Why not introduce June 2017 in style?

Why not introduce June 2017 in style?

31st May 2017 last day of the month; quite a long busy month, I’m quite surprised that I managed to stay on top of the blogging throughout the month. I am quite please with myself I do say so myself. 

I thought say good by to May and hello to June by creating a video with a few Disney songs; that I managed to create using the snapchat filters, I have also attached the link to the blog so that you can share it with your friends and spread the word. https://youtu.be/aUwYrFpmJy8 

For us as bloggers I’ve put it on here on my official website so that we can have fun watching; I do say I love watching it over, over and over again, so not odd but I think it’s brilliant and might have to attach the others as well as they are awesome. Apologies can’t seem to be able to get the videos up but you will find them on my YouTube channel if you follow the link up above. 


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