What if….


Originally this was meant to be for Lifestyle; but I had a rethink of what I wanted to talk about today but using the title as a what if…blogging Advice. Everyone has those what if’s thoughts every so often don’t they; I know I do, quite frequently if you ask me. 

What if…

Have you ever thought of the what if questions of something; like am I good enough? Is this worth it? So on and so on. Here are my thoughts of what if…..on my blogging side of things.

What if my blogging isn’t good enough?

What if my writing skills not good enough?

What if no one wants to read the blogs?

What if I’m not good enough?

What if I turn and round and give up on it?

What if I have a bad day and literally give up on it? (Nearly did the other day) 

Theses sort of things come floating around in my head; when I think I’m not having good day within myself, then all of the sudden I think my blogging is total crap and I should give up. Then the next day I could just bring it back again; give myself a pep talk; saying “what are you playing at? You love writing. Get over yourself. Build your dream” this is generally what goes on in my head a lot of time. Pick fights with myself normally win on top. Haha do you have these moments generally? Weather it’s life or blogging? I do it all the time life and blogging. 

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