Everyday Online Diary Entries: Is it snowing yet?

Yay just as I left for my morning shift for work it started to snow but not hard enough to cancel a work day. I like to watch the snow fall when I’m inside my nice warm house than being in it; I think I’m just grown out of it when it comes to playing with it because the last deep snow we had was about 8 years ago back in 2010, that’s when I literally had enough of the snow by then and not being able to do anything. Yes it got boring for a few days even if I slept through the day and it was still there haha I’m so old haha.

It cheered up my Monday for a change though. Currently stopped snowing for now but by the time your reading this it would probably be snowing again or not that’s case maybe. Who knows? Who knows? It is the U.K after all anything can happen to be honest with you. Just looked at some of my snowy pictures and just realised that I caught a snowflake a proper one if that I wonder if you can find it in one of these pictures.

There are a fair few you can see that are proper snowflakes I wonder if you can see them comment how many you can see that are proper ones. Have fun looking.

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