Daily Comedy Kittens – Kittens Monday – For the sake of red sparkly Pom Pom ball!

You may hear a saying where Dogs are ADHD and Cats are autistic. Trust me having two kittens I can tell you right now it’s true; we’ve only had these kittens for a month and 6 days, my word you can tell their personalities but not apart though because I just proved my point earlier that I told one the kittens off for attacking the curtains and being around the tv. Then realised as I moved that one was trying to get their sparkly red ball underneath a big drawer as I soon realised when I got to the tv I literally said the wrong name. 

The fact that bubba 2 (sparkly red ball) didn’t do anything for once other than kicked her ball underneath and trying to get it. Bubba 1 had picked up bubba 2’s bad habits of distorting curtains. Bubba isn’t their actual names but I wanted to change it for social media purposes. 

Bubba 1 is a very quiet and content little kitten who watches bubba 2 play; shy, observant and she will decide wether you’re worthy to touch her or cuddle her or pick her up. Yet without you knowing she will come up to you one day wanting to be cuddled, loved and play making bubba 2 jealous at the best of times.

Bubba 2 is a hyperactive little bean from so affectionate, playful, always keeping you on your toes. Especially being adventurous and mischievous at the best of times. Trust me she’s funny at the best of times. We have noticed that she has become a bit jealous due to the fact that bubba 1 has started to come out of her shell a bit more. 

Today’s (17.9.18)  comedy from the two started with bubba 1 coming to the window trying to kiss me with her nose through the window; I was like “I love you too” then wanted me to stroke her through the window but nearly knocked off a glass bowl but also realised that I wasn’t in the house yet, I went in and they both were waiting for me by the kitchen door and I gave them both love and attention by stroking them for being so cute and hello.

After I sorted everything out with myself. Everytime I forget that they like wrappers they think it’s their treats and they think that they are going to get one or some. So whilst I was getting one of the sticks that I had brought bubba 2 was so impatient that she was clinging onto my work top like Spider-Man going up a building but spidy kitten. My thoughts were how on earth are you going to get down; she got down in the end, I was worried that she might fall off and by the way I was wearing another top underneath. 

Bit later on bubba 2 kept on getting her favourite sparkly red Pom Pom underneath the radiator and couldn’t get it out. Twice in a space of 5 seconds or so I had to take the radiator cover off or barely got it on she had it back underneath there. I was like “oh bubba really”. 

Once I got settled and both kittens were settled I was about to do something and all of the sudden I heard the curtains being attacked behind the tv. I was like “bubba stop playing with the curtains.” Not realised that bubba 2 was actually not doing anything wrong but lost her Pom Pom again I didn’t know that until I got up looked her trying to get something. 

I appeared around the tv and saw bubba 1 curled up on the cushion that was covering the wires. I was like “oh it’s you bubba 1. I’m sorry bubba 2 it’s normally you attacking the curtains.” So I helped her out trying to get her red sparkly red ball out from underneath the draw cabinet as I could move the whole thing way too heavy. 

Me and bubba 2 we’re taking it in turns to try and have a look where it was and to get it out. Team work I do have to say so my self. I was like “are you sure it’s under here bubba” she was adamant that it was underneath it. So I got my phone and turned the light on to see where it was; if my magic we both could see it, so we took it in turns but I did most of it as she watched what I was doing and tried her best to help but getting into my face as she tried stopping me from helping for a few minutes. 

Whilst this was happening bubba 1 decided to go for my feet. She does have a feet fettish going on doesn’t matter who’s feet she goes for or anything she just likes them. So whilst I had bubba 2  in my face I had bubba 1 playing with my feet and my legs tickling them with her whiskers and her fur. No matter what you tried to do. You know you going to loose one way or another. 

Written by Lizzy Johnson 

Allrightsresereved and copyrights belong to lizzysweeklyblogs and lizzyjohnson 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: Finding you’re voice through blogging

Are you finding it hard to find you’re voice through blogging? Or having a hit and miss with you’re blogging? Don’t worry we all have days like this. Don’t sweat it peeps. I can give you the low down of what you could use to find you’re voice through blogging not quite sure how it will work how I want to present it but I think I might go for the whole bullet point and see if that would work. 

  • Content: Finding the content that you want to write about, what you’re passionate about, things that enjoy doing, things you believe in and etc. This will give you more options and opportunities to get you’re voices heard.
  • Being yourself: If you have a favourite blogger and want to do something similar or the same thing. Try not copy as much as they are doing because each person have their own sense of doing things. Just be you and be comfortable with yourself because at the end of the day you’re doing it for yourself, building you’re confidence up and be pleased in what you have achieved not worrying that you’re stuff isn’t good enough and etc. Please remember that some bloggers have been doing it for years and they are always trying to work things out and improving themselves otherwise they get stuck in the same old routine. 
  • Fear of negativity: There are loads of people who are negative out there because they are either no life off their own; jealous that they can’t have what you have, they basically have no soul if they say negative things towards other people because they have had it done to them. To be honest ignore them and rise above them yeah they hurt but you either learn from them or run from them. They don’t really know you and you don’t know them at the end of the day. 
  • Positivity: Listen to the positive comments and feedbacks that you get because you know what you are doing is right along with building up your self esteem and confidence that you’re a great writer. 
  • Fear of no one is going to read your blogs: Have no fear about people not reading it or not. You may actually find that people tend to read it because they like the content and come back to read more of the same thing or find new ones. You will also find that people will also go back and find you’re old content because they want to know what else you have done. It’s not all that bad you know. 
  • Not having enough views: Don’t panic okay. I have hit and miss days because I have writer’s blocks now and then or my days get really busy and no time to blog. They always find away to look at my old blogs that I have written in the past. Just keep at it no matter what happens within your day or your really busy because at the end of the day you will have new content for everyone to read.

I hope this helps you guys to know what you can do and what to expect because at the end of the day it’s your life you’re world your blog and most of all your content. You really don’t need to copy other people style or you really want to be complicated and be really blog nerd don’t really need to copy people’s niche because you are your own blogger. 

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – The Comedy Of The Kittens

I do find that my parents tend to forget that the kittens get into everything; especially when it comes to our food and drinks, you start to realise that they bring it onto themselves when it does happen because they call up to you or your other siblings saying like “your cats are eating my porridge”. 

You think why on earth would you leave it unattended in the first place when you perfectly well know that they will go for it and smell it. That’s what me and my sister had thought when one of our parents said it; my sister replied “that’s you’re own fault for leaving it unattending it then” which is perfectly true to be honest with you. Along with glass of wine or whatever drink you have and go out of the room for a split second. 

The kittens have great personalities that would make you laugh without a doubt because whatever they do one of them will tell on the other by coming to get me or my sister. Unless you’re like what have you done to you’re  sister in a joking way because they always look innocent one way or another. 

They even follow you to help find their sister if we haven’t heard them or seen them for awhile. You be amazed where we would find them one way or another; especially where it’s a big house for kittens to explore in, you get pretty much use to know where their hiding spots are unless they catch you out and not being there at all. Then you’re like where are they then. 

Playing together is so funny and they get jealous of each other’s toys sometimes but the best thing is if you do something out of the norm that you wouldn’t normally do. They will tell you off one way or not like you don’t know normally do it why start now. 

Daily Savage – Remember the 9/11 – 9/11 Anniversary 2018

17 years ago today; Tuesday 11th September 2001 was when news just broke out that the twin towers in New York City in USA became under attack by terrorism via two aeroplanes going into the north and the south towers between 8:46 and 10:28am.

There were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic Terrorist by a group called “Al- Qaeda” against the United States. On the morning of that day in 2001 everyone who seemed to be getting up and doing their normal day to day things, jobs and etc. Not knowing that day they would either be killed, injured or having some condition that they will have for the rest of their lives or kill them in the end.

Both attacks killed 2,996 people in total, injured 6,000 others and caused $10 billon in infrastructure and property damage. Referring back to my previous paragraph more people have died of the 9/11 related cancer and respiratory diseases in the months and years after the attacks have happened.

You may find that you don’t remember this happening but only learning it from text books along with many other terrorism over the years. Yes there is and was a life before you snowflakes start questioning you’re parents that you know everything. I remember it very well indeed; I was in school when it happened my first year at secondary school, my history teacher at the time explained that her husband just literally walked out of the building when it happened. She was also pregnant at the time it happened.

People are still grieving about it all over there. Yes America makes a big deal about yes its apart of their history and how they cope with it at the end of the day. It would of been 13 years this year when we had our first terror attack. We aren’t close behind since our first lot yet then they didn’t have many after that than we have expect the normal gun crime that they have. I’m not blaming or calling anyone out here but there is a difference between what they celebrate in remember of others than other crimes.

However never forget those lost their lives that today.

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging – Fitting in time to blog around work.

Since going back to work it’s a bit hard finding the time to blog as I’ve been doing three school runs and only been back two days. I think in between shifts I think I’ll manage to fit some time around then to get some sort order of blogging, work and chilling out one way or another.

Just need to find away to get things running swimmingly and in order the way I want it too keep myself busy as much as I can so in the long run it’s easier for me to stay on top of things.

Might do a time table of my week so I should know what I’m doing; in like what times I’m working, blogging, feeding the kittens and everything. Might as well see how it all goes if you know what I mean; doesn’t really hurt if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at the end of the day, you might as well try and work around the times you have got than the times you don’t have.

It’s like saying you can’t do this; you can’t do that, at the end of the day you need to work out your own path than anything else. You need to work out what suits you than what doesn’t suits you at the end of the day.

Who knows what will work out or not. Until next time I’ll let you know.

Star Light Categories – Sunday Special – What you do when your back pain wakes you up?

Past two weeks now my lower back has been killing me. First it started with a cold so effects everything in my body; just as I’ve got over this cold almost, second one is that recently went back to work then forgetting every single muscle that I have had and it’s been like yep I’m go to kill you with more pain.

I know well apparently been told that it’s a tight muscle from the doctors when I had it checked out. I beg to differ now but I’ll see how it goes if it gets worse it gets worse. I’ve even noticed as soon as I pick up the kittens now that they’ve put on weight since we’ve had them; you don’t think they have when you look at them for the first time but when you watch them grow, you notice the change, their personalities, and how much of a muscle they have been building up over the month since we have had them.

You know when you’re back begins to hurt as soon as you start to relax more when you laying in bed on you’re back and you could feel it giving you a sharp pain of a jab on your spine. Could easily have the kittens walking on my back right now just to loosen it all.

Oh happy days.

Daily Diary Entries Online – Daily Tuesdays – (4.9.18) Boring Budgeting Day!

Today I had a very long list to do due to the fact that I wasn’t needed for work to which is okay but had lots errons to do that took me all day to do. Then again thats life being an adult I do suppose; hopefully I’ll be able to get monjority of my blog preps done tomorrow (5.9.18), lots of blogs to be written for different sites that I have at the moment. 

Pretty much today I did my budget for the month, sorted out the washing pile due to the washing was on one of the sofa chairs that the kittens like, got slightly organised for work incase I was needed, cooked the dinner for the family, whilst that was happening I decided to empty the dishwasher and started to reload it. Oh don’t forget Ive fed the kittens first thing this morning. Oh another thing had to go and get something that I didn’t get on Saturday because I forgot and then one of my parents had thrown away thinking that the thing had finished. That was when my council decides to close my main entries to get to my road so I had to ring one of my parents to let them know that the main road that we go down had closed. 

That was literally from 7:15am this morning and now its nearly my bedtime doing this blog for tomorrow. So that I can get a bit of a head start of my blog work up and running. That’s if the kittens are not running riot like they have been recently getting into everything but they’ve just worked out how to open the bathroom door. Well one of them has because the other one has worked out how to open the living room door but can’t work out how to get out again afterwards.

And finally this is probably a weird but got to watch my sister break in half a treat stick as they are still kittens. They both loved it as it was something new for them to try; one of them had theirs too quickly and tried to nick their sisters but luckily the other one took hers away quickly enough before her sister could have it. As she knew my sister was trying to stop her sister in taking it from her. 

They both do love each other a lot even if they are annoying each other to their best advantage. Most siblings do though if you ask me. Me and my sister do it all the time. Oh I found out by a tweeter that a Primark bag without the handles are the best because their kitten/cat loves it. Luckily I had a big enough bag from the other day from Primark and cut the handles off. Both bubbas loved the Primark bag and how it sounds. 

Star Light Categories – Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging: The day you realise you won’t get much time blogging as you use too.

These are sad times there’s no denying it. Your blogging ministry will remain strong. School will not take that away from you. No matter how much homework and revision you will have to have this year. You will always have your blogs to help you relax in between them all.

(3.9.18) Today is the day before you go back to school in the U.K. I don’t know if that’s the same as everyone in the rest of the world or not; I personally can understand the whole I wish I didn’t have to go back to school, I wish I had more time off and etc.

Don’t panic. You will have time to blog in between homework, school, clubs and etc that might take up you’re time. Just fit it around it all and allow time to yourself and enjoy what you do in you’re free time. Unless you are wanting to become a writer focus on that in your free time; explore many different ways of writing whilst using your blogging, and expand just don’t talk about where you go to school.

You never know who’s reading it and come to you’re school claiming that they are a relative or a friend of you’re parents because they can well and truly tracked you down. Ideal is don’t put where you’re schools location is or your home location is when you are blogging.

Just don’t give up because school says you can’t do that or your can’t do this. Trust me I played the school game and then continued work along with my writing because at the end of the day writing is my life. Don’t let people say you can’t do something because they’ve given up on their dreams.

Star Light Categories – Mid – Week Post at 8 – “How did I manage to get the autumn cold at the end of the summer season?”

Rather past the time of 8 o’clock been a sleep to feeding the kittens to baby sitting the kittens to sleepy kittens and then out for a little bit to get some sort of fresh air but to be quite honest. Did not help my cold one bit with the fresh air. All I wanted to do is sleep and wrap up warm. 

I don’t understand the climate change one bit especially for the United Kingdom. You either have a tonne of snow for about 3 months; then heatwave for about 3-4 months, then as soon as summer has finished the autumn comes straight away within a week left of August. 

Not even sure why it has come so quickly but it has. I feel pretty much dead and ill not wanting to do anything. Just want lots of cuddles and sleep to be honest. I hate the autumn so much because the next season will be the next long dark depressing months of my life when everything is pitch black by 4. 

I suppose you could say I should be use to it but I can tell you 100% I’m not because the older I get the more anxious I get about it all. I never really liked as much in my teens but just the thought of waking up at certain time of the morning and then come home at a certain time in the dark you’re like what’s the point to be honest. 

I love the summer more than the other 3 seasons wish it was like it all year round. 

Daily Routines – Daily Beauty – Kittens vs Hair Dryer

Today of all days (28.8.18) I had to have a shower and needed to wash my hair otherwise I would left it greasy and looking rough. I then thought no I need to get it done because I hate looking rough and everything. So I did my normal routine as per normal; well try to anyway because I was drying my hair and the kittens were like what is it that loud sound, so I did my normal turn it on and off again for them to get use to it. 

However they didn’t like it very much even though they have heard my hair dryer and two other peoples hair dryers in the house hold. They still haven’t got use to it; in the end I turned it off because I didn’t want to get them become distressed or anything, and I left my hair to dry itself. 

I carried on doing what I do in my normal routine; put my hair extensions in whilst my hair was still wet part dried, and my make up on as per normal whilst my hair was still drying. Completely forgot that my hair go completely fizzy and curly as bad as it can go. But luckily my hair extensions were in because it would of been a lot worse that it is right now. 

I don’t mind it going fizzy and curly but would be nice to be able dry monjority of it. When it’s just you and the kittens no one else was in incase they went nuts. They haven’t done it for awhile for something that they didn’t know what’s going on. Yet sometimes they are alright but it’s funny that one of them doesn’t like my hair brush because they don’t know what it is. What’s even more funny is that sometimes they want to get into my make up when the box is open because they are so intrigued by what’s inside then again they know to sit away near me and not go near it.