September Newsletter 2017

As I remember to do this Newsletter now than later on in October.

Saving me writing out the question; plus I’m not 100% feeling right to the point I really need to take a paracetamol because my head is starting to pound on one side right now. Hang on let me go and take something be right back my lovelies……back my lovelies. September feels like it has flown by and felt like that I haven’t really had three months off.The fact that I’m suffering with a cold, back pains, drained, struggling to breathe and etc due to the bug that I may of picked up from my job. But I’m still carrying on as normal.

In this Newsletter I’ll be talking about lots of different things along with pictures that will define what I will be talking about. The fact that I wanted to try something different for this Newsletter this month; I just wanted to make it more exciting than just having boring captions in bold writing, making it more less unattractive than ever.

The past month or so as you may of noticed; I haven’t done much blogging for awhile, the fact that it’s been quite difficult for me to come up with new things. No matter how much I tried to think of things to write about; then it just brings me down as I think I’m a failure at it all, then I realise something. Blaming blogging for my mental health state wasn’t the answer. It was me and who I was. What I was feeling at the time of going at the time; was that I had just started a new job, lots of things going on at home and then a bit of trouble in paradise as well. Since then things have seem to have settled down; I began to be able to pick up my iPad, and start to write again.

For a long time since not being able to have any money or anything. I had asked my sister to get me some hair dye because it my roots were so bad and I started to notice that I was getting more and more grey hairs on my head. Now have four on my head not happy about it. I blame it on the stress than anything. Haha but I know it’s genetics to be honest. Now that I’ve got my hair dyed with the colour red passion I’m so happy and feel me again also it matches my hair extensions as well. That I’ve been wearing quite a lot recently even for work. I’m just glad that I’ve got an awesome sister that I can ask for to get me things for emergency.

At the start of this month I have started a new job and it is awesome. I’ve started to find my feet a bit more everyday and every week. It was a bit hard to begin with but now I’m getting there. I’m starting to love it a lot. Also using my knowledge of what I know and putting them into place and it is beginning to work.

Love of Caspian! He’s the best friend through and through. Some say “why can’t you both just be together?” To be honest we like to call it as close friends but others say we are together as we are never apart from each other. All messaging each other, laughing, whatever issue that comes up we sort it out one way or another.

I do miss him a lot when he’s away on trips and I’m stuck in the uk; but can’t wait to be able to join him for some of his business trips, and see what he gets up too when he’s out and about. It’s hard at the moment as he’s away and being busy but I know he’s checking my messages when I leave him them. Makes me smile a lot.

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