Lizzysweeklyblogs, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Safety Pin Safety

For all my readers and followers I would like to inform you that all of my blogs, Twitter, instagram and facebook are all controlled by me and no one else. If there’s any situation of someone hacking into my account or pretending to be me please don’t accept any requests that don’t sound like me or look like me. Please report the person straight away weather it’s on twitter, instagram or facebook page or friend request. Unless I have announced it myself that I accept these things also please let me know if you have any enquiries or want to look up what my official social media accounts are and my email address.
Please see the following;
💙 Twitter: lizzysmornings, kittypussycats, lizziearrow
💜 Instagram: lizzysweeklyblogsgoodmorning, kittylovetimes,
❤️ Facebook Page: lizzysweeklyblogs
💕 Blog Website:

Please be safe and don’t accept anyone you don’t know unless you know they are real.

Lizzy 💋💋💋