or other person next after them.

16.Do you have trust issues? I have a fair amount of trust issues when people say to me you have to trust me but yet they know perfectly well they’ve got to earn it one way or another. Even if they’ve broken it time and time again but that depends on how many times I can give them a chance; some will get just the one chance if they blow that then they are out of the door before they can go “ah shit I ruined that”, it depends on who they really I’m quite good at telling if I like someone or not.

17.3 physical features you get complimented on a lot? how pretty I am, my eyes, my mouth I think

18. What are some words that you live by? Why? “Guess what I don’t care” – it’s normally when I really don’t give a flying monkeys about someone that I don’t like or depends on the situation at the time.

“Do I give a shit” – it’s goes by with peoples opinions about certain things or how they would do things especially if someone who talks about themselves far too much and you just look at them hoping that they can read your face of “do I give a shit

Shit happens” shit happens everyday you either learn to control it or run from it or let it control you because at the end of the day it’s you that has to decide weather to follow through things no one else.

Everyday Post: Another snow day!

First day of a new month another snow day; all I can say is that it is very cold indeed, and most importantly snow comes and goes laying on the previous snow that had once fallen on the ground the previous day. All I can say is this that the UK has got some sort of idea when it comes to snow to close schools and etc making sure that everyone’s safety is put first, as such for me work was cancelled once again for me and to be honest quite right so to be honest. I didn’t really fancy going out in this sort of weather to be honest but a friend of mine decides to go out in it to see someone but I’m not going to go into it.

I decided that without the annoying dog from a neighbour I would rather sleep, watch Netflix’s and keep warm to be quite frankly with you. I always like watching the snow but I never much like going in it these days maybe it’s because I’m getting old or something I don’t know but yet just watching it makes me just want to fall asleep it’s just soothing and quiet. I’m like that with the rain I wouldn’t go out in it unless if I have to because it’s like the snow it’s soothing but loud as you watch it. In the summer is the only time I actually like it because I open my window just a tad to listen to it and bobs your uncle I’m asleep.

Netflix I’ve been watching Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth in it along to which a friend of mine read a book as he was telling me about it; he literally said that Elizabeth and Jane in the story reminded him of me, to which I thought it was quite nice of him to say until I decided to watch the program again. To his fair point he is actually right about something. Today is a chilled out day which is nice for me nothing to have to worry about or anything. Safe in my own house and snow can’t get me in the house hehe. Stay nice and warm guys.

Thursday Online Diary Entries: “Your My Symphony” – Story

Dearest Caspian

Since I’ve met you I’ve been symphonies all I had ever heard was silence but yet there’s always a rhapsody for me and you; there’s always every melody that seems to be timeless but life was just stringing me along, until that you came into my life to which you found that string and you have started to cut each long bit of the string to cut me loose so that you can be in the centre of my world and now I can’t sing on my own because I can’t find the key without you not being by my side.

Now our song is on repeat making me smile thinking of us in that big ballroom dancing with your heartbeat up against to mine. Yet when your gone I’m left in the middle of the room; I just feel incomplete but if you want the truth I will tell you right now, I just want to be apart of your symphony like you would hold me tight and not let me go. I just want to be part of your symphony like our love song “Sad Song” by We The Kings Feat Elena Coats will you hold me tight and not let go because I’m sorry if it’s all too much everyday that your here I’m healing knowing that I’m not running out of luck.

Yet when you’re not here I’m running out of luck; I’m running around like a lost child because I’m frightened because my insecurities and me going off the rails the thought of that would happen without you. I think I won’t be able to recover from the pain from it all or us but yet we seem to get through anything together. I never thought that these feelings would come back to find me until I hear the symphonies in the winds; I knew it was you saying that your still coming for me because you know it’s too much to bare, you know we’ve got everything worth fighting for and all I heard before was just silence. I hear our a rhapsody and every melody on the radio because it’s so timeless for us.

Your my symphony and my everything……

Wednesday Online Diary Entries: “If you seek Lizzy” – Story

Lalalala blah blah blah I’m not taking much notice of your stupid empty threats that you make in the newspapers like have you seen Lizzy? Who is Lizzy? Guess what I own it because I know I got my radar on you because I know the truth it should of been have you seen Mia? Have you seen Mia tonight? Is she in the bathroom? Is she smoking outside?

Oh hunny guess what you can take piece of lime that me and Caspian are not going to by for you because I know what she’s like; a self centred women who doesn’t actually care about anyone except herself, just tell me if you have seen near by my house or near me or Caspian and I can’t get her off my brain as I see her a threat I want someone to take her home before she breaks my rules and contract that she signed.

You can love me hate me you can say what you want about me but all of the girls telling and begging me not to rise to it because I know you want to seek me to get back to me. Love me hate me but you can’t see what I see your too blind of hatred yet the secret services have told me that you want to meet up with me and beat me up. Yet you stood there feeling humiliated with all the crowds especially all the press because I didn’t show.

I’ve seen her once or twice since being here with Caspian since she knew my face but it was a bit hard to see to make sure where all of the people standing in the way. You can say what you want about me but actually you can’t see what I see; next time you tell me that you see her I want to know what she looks like and what she’s wearing because her outfits make her look old. If your going to seek me out? Or stalk me? Do it much better than you are already because you just need to get out of my way. It won’t be long until I show you who I really am.

Wednesday Evening Post: Catch Up Catch Up Post!

So sorry guys I spent the day out and never posted any blogs. I’m sorry but the internet has been dodgy because we are experiencing rather strange thing called the snow over here in the UK; it’s this sort of white stuff that floats from the sky, lays on the floor when it wants to be. Anyways. I didn’t have to work either because of the alerts of the snow and etc but few other people had too.

Apparently it my phone app says partly cloudy -4C; wrong I’m wearing about three layers of clothing, don’t even get me started on the bed covers and the throws. Have you not looked outside phone it’s snowing and most of all the clouds are most likely to burst it’s clouds. I don’t think it will carry on for much longer than this.

I told you stupid phone never listens to me it’s started again haha. Since this week of snow I’ve now picked up another cold ay ay ay. Pretty much today I’ve been out with a best mate of mine because her job had closed and for the rest of the week as well lucky sod haha mine might be if I’m lucky but then again I could get away with it. I don’t know haha.

If I haven’t posted up any blogs up the next few days don’t panic don’t panic now you know that I’m having snow blizzards and it effects EVERYTHING! So don’t panic okay you have other blogs to read about as well. Go on read my other blogs as well don’t be scared. Go on.

Teen lifestyle: Blah Blah Blah

I’m standing in the tennis court at school with a group around me; I just can’t believe what’s coming out of your mouth, it’s just blah blah blah to me because all of it is wrong, lies and everything so just zip your lips like a padlock nobody needs to know how said your life is or how jealous you are about mine. Just meet me at the back with jack and the jukebox I really don’t care where you live or which boy you stole because let me just hit you as I know I’m not that little bitch that you been chit chatting about. Just show me where your dick is at if you have one that is.

My music is up I’m just listen to new hot stuff; I’m in love with this song called “ignorance” so just hush, oh please love just shut up I’ve heard enough with your talking.Stop ta-ta-talking about that because it’s all blah blah blah; you think you’ll be getting this, getting all that because your a spoilt little brat and everybody knows that you self centred. Nah nah nah your not sitting in my back car or getting a lift home because you think we are good friends.

You just keep on talking about that how you love mum because she’s way better than yours blah blah blah. Oh come on I really don’t care about your middle name is or how much you delay the class for your stupidity because you flirt with every guy teacher. You always be saying some shit and I all I say is out loud is “BLAH BLAH BLAH,” just stop talking already. I just want to set your hair alight or smash your face in because I just don’t care anymore.