November Newsletter Hint: Why are we starting to get Black Fridays deals?

The fact that I just about to open a new document for this blog on my iPad; as I started to place the picture at the top, I was thinking didn’t I just created a page for this not that long ago, so I came out of it to have a look on the rest of my documents. Believe it or not I did and I was like that’s good that I’m not going mad am I? Because I couldn’t even remember the title of it in the first place. Great way to start the third year into the blogging and you just had a complete mind blank of what you were actually meant to be doing.

Don’t worry I’ll explain everything in the November Newsletter what this Newsletter Hints is all about because I really want to know about this whole question about Black Friday deals business thing. The fact is we are British not Americans I’m sorry this sounds harsh but I just feel like we are loosing our true Britishness more and more now as we are adapting to more American things than having the true British things.

I do hate to remind people that we did invent/created America long time ago yet they still have to come along way to come in today’s society. Then again look at their President now 4 years set back again I believe; yet even with our prime minster in power, still managing to mess up our system along with a fair few other people along side. We have manage to under cast and take control of monjority of what we had to face since March 2017 this year to about end of June 2017 early July 2017. Have since then been a bit quiet on all cost front of the dreadful things that one small country had to face.

What is the Black Friday really mean to us in our own country? We don’t call our sales Red Sales, Blue Sales and etc. We actually call them proper names for each seasons don’t we or have people forgetting who we are really are. To be honest I think we have. No fault of our own well government and our surrounding of the society we live in.

I could most likely to start to ramble and rant about something that’s unnecessary about things. I know how much you like my political views about things and haven’t really done it in very long time. However can someone explain what Black Friday is? And why do we have it in the UK? I really don’t understand it we never had it before Why now?

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