Life On The Open Road Project – Daily Positive In Life – Will the three lions bring it home?

Daily Positive In Life is here today due to the fact that England is playing tonight at 7:00pm GMT at Russia World Cup first time in 28 semi finals; playing against Croatia it will either break us or we win our winning streaks of the World Cup, my positive way of thinking is I want England to win because it would be so nice to actually win something for a change thank anything else. 

You may think why we call all of English teams 3 lions and why they were 3 lions as their badge logo. So let me tell you why the history of the 3 lions on English football shirt; first of all let’s cut the long story short is because they have done ever since the international against Scotland in 1872 because the representatives of the Football Association to which they’re simply spouting of the FA. 

However where the logo actually comes from generated a much longer story than that. The lions hade a history going back to the 12th Century when a standard with the three lions on a red field that carried out a battle to inspire the troops. The first one came from Henry I – Known as the lion of England who had as lion which to his standard of taking power in 1100. Shortly afterwards he married a lady called Adeliza whose father was also had a lion on his shield to which Henry I commemorate the even he added a second lion to his power, pride and courage. In 1154 two lions became three when Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine; you might wonder where this third one came from, Eleanor’s family crest also had a lion to which later in that century Richard the Lionheart (1189-1199) had used the three golden lions on a scarlet background as a symbol of the English throne. Ever since then it has appeared on the Royal Arms of every succeeding monarch. 

Since FA was formed in 1863 it seemed to be a natural thing to do is base their logo on this stirring royal shield. Only once since then design has only been changed once in 1949 when the crown that was on top of the lions that was removed to differentiate the badge from that of the English cricket team. This is what makes England great back from the early beginning; Garth Southgate has for filled the hopes of everyone, using his knowledge and what England means to him. 

The team are have the power, pride and courage in what they do in every match because they believe in themselves along with each other. That’s why they work so great together more than other previous English team played in the World Cup. Bring the World Cup home boys! Continue to be positive guys and be proud of yourselves no matter the outcome is. Go all the way if you can boys!

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