What is The Tales of Three Triplets about?

The lots of thoughts and risks went into putting this out for you to guys. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I had started writing The Tales of Three Triplets originally when I was in year 10 I think it was; which would be back in 2006 I think it was, not 100% sure it’s been going for so long that I’ve been re-writing it none stop over the years. I have at least 20 questions that I have found; each question I will answer truthfully, honestly and the best I can so that you guys can understand what the main reason behind this.

1) Explain the title: The Tales of the Triplets came about when I was trying to think of what to cool the whole book; as there was or will be a series of short stories that will link up to all the stories through out the book, it shares the tales of what they have got up to and each one tells the story or how the feel at the time of the situation.

2) What category or genre do you think it fits into? The genre is a fantasy children’s book; to which they can explore the world of their imagination, letting them go wild with the thought of having different types of animals and wanting to go to old places that may have been mentioned in the book.

3) What do you think the author’s purpose was? The purpose was to get the insight of each triplet; as each character has their own unique, sense of doing things, but two of them do slip up when they push the wrong buttons or never know when Duncan is going to go off on one. Mainly James says something that ticks Duncan off because of his stupidity when he doesn’t think; before he says it, he just says it before thinking. 

4) Something you liked about it: The fact that they are learning about themselves along the way; whilst looking for something, but also to be able to get to know each other more as they haven’t been together since they’ve been an infant. Also each one has my sort of character; weather I’m angry I make one of the characters angry, if I’m upset get one of the characters to be upset and so on. 

5) Something you disliked about it: What I don’t like about it is; even James winds me up at the best of times, throughout the series. I know I know I made the character; every author has one character that they really don’t like don’t they? I’ve just told you mine. 

6) Describe the setting: Each story will be a follow on where the previous story had left; in which flows swimmingly like they were meant to be one whole book, but with the each story has twist. Just to as when you think they will be safe! Then boom! Something happens to them. 

7) Which character did you like most? There’s this one character that I love the most; but I can’t really tell you much about him; he is a classic fun guy, who’s related to the triplets one way or another but they don’t know it yet and neither does the person. He’s always a practical joker that plays tricks on everyone from left, right and centre. 

8) Which character did you like least? As I have mentioned in one of the questions the one character I least don’t like is James; he does try his hardest to be not the stupid one, or the annoying one as that but he’s just one of the poses characters that you just want to punch in the face. Pretty much want to do that everyday at people in the real world to be honest; but I like it in this world as I get someone else to do my dirty work, at the end of the day it’s my characters and I can pretty much do what I like within reason of course. 

9) Describe one of the main characters: To describe one main character…hmm like me think. I’m going to go for Duncan; this is because I based Duncan around my cousin who’s autistic, so I thought wouldn’t it be cool to explore through the eyes of a character who is autistic. But with a shocking twist that he is only half autistic because of this magical power that he has is stopping him fully developing the full special needs. He can also experience a normal life as well. Duncan has blonde browny hair; rather likes it flat and into his eyes a bit, he’s taller and the oldest out of the three of them. 

10) Would you get these stories published on paper? I would definitely get these blog story post as on paper one day soon; I would love to see how well they do, that’s why I want to see how well they do on my blog websites to begin with. If they do well then I’ll find the courage to get them published. 

The whole process of the whole Tales of the Triplets; can be quite challenging at the best of times, were I loose touch with it either because I’m so busy with other things or I don’t know what to write or get so frustrated with it that I don’t think that they are good enough pieces of work. 

Monjority of the process can be easy when I know what to write; as my pen flows onto the paper, I don’t actually write the story I let the characters tell the story for themselves. It’s all about them. They are the stars of the stories. Not me. I like to think in my head that I have a meeting with all the characters; one by one they have ideas for me to write down, or they give me ideas on post it’s that they have written i.e. Me obviously. 

When it thunderstorms I cheekily joke with myself; that I’m not coming up to sort them out I’m busy, you sort yourseleves out this time. I tend to joke about the quotes and share them on twitter then realise that no one knows the in joke. Other than my sister and my cousin. However now that I say something in cross reference you guys know even if I’m writing a blog and I say something. You would think hang on; that would be so somebody rather would say, I generally don’t realise myself sometimes. 

The process for me is each section is a beginning has a set of questions; the second section has a set of questions, and the last section has a set of questions. Each question has a paragraph each of a brief summary of what it be; once the brief out set of the whole story is done, in the next notebook I write it out all out adding more description into the paragraphs and then when it comes to the typing up I edit the story that way. To which is my average story time writing process; I also like to research places to add more feel too it, and if I’ve been there then the sense of the characters would feel too.

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