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The objective of Life On The Open Road Project is for children, teens and young adults who suffer from mental health, confidence issues, low self esteem and many more things that they feel like that they are not good enough. To be able to achieve their goals in life is having people who are supportive, to guide them, meet new friends, be each other’s recovery buddies if they have a bad day with their confidences and etc.


The goals to be able to get this up and running is by helping them achieve things that they might of not be able to done before; understand their needs, how they feel and support each other and most importantly give themselves a sense of belonging along side being proud of what they have achieved even if it’s small or big at the time.


To be able to achieve this to work is have funding to go on team buildings, record their achievements and what they could improve on. Along side understanding how other people their age who are disabled achieve things with their goals that are set along side trained staff who help them day to day life throughout school holidays and term times.

Project Outline

My project outline for this project is:

• Help others to build their confidence up, self esteem and many other emotions that they may think.

• To help young people to deal with their mental health by turning all of the negativity feelings and negative thoughts into positive thoughts and feelings.

• To work with young people who have special needs who have to deal with things that they have to deal with everyday but also give them the positive feelings and sense of achievement that they feel that they might not be able to do. Working with people their age who feel the same way but can put their mind to it a bit more but get the same vibe back. (Like a work shop with a one to one trained carer for the day, play, see what they do in the daily lives and etc)

• Workshops and to be able to do charity events for the Life On The Open Road Project raise money to be able to fund the projects that they want to do. To help build their confidences up and many other things that will also look good on their CV.

• To be able to sell products to help fund Life On The Open Road Project like, clothing, wristbands and etc in aid of the project

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