New year blog – January 2019

What’s new in January 2019?

January 2019 has kicked off with an okay start of the year for me where I have started to go on walks that I’ve never been before or any of the sort. That’s because I’ve been given a pair of walking shoes for my birthday by someone very close to me; so I’ve been walking practically everywhere since I’ve got them but that’s just for me and them at the end of the day, hopefully I can get a bit fitter than I normally am.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable with myself in away that I know I’m doing okay and not letting myself fall back into the place where I was before for personal reasons I cannot say. I’ve becoming more active by doing lots of walking to which I have someone special in my life to courage me to keep going even if I’m struggling to carry on.

Lots of things that I had never thought I wouldn’t of dream to of doing but I’m doing them because I got someone positive in my life to get me through it all. From facing my fears of things to doing something out of my comfort zones knowing that I’m feeling safe. I hope I can progress more and more over the next year with it all knowing that I can do things and get myself more confident in things.

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