Life on the open road project: #Beautyoflifeđź’•

Life on the open road project is where everyone is on different paths or roads to where we will meet different people throughout our lives either they stayed put in our lives or they were only there temporarily. However we may come across people who will bring us down because they can or they feel like their aren’t good enough and see you as a threat.

Trust me I’ve been there so many times on different roads. I’m currently on this road at the moment where I’m just about feeling good about myself; all of the sudden someone or something brings me down, I always try to remain positive at all times and do little things that will make me feel good about myself and be positive about myself.

Beauty of life has to come from within yourself not from other people, not your idols, not from teen magazines or any other magazines you will come across because media can do lots of things to the photos. Telling people what they should wear, what they can’t wear and many more things that can be negative.

Life on the open road project is truly about getting people to feel positive in doing things that they may not of done before and don’t need permission from anyone else to say “no” and be negative about it all. Trust me I’m one of the victims of negativity from people and even myself at the best of times. As some of you may no I have mental health issues such as depression and anxiety; I do touch on it now and then, but I like to remain positive throughout my blogging as best I can.

Everybody should have a beautiful of life one way or another if they believe in themselves that they are beautiful, their life is beautiful and worth fighting for whether it’s depression, anxiety, bullying, confidence, low self esteem and many others that are bringing them down. You have a right to be here in this world too.

I want you guys to remember you have a beautiful life on this open road it’s okay to do things that are scary; it shows that you have achieved something inside you that you thought you wouldn’t of been able to achieve, write in a journal each day set yourself certain amount of bullet points for example: the 3 positive things that made me feel great:

* I climbed up the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth even know I hate heights

* I got to Southampton on my own by working out the train times, what platform I need and I asked the rail guard if I was on the right platform etc.

* I tidied up my room to make myself feel better even though I didn’t want to do it. Yet I fought myself to do it and I feel proud of myself to do it.

All three of things are true that I wanted to share with you I do try and do at least three positive things a day if I can. I believe that you guys can do at least three positive things a day. Go on I dare you to start one positive book. I’ll start mine again and I’ll share with you my positive days with you guys like dairy entries as you guys seem to like these types of things.

Remember this quote that I’ve been saying for the last couple of days. “Be you, love yourself, don’t let negativity people get to you and most importantly don’t let your negativity of your mind control you” and “#beautyoflife💕” put these quotes in your first page of your journal so every time you open it you got something to remind you that you got this.

Love you all xxxx