Day 7 Of 30 Days Challenge For Autumn: Most Haunted New Series

Founding out that Most Haunted was back on just in time for Halloween; I watched one last night (Friday 27th October 2017), today I watched the rest of them (Saturday 28th October 2017) and I am very surprised and pleased that they have gone bigger and better in this series than the other ones that they have done previously.

The fun facts about this new series are that things are happening to Glen the sceptic who had to spoil everything but now things that happening to him; Darren however I do feel for him to a certain extent, but he really got on my nerves to the point of if I was a ghost I would of punched him in the face a few times.

Heavy objects been thrown towards them; objects been broken due been launched at walls, playing the piano and many more. So far the series 20 is amazing and can’t wait for the next few weeks.

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