How to live in the most vulnerable country being the first?


I thought I’ll talk about in my opinion of what’s going on as I’m British and from England; everyone currently knows that we had a terror attack recently, but also to become the first most vulnerable country to be in a severe/critical since the attack. I have done a video on YouTube like a tribute to my country and for the victims. Click on here the link to be able to watch it.  

How to live in the most vulnerable country first? 

The country that I live in that everyone knows is Uk. However I only live in one part of the four countries that joined in the Uk; that is well known to everyone these days as England, as a country as a whole we have seen so many things but now we have become the first vulnerable country in the world from going to critical to serve in a space of a week. 

Over the years we’ve seen on our English soil from World War One and World War Two; especially World War Two in the remaining footage you can see citizens running to help the victims then when their houses were been blown up by Germans, about 45 years later IRA descended onto the English soil in 1980s bombing a few towns and cities; the town that I live in was one being targeted, 25 years later we had our first Islamic State attack in London on 7.7.05 I was in my teens then that was when I was at school. Our first time in well over 70 years or so by then lots of lives been taken away or lots of lives being injured. It was quiet for 6 years but on the 6th year one innocent solider got killed due to two converted people who converted to Islam; who murdered a solider in london because of what his job was, people risked their lives trying to save his life at the time whilst the two attacks preached what they have been told and seen. 

Once again after that terror attack was quiet for England once more; 4 years later we were under attack again, on 22nd March 2017 alone individual shock the nation once again attacking people who were on the London Bridge and went straight into Westminster. However he didn’t get as far but only the grounds as one unarmed police officer who lost his life just doing his job of protecting people; the attacker had died as well that day, on that day let alone the prime minister safety. They had children there visiting; I’m actually surprised and realised that we should of known that our children of today are most vulnerable, on which could of stopped something like this wouldn’t of happened it also what also come to mind is when schools became under threat last year (2016) when they had bomb hoax. 

I should know because I was in one of the schools that got evacuated and sitting there protecting and looking after the children that I was working with at the time. However what was worse they were all special needs children; 120 of them with big equipment to ASD children running around, in a different environment to what they know. 

The prime minster should of realised that they children are the next targets with lots of warning signs especially on the Westminster attack; 2 months later from the Westminster attack, a concert give by the one and only Ariana Grande with her fans who got given her tickets for Christmas or Birthday on which it would of been one night to remember turned to a unhappy memory. 

It’s now come aware in my eyes and the victims parents eyes that the children are now the targets; although we’ve had two lucky escapes with the children but we didn’t protect them enough this week especially on Monday 22nd May 2017. Living in now what I call the most vulnerable; is scary and frightening as we are now the first country to have children to be targeted, many been killed and along with so many with life long injuries. This is terrifying because you never know what is going to happen next anymore. 

It is hard when you have the country that you love but to hate but at the time you love it more when everyone comes together and risk their lives to help. I would do the same if I was near by and something happened in my town; I would help the victims who need help, even it is scary and upsetting but at the end of the day you yourself who helps the victims are the ones who make England great than terrorist who would like to break the community or the whole country. I also feel that you have to be brace the fear and be brave no matter what has happens or what is going to happen. 

However after reading the news waiting for a friend; to find out the prime minster had moved from being critical to severe just from over night, just because they’ve arrested a load of people she thinks we won’t get anymore attacks. Erm Theresa May are you that stupid? Clearly she doesn’t care at all that the children are the targets now; given a chance there will be more danger, more attacks and many more. Read the signs as I’ve made the connections already; it’s not that to make the connections believe me, when other countries were being attacked. I knew we would be next but when; along with the Monday’s attack you soon realise, that their were warning signs of their next targets were going to aim at. 

I have also read recently and have full support of the victims who have lost a child or a parent; I actually agree that with one of the parents who have lost a child in the attack, the government really need to wake up; they really are putting our children in danger, as the parents have worked out that their children are the targets. People defending the people who believe in the Islam differently to the Islamic state; but yet the innocent people who get the harassment from people, we defend them along with the help when we had the Westminster attack the women from Islam stood along the London Bridge. Standing for their rights and supporting the country that took them in; they are doing the same with Manchester as a midnight walk in the memory of the victims, but also standing their ground to tell Islamic state no more. The people who are getting the blame are actually innocent. 

However I am not impressed with President Trump who sent air strikes to Syria in aid of our lost; not realising how damaging it is for us but most importantly putting us in more danger, because it’s not fair that we get the suffer and heartache of what he has done. If this happens it’s on his head if we get more attacks; along with May’s silly mistake of reducing the critical to serve, if we get more attacks and more importantly putting the whole of England children in danger. 

Be safe my home country; be safe services, be safe everyone in each town, villages and cities. 

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