Write about why you started blogging/writing 


For the first official blog for Hustle and Bustle Advice of Blogging; I thought Monday can be kicked off with, why I started to blogging/writing. On which that everyone can get the feel of the way I write and the way I express certain matter of opinions in that way on this. So welcome to a new week and a new event every Monday at 9:00 am enjoy.

Write about why you started blogging/writing

In this blog I’m stripping right back to the beginning; when I first ever fell in love with writing, up until now you can see the progress of how far I have come. This has to be the most truest story I have ever told; so there will be patches in places as I can’t remember something’s in places, true fact as I try and forget my past as much as possible. It may make you cry; it may not, who knows but for now writing is my life and my friend to get me through the days, weeks, months and even years. 

Now let me think. It has to be the age of 5 or 6 years old; when I wasn’t talking, writing or anything like that I don’t think. When my sister was born and she was barely 18 months old we were walking around Tesco Supermarket; my sister nearly had my mum in tears because she had picked up that my mum was worried about something, my sister said at the time “I’m really worried about you mummy” my mum was like she has nearly 18 month old daughter social analysing her to a 5/6 who can barely talk. 

My mum had tired everything; from getting me tested for autism to hearing impairment which you can most likely guess, it was hearing impairment. This was because I was deaf; from a young age, I use to breakdown crying and would be prettified of loud sounds because I couldn’t hear them until it was right on top of me. Even if my parents told me they were coming it wouldn’t make any difference what so ever; they still had to protect me and calm me down, as the noise was unbearable at the time. 

For years I was getting hearing test done, grommets done and etc but for the first time I could hear; I was down at the Jarvis centre/ speech and language place to be able to help me talk, write and etc that’s when I began to write down what I could hear, what I could see but what the most important thing was what I could hear. 

I didn’t read as much over the years because I know how frustrating it is because reading a book would take me months to read and I get board quite easily. I can read but not that often as I see my mum reading a book and she’ll read a book in a day or a week. So there is a rare chance of anyone seeing me reading a book to be honest unless it’s something that might interest me and I’ll give it ago. 

I prefer pen to paper and write stories of my own; read them, edit them and read them again. My best audience is my sister as she helped me to write some of them and edit them in the way that she grew up with the the stories that I had wrote. If it wasn’t for my sister and inspiration for my love of writing more; I think I wouldn’t of found blogging a lot easier than doing video blogging, she’s more camera person than I am. Nearly every pocket money went on notebooks and pens; no change there for my wage packet either I don’t think, haha that’s if I could spend money on things like that. Blooming love Paperchase stationary. 

I have never stopped writing in notebooks; even if I have upgraded to technology but they won’t last for ever will they, better stick with the whole notebook and pen. First top tip always, always have a notebook and print of any of your blogs as back up. Never really trust technology; especially these days you never know who’s going to hack them or when they are going to break, believe me you hear them all the time on the news and etc. 

I hope haven’t bored you into tears, or made you cry or anything like that would give you a tissue but I’m not to sure if I can pass you one through the screen. Probably slap you first or give you a shake first then give you a tissue. Haha I wouldn’t do that to you I’m not that mean. May enjoy your day; whatever you are doing, no you may not fall down a hole. If you did rather have an invite first then I’ll join you and just laugh. Haha not even sure if this was a pun or not let you decide. 

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