When Your Gone!


A song that got me thinking about a story; which everyone can relate to in anyway to it, the song was called “When Your Gone!” By Avril Lavigne. This story means more to me in so many ways but I didn’t put a name of the person or mine; I thought as you as a soul readers have the right to relate to the story as someone you love the most by putting their name in, and then yours at the end. 

When Your Gone! 

Dear ………………. 

I lost the closet friend that I could ever have had; you always know when, I always needed time on my own but I never thought I’d need you there when I cry. You always were there when I did and the days feel like years when I’m alone; the bed where you lie is always made up on your side, when I watched you walked away in my dreams I would count the steps that you take. Do you see how I much I need you right now?

When you’re gone; the pieces of my heart are missing you as the start cracking into tiny little bits, when you’re gone as I look at your photo the face I came to know is missing too. The world that I need to hear always got me through the day; that made it okay. I miss you.

I’ve never felt this way before the things that I do reminds me of you; the clothes that you lie on the floor, they just smell like you and all the things that you do put a smile on my face. I knew we were made for each other. I ever wanted you to know that everything that I do; I gave it all my heart and soul, now I can hardly breathe. All I need is to be able to feel you here with me.

Love you so much when your gone. I miss you.
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