My Daily Stories Creations – Daily Planning Stories – Just started planning of a story!

Today I’ve invested in a app that I thought I’ll give a try to see if it would help me to plan my stories like I use to all those years ago when I did it everything on Word program in my late teens early 20’s on my first laptop until I had to replace it years later. Finding this app is amazing I was like “omg” I’m back home with this and it opened my creative stories all over again. 

However I’ll be talking about this amazing app next weeks addition of Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging next Monday. I just wanted to give you an insight of it where I’m going with this blog as I’m well excited and I can’t wait to start the story. In a space of day or so I’ve came up with lots of ideas for a story that I thought I wouldn’t be able to write a story again that I use to do a long time ago. Until this amazing app came into my life; loads of things came flowing through the tips of my thumps like nobody knows, it feels great planning things like my stories again because it’s been so long. 

I’m just well excited to sit down and write it to be honest because it’s going to be fun to write it and spooky. Not sure when it’s going to be up but once it’s finished I’ll post it up for you guys to read. I am stoke about it and also I’ve got a new blog in the making it’s just for my stories only so that’s also in the planning stages as well. Everything is going to be cool and awesome. I’m so stoked. 

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