Everyday Online Diary Entries: (11.6.18) Monday: Dementia Commentary

Alzheimers Society   This blog is in aid of Alzheimers Society Charity if you like to donate please click the link above. I am going to tell you my story of someone I know living with Alzheimers.

My name is Lizzy and I have a grandparent living with Alzheimers. It’s been 5 years now that we’ve been dealing with my grandparent’s Alzheimers but the best thing is we tend to go along with it whatever mood that they are in. At times it is hard when they have their bad day it’s not that often thank goodness. I normally get roped into helping once in awhile because sometimes it gets to hard for some of my family who are their carers. I tend to have them for a few hours or so to which I don’t mind because I’m use to looking after people during the week. 

Sometimes I have to put my foot down if they don’t listen to any other of members of the family if they have a wobble. They listen to me more than anyone else because “I’m such a good girl” in their eyes that’s because I go and see them. Let them do what they want; if they jog their own memory of what they use to do which is great, sometimes I don’t bother get them to do anything but if they can do it themselves they can even with a reassurance that they should do something. 

One of the funniest things I get from my grandparent is that she can tell when I’m being cheeky because I do the whole cheeky grin; sometimes doesn’t know when I’m joking but that was only once that happened, however we do have our little sassy contest where I try to either get them to do something or they are right on it and they know. 

Yesterday (10.6.18) I had them round for dinner at my parents house being my grandparents they get excited to see me because it me I think but the one who has the Alzheimers does this cute little Whinnie the Pooh wave. After a while I sat with them letting them be if they want to talk they can I wasn’t going to pressure them plus they can’t hear that well anyway. 

It was time for dinner I said to my grandparent it was time for dinner and they were like “how do you know?” I replied “one of my parents just shouted at my siblings (for dinner)” the other grandparent laughed and the other one said “oh right”. So we managed to settle down and what not I helped them out on putting food on their plate. As I sat down next to them I did say to them that they can start but they translated it differently and said something but I’m not going to repeat what they said on here. I then repeated myself again what I actually said and they were like “oh that’s what you said…I was about to say how I am going to do that” 

After awhile they were quiet and I knew that they weren’t hearing properly so I knew it was going to be a long one. Then after the pudding a student and his girlfriend came back across the road; then my grandparent asked about the old car or something like that, one of my parents tried to explain it to them but they didn’t understand what they were talking about and so I had to explain it to them. 

The funniest thing was as soon as they understood what they were talking about they started to do the commentary of what the two students/love birds were doing to the car and then commented about the cat. Then went on about “oh I can’t get on with cats or dogs. Even monkeys in fact I don’t think I can get on with a zoo” we all like where the heck did the monkey and zoo come from? We all laughed it was a typical grandparent moment. They continued to do the commentary of what was happening outside for a bit longer. It was like they hadn’t seen the outside world before. 

As a family as a whole we generally go along with whatever they say because at the end of the day it keeps us amused and we know that we can’t do anything about it along with they can’t help it either. We mostly just laugh at the situation that’s happening at the time because we know there’s nothing we can do. 

All I’m asking is click the link up above on this blog page click on it read a bit more about the disease and click donate. It will help someone like my grandparent to have a bit more care; catch the next disease in time for someone else, and most importantly more research about the disease. Thank you.




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