January Newsletter 2017


New year has started. I do have to say as it’s nearly the end of the month it has been a very long one if you ask me. Well in my opinion it feels like a very long one than any other years in the past; I’m not too sure why that it is, but it is and can’t even explain it. 

However there has been lots of things that has happened from history in the making to the busy month in my life. On which I will talk about what’s going to happen in the year coming. 

January newsletter 2017

New Year: 2017 has finally arrived and oh boy lots of things happened already. I do have to say guys; it’s the only the first month into the new year, we still have 11 months to go. What is going on here!? It’s crazy man. I can tell you that right now. Not because what’s happening in the world right now but also what’s happening in my life too. I already want a holiday right now to have a break from everything. 

Birthday: I have had already had my birthday for this year. That’s right already. I am a new year baby quite literally the 2nd day in. I have turned 26. I’m a lot further away from being 20 now but a lot closer to 30 in four years time. I have done a birthday Haul couple of weeks ago so why not check it out. 

Work: After Christmas holidays and being back at work it has been hectic. Non stop covering and it has been quite stressful along the way. Every night as I got home; I would run a hot bath, straight after I would get into my pjs and get into bed early after my dinner. 

Planning new things: I’ve been planning new blogs and writing down ideas that could possibly work. However I will be explain more in designing and planning as it all joins together with this one. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. 

Weather in Surrey in January 2017: This year has started of with its weather in Surrey. It has been very cold, frosty, icy, a bit snowy and a bit rainy. Also it’s been quite foggy as well. Currently at the moment it’s been light rain probably end up with heavy rain soon. 

Getting a tweet reply from a radio presenter: I asked Glen Hunt over twitter if he would get attacked without protection and be with Karl and Stuart (From Most Haunted) but with his reply that I had to wait and see. Here is the tweet conversation.

Designing and Planning: Along with the planning new things. I’ve been designing and planning for new things; along with the working with new planners and behind the scenes for my intake of the social media. To be able improve more with my blogging if I had brought things in idea for a blog I would keep receipts. When the time comes I can turn it into a business.

Donald Trump: This month we have have witnessed Donald Trump become president. Things have started to take place such as building a wall between Mexico and American; like Berlin that spring to my mind. He has started to undo all of Obama’s laws that he had done in the 8 years of being in power. Trump has taken women’s rights especially when it comes to abortion on which made me sick to the point of making me hating him more and more. Along with now putting people’s jobs at risk and major companies loosing money out but also when it comes to people ethic background in 7 countries and airports detentions; that’s when the judges in America had stepped in, trying to free everyone in the airports. 

Reconnecting with some friends: The best thing over the past few weeks is to be able reconnecting with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in awhile or in a very long time. It feels like we haven’t spoken in a very long time. 

Obama’s Family: It was sad to see Obama family after 8 years in the White House but a lot of things that have happened and changed. First black African-American president gives people the beliefs that they can do anything. He has made history. 

Wednesday Evening 8 O’Clock: I have brought back Wednesday Evening 8 O’Clock and the best feedback ever; seeing readers come back and read them like it was an old friend, which giving me the courage to continue writing for the category. 

Friday Time! Recap Time!: Along with bringing back Wednesday Evening at 8 O’Clock it’s sister. I had brought back Friday Time! Recap Time! At the time of both of the two categories I didn’t know what to write about under their categories until now. As I’ve been planning more and get things organised for each month. 

Goals: My goals for this year is to be well for the whole year, be able to focus on blogging and trying to turn it into a business. Also I will continue to set goals throughout the year as improve myself and etc. 

Dreams: Dreams that I wanted to be able to achieve some of my dreams; such as a writer, moving out and etc. 

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