March Newsletter 2017


No matter how many times I played around with this months newsletter; I’ve seem to be struggling what I want to write, I plan it with each topic that has happened during the month. That didn’t work. Thinking of giving up on doing a newsletter for this month because as it seems, that I’m struggling with the whole March concept of “I’m standing in a protest mode” you can march as much as you like but I’m still going to tie you down and write your month Newsletter end off.

March Newsletter 

Sorry about that. Not sure what came over with Newsletter category this month; not normally like this standing up in a protest of not be written, it has to be done no matter what it says. 

This month has been happy and sad times through personal issues to life in the real world. Everyone has problems behind close doors and things happen outside of the close doors. For me this month has been a funny one. 

End of February 2017 my grandpa had taken ill so that last week was stressful enough. Also looking after my grandma as well. Then few weeks later my grandpa had fallen ill again along side my grandma fallen over and not remembering how she had done it. Still long way to go with them but finally on the right path now.

Birthdays I have three relatives that birthdays in March blooming expensive month if you ask me. Haha but heyho it’s family. Had a 21st, 86th and 29th birthday so that’s fun if you ask me. 

Meeting up with people; well finally getting on with things now, starting to feel positive and great that I’m on the home stretch. It has been a tough month with the mental health and the tiredness. Had to self certifcate myself off for the rest of the week because I was struggling and I shouldn’t of been in one day. Now I’m full of life and the sun is out I’m feeling great. 

We are going to stand together and let people know that we aren’t frightened of any terror attacks because we show team work and help each other out in need. They won’t break us. 

Well that’s the end of the this months newsletter. Hopefully I’ll write the next one as I go along I think. Haha. My bad. 

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