Life On The Open Road Project Online: (14.6.18) Thursday – What is a recovery buddy?

In my Life On The Open Road Project Online Donations Page I’ve given you a brief outline of what I am hoping to achieve with the Life On The Open Road Project. I have mentioned about a Recovery Buddy you guys are wondering what is a recovery buddy? don’t worry I’ll explain what a recovery buddy is.

What is a recovery buddy? A recovery buddy is a friend that you may have met through the charity or you and a really close friend who has the same problems with confidence issues and etc. Yet you guys are confident and everything together you both support each other.

I can give you a perfect example with a recovery buddy. I have a friend called “Maddie” not her original name but I’ve been starting to call her that in the last couple of weeks and it just stuck with me to be honest. We support each other no matter what if we have different opinions or what not but at the end of the day we grew the close bond of knowing how we connect.

Maddie grew confidence within herself as I told her that she needs to start to believe in herself; not let people walk all over her, and many more things. In a space of a year or so she made a lot of progress and positive in herself where she not letting people push her around; the fact that she didn’t know how I do it to begin with, but I trained myself not to give up and tell people where to go if they over step the mark.

However when I have a relapse with my mental health I’ll talk to her and also we meet up to chill out or do a bit of window shopping or both shopping and window shopping. It’s like both need to meet up talk about what’s going on if something is wrong and then we chill or whatever we are doing we are there reminding each other it’s okay. We will bounce back like we always do.

Helping one another out, be there for one another, making new friends, be close friends and many other ways to support each other. By doing that with a recovery buddy it’s like saying you’re not on your own I’m also going through the same thing. Let’s do this together let’s fight this negativity together.

If you haven’t looked at Life On The Open Road Project Donations why not go and check it out at the top in showing your support by donating by the link at the bottom of the page if you would like to see this happen and make it happen.

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