Life On The Open Road Project – Daily Positives In Life – (8.7.18) Sunday – Young English football team heading to the semi – finals in Russia World Cup

Gareth Southgate was named to be the main coach; he has some of the most of the country’s brightest youngsters have been called up to represent their home country. Southgate said “I believe this is a squad which we can be excited about.” Yes they are young group it was time have something positive, give them a hope and able to achieve something. 

Throughout the games that they have played since World Cup had started they had loads of backlash, pressure and everything from the media, the country and most importantly the previous teams that played in the World Cup. However they didn’t let that bother them one bit they continually without a doubt kept their heads down worked together and most importantly support each other no matter how touch certain games were at the time. 

Yet they had reached the semi finals due to their positive manager, coaches and within themselves working together. Yes they are young and yes they have still got a long way to go but no matter how much they’ve proved themselves to the whole country in my opinion they shouldn’t have to because it’s not even their fault to begin and they weren’t even born at the time of the last time we got to the semi finals. Literally 28 years ago was the last time we got to there and I was born a year later. So it is pretty much a long time since we got to that stage and I think we won it in 1964 I think it was I could be wrong. 

No matter what challenges they had or have to face then or now they know that they can always get a positive response at the end of each game. The consistency of turning each negative into a positive and most importantly they are all building up their profiles together, self esteem and confidence everytime they play. 

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