June’s Newsletter 2017

June this year has been quite surprising this year; with lots of things that have happened, from leaving my job to getting a job within a week, gorgeous but annoying heat waves, to great sadness and be able to carry on no matter what each day throws at us. Most of all is that I can focus on my blogs a lot more than I use to; from being able to write loads, schedule them, post them and most importantly to be able to pick out good blogs that I know are going to be good and publish them on another blog company page called Vocal Media to which I’ll be able to get paid from. 


This year’s June 2017 we’ve received the most lovely hot weather; I do have to say a very hot weather in fact, that reached the highest temperatures in 41 years meaning the last hottest heat wave to be so high on that day (21st June 2017) the longest day was the year 1976. I remember when I was like in year 10 I think it was we had heatwaves and we got sent home from school but it wasn’t as bad as this years heatwaves. Reaching the highest of 35 degrees to cross the country to the boarders of Scotland; from 22nd June 2017 some areas have been expecting thunderstorms, some were expecting thunderstorms but never happened. Yet still humid and but cooler than it has been since the last few days. 

Tragedies that have happened

When we all thought it just couldn’t get any better; we had a tower of flats that went up in flames from electrical compliance; to which it caught onto something that’s called Cladded Fittings for outside of the buildings but that was actually banned in the UK, in Europe and the US. But why was it fitted in the first place? That’s the question along with the fire sprinklers why did Chancellor Hammond and the rest of the government ignore the voices of the community in the North Kennginston in the first place? 

Then at least 4-5 days after that someone decides to go and attack a mosque in West London; to which why do they think it’s okay to attack other cultures when it’s not even their fault, they help us we all help them. What makes the person in question thinks it’s okay to do it? Out of disappear? Or out of hatred or what? 

I let you think about that. I only wanted to touch base on this briefly as I’ve recently talked about it in my recent blogs. 

Leaving a job, getting a job in a week

It will be a month since I’ve left my full time job; probably not the best way to do about it but in the space of a week of leaving I manage to get a job somewhere else, to be able to help bring in money along the way when I decide what I actually want to do with myself long term. I am impressed that I could actually that I managed to get a job within a week of leaving my old job but also to be able to sort myself out in between leaving and starting my new job. 


Since being off and not working I’ve beginning to focus a bit more on my blogs; on which they have been more effective and also been more focused on, than it has been when I’ve been working. Still haven’t quite worked out how to fit in my paperwork schedule in yet but will work that one out; as long as I know that I’ve got two days to do the 4 events, then the rest of the time I can do here and there with everyday post. It has been a hit and miss with paperwork this month; but I’ve got something’s written down and what not for my data collection from social media, heyho just need to work on it a bit more and get my head around it so that I know what days I’m doing what day. Fortunately as the heat is slowly cooling down; I’m more able to concentrate with what I need to do and what not, probably use this as for my last Friday Time Recap Time, as it’s the last Friday of the month so figured might use this blog for that so I don’t have to worry about it as much. 

Vocal Media

Vocal Media I may of touched based with you in one of my blogs the other week; Vocal Media is a company that has lots of different categories that you can put your work in that you specialised in, for example for this newsletter would most probably or more likely to be stored into what they call a journal category. 

Vocal Media is a bit like YouTube in away; that you have to get certain amount of views to be able to start getting paid, to which I thought na this isn’t me I don’t think my work isn’t good enough. I know you lot may disagree with me on this; the truth to be told you guys are right, my blogs are good enough for people to read them. I only pick out the ones that I think are going to be success on my blog; then put them on there to see if it’s the same, however it is a success on there to find out that most things do work on things than others. 

I may have to write something differently for Vocal Media I’m not to sure yet; as I’m trying to figure out how to make my blog as a successful in the long run, so I’m going to continue what I’m doing by choosing which ones are going to be the best set of blogs to go up on that website. 

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