Newsletter Online Diary Entries: January 2018

This year has been kicked off with not the best start of 2018 but yet still managed to get through it no matter what. Even if it’s January blues and what not. Due to personal reasons at the beginning of the year and sad news at the end of the month; however manage to get through it with lots of help with friends who are the best ever, also manage to start being positive towards myself as much as I can with two of the closest friends who help me kick off my goals that I wanted to do.

As you have seen I’ve shared them with you and the most importantly I managed to carry on writing blogs even though they are like Diary Entries. I will have to express that I will have to continue writing the “if you believe this or not it’s your opinion at the end of the day. I know the truth and I’m sharing my emotions and etc through the stories” if they are made up.

It was also my birthday at the start of the new year. Hence why two hauls one after each other. In space of two weeks I know I can’t help it. All well can’t wait for the next few hauls throughout the year hopefully. There will be another challenge for the start of the new year and that’s the Valentine’s Challenge I wasn’t too sure weather I would be able to do it or not but I convinced myself that I should do it as everyone loved the challenges that I did last year that I tried out. So I might as well stick it out and try it again this year.

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