Parents are crying out! Children making their voices be heard!


A week has been passed. Lots of people getting together across the city. Showing that they are not going to be broken no more. Parents of victims who are injured or who have passed away. Even the adults who have passed away or are injured. Families are making sure that their memories aren’t being forgotten. 

Parents are crying out! Children making their voices be heard!

Parents are crying out!

Parents who have lost a child in the attack or been injured in the attack; are crying out for the government to wake up, to the most important crisis than what’s actually happening. Parents are actually true in what they say; this could of been prevented if the government had realised what the next tactic was going to happen, but also to realise it’s not the first time ISIS have tried to take get at our children. 

I should know with the whole bomb scare hoax last year; I was working in a school full of special needs children who are disabled, the whole of the school staff had to up game their game even more to protect the children even more. This also had happened across the whole country; they haven’t really picked it up then, yet they still hadn’t picked up when London Westminster attack. Oh by the way that was literally on their doorstep; with kids inside visiting, second time they haven’t even thought about the children. They were all worried about the prime minster; the prime minster couldn’t of cared if the rest of the MP’s or visitors or even the children nor the officer that was protecting the parliament. My concern was the children’s safety not the prime minster safety; I couldn’t of cared If she was safe or not, she didn’t help or protect the children or anything. Two months went passed; one alone individual had managed to get passed, set of the attack and now so many children have been injured and victims who had passed away one as young as 8 years old.  

Theresa May really doesn’t care about the children of Today does she; no off course not, why not because she didn’t visit the victims in hospital or the victims families who had lost someone. Also she’s worried about is the cuts to the schools and bring in more grammar schools; cutting free school meals, and many more that can effect the children of today and the near future. 

All I have to say for Theresa May is that I am more than happy to arrange a meeting with you about the children’s safety, services and what’s more the safety of the whole country. 

Children making their voices be heard!

Something came up on my newsfeed on facebook I think it was the other day; I clicked on the video, a school from Manchester I think it was paid a very moving and emotional tribute video of Manchester’s attacks trying to raise money for the victims. This day in age adults are still ignoring the cries of children as they are not being heard; however if the government hear this song and see this video, then they need to wake up right now. As the children are making their voices be heard; making the victims who are injured and having a long road to recover, most of all the victims that have died. Click on this link and watch these amazing brilliant kids of today. They can achieve anything if there’s things are matter to them; I hope Ariana Grande will get to see this, been very moved by all of this as I am and the whole county. No matter how difficult this is for the children, the parents or the whole country our children are the most important people in the world. They are our future; monjority of the victims will have the impact of the attack for the rest of their lives, they will be strong enough to carry on with the support of love and care that they need. Also importantly the victims that were killed will be remembered.

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